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Techzim is hiring an Editor

Techzim is looking for an Editor to join us. We are a fairly small company and we believe in cultivating a sense of ownership in all our employees, giving them the support, resources, and autonomy to enable them to succeed. The Editor plays a key part in Techzim’s strategy as a whole. The ideal person […]

ZERO DATA: Techzim is now free, no data needed!!

Now you can access Techzim even when you don’t have data. For now, this is only possible on the Econet network but we hope to extend this to NetOne and Telecel in the near future. Important to note If you have a general mobile data bundle, accessing Techzim will use that bundle first. This is […]

The Contradiction Of Techzim, Business Models Are Hard #Techzim10

So we reached 10 years of existence earlier this month. Growing older makes you pause and reflect. We are grateful to our highly opinionated audience for keeping us on our toes. This article by one of them reflects how high an expectation they have of us. A number of times people ask us, “How do […]

[Update] Fayaz King Rocked Techzim’s Gen Z Masterclass Last Night, You Need To Join That Group!

2 weeks ago, we started the Techzim Masterclass and the thinking behind the masterclass was meant to engage with the younger generation whilst also giving them something that would add tangible value. As we are always taking a trial and error approach to things, we felt that WhatsApp would be the best way to meet […]

Let Techzim Know About Your Event

A lot of events have been happening and some of you were not too happy that we missed your events.  We are sorry about that. How about we ensure that this doesn’t happen in future? So in case, you have a product launch, press conference, hackathon, meetup……. etc please fill in details about the event you want Techzim […]

Techzim Is Getting A New Look

Change is not easy for human beings and for businesses. There is no security like that which comes from familiarity. As the old saying reasons, we prefer a familiar devil to an unknown angel (yes you have heard it said: better the devil you know…). But then the internet… The internet by nature abhors familiarity. […]

‘Swipe’ Users Lose $200 000 This Year Already Due To Debit Card Cloning

A report published last week by the Zimbabwe Republic Police of the rising cases of debit card cloning symbolizes one of the major risks of using the “plastic money”. Chief Superintended Paul Nyathi stated that from the beginning of the year to 15 March 2018, debit card holders had already lost $200 000 to the […]

[Updated]: The Most Popular Online News Platforms In Zimbabwe (February 2018)

Following Trevor Ncube’s tweet concerning what he perceived to be the leading online news publications, we thought it best to make a more inclusive list that has more publications. The list has different statistics that paint a clear picture on the followership of the 27 sites, covering their website viewership numbers as well as their followership on popular […]

Techzim Is Back Up! We Apologise For The Silence…

This morning we woke up to no Techzim! The site was down and could not be reached, not just Techzim but our other sites too like Pindula and Pindula News. That all the sites were down told us immediately that this was a server issue. Our hosting service providers confirmed to us that they were […]

What to look forward to #BroadbandEconomy Conference tomorrow

We look forward to welcoming some of you to the Broadband Economy Conference tomorrow Thursday the 20th of July 2017. Most of you will have to join us via live streaming right here or on our Facebook page. You can join in the discussions by sending questions and comments on the various discussions via […]

We’re looking for a tech blogger to join our team

If you’re passionate about sharing your opinion on tech (that is startups, gadgets, the amazing tool that is the internet, digital media, tech business strategy), you can write really well, you are curious and clued in on the new stuff in the tech space around you; and lastly, if you’re bold enough to share your opinion, especially […]

Good bye To “Technology Zimbabwe”…

Over the years we have become known as a ‘technology’ blog. Anything and everything tech was hopefully covered by us, where we’d do what we termed ‘connecting the dots’. In publishing, you have either of two customers, the reader or the advertiser. The age old adage of “you can’t serve two masters” held true a […]

WordCamp Harare is on 10 December. Tickets now available!

WordCamp Zimbabwe is an event that a lot of WordPress enthusiasts and users (like us here) have wanted for a while, so thanks to the team behind this effort, it’s finally happening. The date is 10 December, price is $6 and the venue Harare City Library. More about that here. If you’re wondering why WordPress is a big […]

Out with the old ways… The future is beneath the surface

Here’s how our blogging has worked here at Techzim: we pick up news (we discover, are tipped, or our interest grows in some issue we think should be discussed) and we blog it. The news and our opinion of course. Usually these are quick on the surface updates. Every once in awhile we do in-depth, both in us understanding an […]

A quick one about the changing Techzim look

When we introduced a new look about 6 months ago, we made great strides to make the site more extremely lovable but we still had lots of room to improve the desktop experience. We promised we would continue working on the site to make it more usable and the latest changes are exactly that. We hope this […]

Introducing Sponsored Articles. Our editorial responsibility stays intact

You probably noticed that, since last week, on the left sidebar of this website is a new section called Sponsored Articles. This articles are clearly labelled “Sponsored” so that you’re very clear that this is not regular Techzim content. To ensure there’s no confusion, such stories will not appear in our regular news feed which is reserved for our traditional content.

