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Simon Nyamuda: Managing Director at 22, now Young Executive of the Year

Today I was joined by Simon Nyamuda, Managing Director of Compulink Systems. His, is an interesting journey of taking the reigns of a business at the tender age of 22 and leading the company forward. His remarkable work has not gone unnoticed as he was named IODz Young Director of the Year for 2019 and […]

The cannabis growers licence fee is keeping Zim from a billion-dollar industry

So earlier this week a German company called Amaetheon Agri was given a licence to grow Marijuana/Cannabis for scientific and medical use. This sparked an internal debate about the whole cannabis licence system in Zimbabwe. The fee is exclusionary by design and this is a bad thing because the govt and economy could be making […]

Does Huawei’s Harmony OS stand a chance against iOS & Android?

Huawei’s Harmony OS has been in the works for some time. Murmurs of the iOS and Android competitor date back to the mid-2010s and its imminent arrival will be a welcome addition to the smartphone and appliance market. However with Huawei’s app gallery light on apps and it being outside the well known Android and […]

Yaita a delivery startup now looking to be the complete e-commerce business partner

Yaita is a local logistics startup that is about to launch a product called the Fulfilment Centre which it hopes will make the complete e-commerce partner

Technikari with Simbarashe Mangena, from the Radiation Protection Authority of Zimbabwe (RPAZ)

On this episode of Technikari, we are joined by Simabarashe Mangena a Nuclear Engineer from the Radiation Protection Authority of Zimbabwe.

Technikari with Eugene Mapondera, co-founder of Comexposed

On this episode of Technikari we are joined by Eugene Ramirez Mapondera comic book artist, animator and co-founder of Comexposed

Technikari Digital Marketing Special with Trust Nhokovedzo

Technikari Digital Marketing Special: we are joined by Trust Nhokovedzo who gives us insight on how to grow and improve a business online.

Technikari Ep 13: The great food delivery app debate

After months of dropping hints and subliminals we finally talk about the food delivery apps in Zimbabwe:

Munch vs Tazine vs Dial’a’Delivery

(and Joey’s because our resident fanatic couldn’t resist)

Technikari Ep 12: Arguing about EVs with Zimtorque founder Tanaka Kutama

Technikari Episode 12: We are joined by Zimtorque founder Tanaka Kutama and we go back and forth about the viability of electric vehicles in Zimbabwe.

Technikari Special: AfriBlocks co-founder Tongayi Choto joins us to talk about Techstars 2021

[Podcast]Technikari Special: we sat down with AfriBlocks co-founder Tongayi Choto for a conversation about the Techstars 2021 Seattle Cohort.

Tisu Vanhu Vacho Ep 13: Lockdown 2.0

Tisu Vanhu Vacho Episode 13, On this episode we talk about the second lockdown and all the things we have seen and experienced.

Tisu Vanhu Vacho Ep 12: Being religious vs spiritual? & people drifting apart

Tisu Vanhu Vacho Episode 12: On this episode, we go into the difference between being religious and spiritual & drifting apart from people (Jigsaw).

Tisu Vanhu Vacho Ep 11: 2021 resolutions? what we enjoyed this year & women not knowing what to eat

[PODCAST] Tisu vanhu vacho episode 11: Are New Year’s resolutions still a thing? The things and music we enjoyed in 2020 and women and picking what to eat.

Technikari Ep 6: Cyberpunk 2077 Special with Babyboy Gaming

[PODCAST] Technikari episode 6: We are joined by one half of Babyboy Gaming to go over the mess that is Cyberpunk 2077.

Tisu Vanhu Vacho Ep 9 – Is Facebook too big? Can you be friends with your ex & 2020 trials and lessons

Tisu Vanhu Vacho Ep 9 – Should Facebook be forced to sell WhatsApp and Instagram, can you be friends with your ex & 2020 trials and lessons.

