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Tag: Techzim Masterclass

Techzim Generation Z Career Guidance Masterclass: Our Guest For Tonight, David Coltart

It’s Thursday once again so you already know what’s up! No not Throwback Thursday, I’m talking about the Techzim Gen Z Career Guidance Masterclass. If you’re not already part of these groups then you can join the career guidance masterclass groups and as always the Masterclass will be taking place at 1900hrs CAT. Tonight’s guest […]

[Update] Fayaz King Rocked Techzim’s Gen Z Masterclass Last Night, You Need To Join That Group!

2 weeks ago, we started the Techzim Masterclass and the thinking behind the masterclass was meant to engage with the younger generation whilst also giving them something that would add tangible value. As we are always taking a trial and error approach to things, we felt that WhatsApp would be the best way to meet […]

Techzim Generation Z Career Guidance Master : Our Guest For Tonight, Econet COO Fayaz King

By now you are most probably aware of the Techzim Generation Z career guidance Master class that takes place in the Techzim Generation Z WhatsApp Group every Thursday at 19:00 hrs┬áCAT. If not well today we give you yet another chance to join, or get your teenage or early 20s child to join the group […]