Changing Techzim: Here’s our new look and the future

What you’re seeing now is the new Techzim design. If you’re mobile you probably love it. And if you’re on desktop, you’re probably wishing that we bring back the old design. Think of this as the first iteration of the future of Techzim. We will continuously adjust aspects of it to make it easier to see the content you care about!

ZOL sponsors Startup Challenge for the 4th Year

Local internet service provider, ZOL Zimbabwe, has once again thrown its full weight behind the ZOL Startup Challenge. The tech startup showcase, now in its fourth year, has had ZOL as its title sponsor since its inception in 2011. The ZOL Startup Challenge is an annual competition for tech startups that pits participants against each […]

Changing our comments system again: This time from Disqus to WordPress

Most of you regular readers probably noticed that our comments system has changed. We removed Disqus last week and this week gradually migrated to what we have now, just WordPress’s inbuilt comments system. Yes, it doesn’t look as pretty, but here’s why we’re doing it: Disqus doesn’t like mobile. Especially the feature phone type of […]

Participate in the #GetSocial Zimbabwe survey 2014

The #GetSocial Zimbabwe Survey 2014 from Techzim is the first in a series of annual surveys on Social Media trends as they happen in Zimbabwe. Social media has become a key medium on which, Zimbabweans interact among themselves and most recently, with Zimbabwean brands. Despite the widespread use of social media in Zimbabwe, there has […]

Sorry for the newsletter mix-ups: here’s how to subscribe again

Over the past week or so, we fumbled clumsily with the migration of our newsletter system from Google to Aweber. Clumsy because we lost some of you, some of you were made to re-subscribe, and the emails you got were not clear about what was happening. We’re sincerely sorry. We should have done this in a much smoother painless way for everyone.

About moving web hosts #techzim

To improve availability and speed of the site, we migrated Techzim to new hosts a few weeks ago. Last time we did this was about 2 years ago when we moved the site from local Zim hosts.

We were down this weekend

If you visited the Techzim website on Saturday, you were probably met with an error indicating the site couldn’t load. It wasn’t just you; we were down for most of Saturday. The issue was a hosting one, and it’s the longest we’ve been offline because of hosting problems since launch. We’re sorry for this and we’ll be working with the host to reduce the chance of this happening again.

2012 roundup: The year in review

The year kicked off with one of the largest ISPs in Zimbabwe ZOL, announcing that it had been acquired by Liquid Telecom, a move which resulted in the Econet Wireless Group cementing its position as Zimbabwe’s largest telecoms firm.

Our Christmas give-away to Zimbabwean startups: 1 month free advertising

For a while now we’ve been thinking about how we can provide some startup friendly advertising opportunities on Techzim. We get roughly an average of 6,000 page views a day and we know that could help a Zimbabwean mobile or web startup company get word out there about their great new service. But we also have to pay bills here so we can’t exactly invite startups to free advertising party.

We were down this morning

Some of you noticed you couldn’t open the Techzim website this morning. We were down. For about 2 hours our web host had some server issues. Fortunately, they were able to resolve the issue before too long. None of our data or our platform (we run WordPress as you can see in the footer) was […]

A big thanks to sponsors & partners of BarCamp & the Challenge

This year, again, BarCamp Zimbabwe and the ZOL Jumpstart Challenge were a success. A big success. While BarCamp was held at the same venue as last year, we decided to take it outside and what a refreshing atmosphere full of networking, learning, mobile talk, gadget talk, discussions about mPayments, cloud computing, social media and everything that we […]

mTutor wins Forgetmenot app challenge

This weekend witnessed the exciting finale to the Forgetmenot eTXT Apps Challenge (16 – 17 June 2012). The finals featured seven teams of developers three of whom had travelled from outside Zimbabwe’s to participate in the challenge, namely from South Africa and Zambia. The challenge which was organised by Forgetmenot Africa (FMNA) who are based […]

Techzim was down this morning

Soon after we posted that Alpha Media’s Newsday website was down this morning, a friend notified us there was something wrong with our website. We checked and sure enough all the articles were gone. No story at all, like it’s a new blog.

Techzim’s Downtime Yesterday and General Site’s Stability

ver the past few weeks, we have had a few stability issues with this site. Yesterday for example the local mirror of the site went down with the “500 Internal Server” error below for some hours.