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Tag: Technology

Why Zimbabwe should be wary of Huawei Technology

Imagine our entire telecommunications at the mercy of a communist nation that demands nothing short of compliancy.

Was Jonathan Moyo’s STEM Program Really A Failure?

In 2016, the Ministy of Higher and Tertiary Education (under Jonathan Moyo at the time) introduced a national initiative that would (at least according to them) drive economic growth. This initiative was meant to boost the study of STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) at A Level and would see the government sponsor children who […]

Now that he’s gone, what are your expectations in this new Zim? (Tech of course!)

Well, whenever we mentioned the government and tech in the same line, it had somewhat of a complaint attached to it. An example off the top of my head, emap. Yes, I say ‘mentioned’ in past tense because I am a strong believer that this is going to be a thing of the past. However, […]

AfricaCom 2017, The Largest Tech Expo In Africa Is Here And We’re Ready!

There’s no doubt that Africa has come a long way to reach the point where it is now in telecoms and other technology-related sectors. If you were to try and imagine where we came from, it might be hard. Fortunately, AfricaCom, Africa’s largest technology, telecoms and media event, has been part of the journey for the […]

A Woman’s Worth – DigitalAgeConversations

“Please also pay special attention to women. Women care for the other people much more than men. Men care for themselves. Women are going to be very powerful in the 21st century because last century people compared muscle; this century people compare wisdom. Hire as many women as possible – this is what we did […]

The state of tech in Zimbabwe (February 2017)

So, we’re frequently asked about the state of the technology ecosystem in Zimbabwe, by people in Zimbabwe as well as people outside: The diaspora trying to understand what’s going on at home better People outside Zimbabwe trying to do things here: usually investment, but also NGO/Donor types Embassies in Zimbabwe Business analysts looking to report on (usually listed) companies in Zimbabwe […]

As Zimbabwe announces Bond Notes, how can tech help

If you witnessed the sorry state of the Zimbabwean economy in the 100 trillion dollar note days,  it’s hard to not be skeptical when the same government introduces a new note. That the note comes with the word “Bond” becomes just a technicality because the trust factor, which is very important in financial matters, is significantly eroded. So when the […]

Keen for a job in the Zimbabwean army’s tech department? This could be your opportunity

A member of our WhatsApp groups just sent this out. Apparently the army is looking for techies to join their technology specialists, so if you have the qualifications, and getting a job is your thing you’d consider… here it is below. And no, please don’t ask us any questions about how to apply and so forth, […]

Here’s why the church needs tech

  The church and technology have always been projected as strange bedfellows yet in actual fact they go well together like Dembare and Chris “Romario” Musekiwa. I understand the source of this misconception. For many years, the church was disparaged as an anti-intellectual institution. However, this is a lie as there have been many great […]

Where all the girls at?

  In 2009 there were no ladies in my Linux Certification class of about 30 people. Not long after that when I attended my short course on Hardware and the only woman in that class was, oddly enough, the teacher herself. Times have changed since then resulting in an increase in the number of players […]

Zimbabwe’s technology journey: The early years

Independence day is upon us and with it we are cause to reflect on our history. Colonization itself is viewed with universal disapproval whilst the only undisputed advantageous outcome of colonisation was the technology brought into the country as a result.

The problem with grant and challenge funded entrepreneurship

Today I read an article that noted something we discuss often with colleagues here. It’s also an issue that I find a lot of people strongly disagree with; the issue around donors awarding money to young entrepreneurs for the impact prospects of the startups’ businesses. Even with limited knowledge of the Kenya tech company ecosystem, […]

The definitive start-up guide for challenging environments

After I wrote my last article 5 Startup Lessons from Facebook IPO, I realised that in as much as there where some valuable lessons from the story of Facebook of which I had touched on just a few, there remain lots of gaps about the value of the model with regard to building a technology […]