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Tag: Techzim Podcast

Latest Podcast: Econet Zero, Startup investment, DStv stuff & eTech Africa

Here’s our latest podcast. As usual, very exciting for us to do, and we hope it also makes pleasurable listening for you. In this episode we discuss the amazing service that is Econet Zero; we touch on early stage startup investment in Zimbabwe and what the problems could be (possible solutions as well); we also discuss […]

Techzim Podcast: thoughts on Dennis Magaya, Bitcoin’s future and the #MWC14

The story on Dennis Magaya’s dismissal from Powertel was a contentious issue on and also dominated the discussions in this podcast. We also discussed the auto registrations to EcoCash, the RBZ’s directive to mobile money operators, the demise of MtGox and the Samsung Galaxy S5. William Chui also shares is experiences at the Mobile […]

Techzim Podcast: Telecash, EcoCash war, Parcelgogo, Tech hubs and other stuff

Here’s the latest Techzim podcast. In the episode we discussed the ongoing war between Telecel and Econet Wireless for mobile money agents – the underhanded stuff operators would (or would not) do to protect an investment – the newly formed association of mobile money agents, the tech hubs and a bit about Flappy Bird (yes, we […]

Latest techzim podcast: EcoSchool, Muzinda hackathon, Paper, Microsoft 4Afrika

Here’s our latest Techzim podcast episode! Guest on the show was Tinashe Nyaruwanga, blogger, social media & eCommerce enthusiast, Clinton Mutambo, our events coordinator here and the founder of, myself, and William Chui hosting. We chatted about Econet Services’s latest initiative, EcoSchool, Facebook’s new Paper app, the Muzinda Health apps Hackathon, and, briefly, Microsoft’s […]

Techzim Podcast: Telecash Launch and the EcoCash Droid app

So, we usually have discussions here at the office about new tech products, startups, the players and everything in between! And sometimes, aside from our weekly podcast, we’re eager to share it with you and we honestly wish we could have more people over here at techzim so we discuss as an even bigger group… […]

Latest Techzim Podcast: WhatsApp, OK tech store and FB algo change (promo)

Here’s our latest podcast – recorded this week! In there we share our thoughts on the new OK tech store, Facebook’s change to the feed algorithm and what this means for page managers, WhatsApp’s declaration that they will not do ad & game gimmicks that their competition employ, Astro’s new Square-like payments dongle and app and […]

Techzim Podcast: the 2013 tech annual roundup

So we hosted our final podcast this year – a roundup of the 2013 tech year as relevant to Zimbabwe but we also touched a coupe of international headlines that in there. Expect to listen on the developments locally in terms of broadband (lower prices and more speed, fibre etc…), the increased usage of social […]

Techzim Weekly Podcast: Econet bulk SMS blocking, Karbonn review, Mandela

In this episode of the Techzim Podcast, we had a guest, Tinashe Nyaruwanga, who is a digital media enthusiast whose social media articles we’ve featured here before. The other regulars on the show were techzim writer, Tendai Mupaso, William Chui (founder of SocialMe who played host), and myself. So this week we discussed the Econet […]

Techzim Weekly Podcast: Robotics tournament, EcoLife, e-FML, Karbonn

This is our second weekly podcast and as the first, we hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we do hosting the show. Here’s the list of issues covered: The Schools Robotics tournament that was held in Harare last week The new e-FML mobile based insurance service EcoLife and why people are still […]

Introducing the Techzim weekly podcast!

Those of you that know how Techzim started will tell you it started as an email list of friends in tech. We would mail each other back and forth, discuss for days about local tech, startups, about internet deals, devices, tech personalities… the Facebooks too! So anyway, those became the blog. But here’s the thing: […]