Technikari Ep 2: The best old flagship phone & 2nd hand car to buy in Zim

Technikari Episode 2, we talk about the best old flagship phone to buy in 2020, the best game genre & which car to buy 2nd hand in Zim

Tisu vanhu vacho episode 3 – Jah Prayzah, the trials of dating in Harare & “life”

Tisu vanhu vacho, vanhu vacho vapi? The people behind Techzim’s articles, videos and social media. Introducing the crew, we have our video wizard and Swiss Army knife – Edwin. Our social media manager who has been keeping things ticking on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – Shamie. Last but not least, the two guys behind the […]

Tisu vanhu vacho – a Techzim podcast

Tisu vanhu vacho, vanhu vacho vapi? the people behind Techzim’s articles, videos and social media. Introducing the crew, we have our video wizard and Swiss Army knife Edwin. Our social media manager who has been keeping things ticking on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Shamie. Last but not least, the two guys behind the articles Farai […]

Podcast On Drones: Education And The Future Of Careers

On this episode of the Techzim podcast, we discuss drone education and careers in Zimbabwe with Tawanda Chihambakwe. Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge Number to recharge: Airtime amount ($): EcoCash or OneMoney number: Buy Please dial our USSD code *405# on your phone to buy airtime because this page will not work. {{error_message}} […]

The Zimbabwean WhatsApp love affair, NetOne scandals, e-government & load shedding – Podcast

In this episode, we discuss the highlights of the POTRAZ Report including WhatsApp’s popularity; the online company registration now available in Zimbabwe, the end of load shedding and the scandals at NetOne.

[Podcast} Making Thousands Through WhatsApp & Content Distribution Disruption In Zimbabwe

We recently had a chat with Kuda Musasiwa, Jnr Brown’s producer and the guy who coordinated the WhatsApp distribution model. In the conversation, he shared some insights on what made the WhatsApp hack work as well as his thoughts on online distribution, the impact of technology on Zimbabwean music and content, as well as the future of music technology trends for the local market.

The NMB hoax, MWC 2016, a Zim WhatsApp bot & the new network Viva Mobile – Podcast

In this episode, we discuss the recently ended Mobile World Congress, the NMB Bank WhatsApp hoax, Viva Mobile the new Zimbabwean MVNO and a local WhatsApp bot.

Jnr. Brown’s $6,000 record, Hammer & Tongues data, online content theft, Instant Articles – podcast

In this episode, we discuss Jnr. Brown’s music distribution model and the dynamics around online content distribution in Zimbabwe. We also talk about the theft of content that has been experienced and carried out by online publishers, the opening up of Facebook’s Instant Articles, the Hammer and Tongues data leak and the lack of dreams around STEM in Zimbabwe.

NetOne’s $600 million wish, free education for STEM students, USF increases – Weekly Podcast

In this episode which was recorded “On The Go”, we discussed NetOne’s $600 million wish, the increase in the USF contributions, unlimited internet from Powertel and the well-received offer for free education extended to STEM students.

Telecel & Free Basics, WhatsApp Regulation in Africa, POTRAZ Report & Zim Telecoms – Podcast

Telecel was recently confirmed as the mobile operator which will be offering Facebook and’s Free Basics service. We discuss that issue in this episode, as well as the impact WhatsApp regulation will have on African telecoms. We also touch on the latest POTRAZ report and some of the highlights sprinkled in the industry’s quarterly release.

Zim’s ridesharing app SmartGo,the WhatsApp Wiki Bot & Liquid Telecom Partnering Netflix – Podcast

In this first part of the weekly podcast, we discuss the Zimbabwean ride-sharing startup called SmartGo, the potential behind WhatsApp bots, and the peering arrangement between Liquid Telecom and Netflix.

Chinese investors, Telecash, Hypercube Hub closed, uMAX internet, Kopokopo in Zim – Podcast

In this episode we discuss China’s investment in tech as well as the Telecash bundles, the shutdown of Hypercube Hub, uMAX internet packages and Kopokopo.

Black Friday deals, Econet in court, Seldon closed, Zim’s domain issue – Podcast

In this podcast, we discuss some of the Black Friday deals, including some that will last over the next few days. We also discuss Econet’s court case, the return of Ownai, Zimbabwe’s domain issue and the closure of Econet Global’s Seldon.

Telecel under the government, Propertybook, Steward Bank agents, Startup competitions – Podcast

We discuss the future of Telecel in this podcast, along with talks on a real estate listings startup called Propertybook, the Steward bank agent banking partnership with Zimpost and the startup competitions happening locally as Global Entrepreneurship Week comes to a close. One other issue touched on is the Startup Challenge and its absence from the calendar this year.