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Does Huawei’s Harmony OS stand a chance against iOS & Android?

Huawei’s Harmony OS has been in the works for some time. Murmurs of the iOS and Android competitor date back to the mid-2010s and its imminent arrival will be a welcome addition to the smartphone and appliance market. However with Huawei’s app gallery light on apps and it being outside the well known Android and […]

SI 127 is going to increase ZWL$ prices & encourage black market conversions

Yesterday the government announced SI 127 of 2021 which put new rules and penalties of forex use. The Statutory Instrument looks like it was designed to stop businesses from pricing goods and services above the auction-rate more than anything else… The response by businesses as we saw in a tweet by journalist Hopewell Chin’ono is […]

Why are you still using EcoCash?

OneMoney and Telecash are cheaper when it comes to charges.

What does it take to make a locally produced film or series?

The trials of the people looking to make it in on the small and silver screen.

Yaita a delivery startup now looking to be the complete e-commerce business partner

Yaita is a local logistics startup that is about to launch a product called the Fulfilment Centre which it hopes will make the complete e-commerce partner

ZimboFit: the story of Zim’s newest fitness app

ZimboFit is the newest fitness app on the scene and to learn more about it we are joined by the man behind it all, Takunda Mujuru

Technikari with Takwana Tyaranini, co-founder of Senditoo

On this episode of Technikari, we are joined by Takwana Tyaranini the co-founder of the popular remittance service Senditoo.

Technikari with Eugene Mapondera, co-founder of Comexposed

On this episode of Technikari we are joined by Eugene Ramirez Mapondera comic book artist, animator and co-founder of Comexposed

Technikari with Norman Moyo, CEO of Distributed Power Africa (DPA)

Technikari Distributed Power Africa (DPA) special episode with, Norman Moyo the company’s Chief Executive Officer

Technikari Drone Special with Zim’s drone expert Tawanda Chihambakwe

On this drone special of Technikari we are joined by Tawanda Chihambakwe, Zim’s Drone expert and man all about unmanned aerial systems.

Technikari Digital Marketing Special with Trust Nhokovedzo

Technikari Digital Marketing Special: we are joined by Trust Nhokovedzo who gives us insight on how to grow and improve a business online.

Technikari Ep 13: The great food delivery app debate

After months of dropping hints and subliminals we finally talk about the food delivery apps in Zimbabwe:

Munch vs Tazine vs Dial’a’Delivery

(and Joey’s because our resident fanatic couldn’t resist)

Technikari Ep 12: Arguing about EVs with Zimtorque founder Tanaka Kutama

Technikari Episode 12: We are joined by Zimtorque founder Tanaka Kutama and we go back and forth about the viability of electric vehicles in Zimbabwe.

Technikari Ep 9: DPA is installing EV charging stations, will this help EV adoption in Zim?

[PODCAST] Technikari Ep 9: DPA is installing EV charging stations, will this help EV adoption in Zim?

Technikari Ep 8: second-hand device experiences and what to look out for when buying

[PODCASTS] Technikari Episode 8, The weird world of buying second-hand devices, our own experiences and what to look out for if you are in the market for a device.

Technikari Ep 7: If ZIPIT Smart takes off, how could EcoCash innovate to remain relevant?

[Podcast] Technikari Episode 7: If ZIPIT Smart takes off in a big way in 2021, how can EcoCash innovate or change to remain relevant?