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Villagers Dig Up TelOne Fibre Cables Out Of Curiosity

When you hear that cabling has been dug, you usually suspect that there has been a case of theft. For TelOne ,however, some of their fibre optic cables along the Harare-Beitbridge Highway were dug up by villagers. It turns out the cables were not stolen but actually dug up by curious villagers. TelOne’s Head of […]

Telone Revises Home Broadband Packages, Same Packages For ADSL and Fibre Users Offering More Data For Less

Telone is changing the way they package their data. Whereas they used to offer packages depending on whether you were on Fibre or ADSL, they now offer the same broadband packages for both Fibre and ADSL users. The new packages look like this: Home Basic – $15 (8GB download cap) Home Plus – $25 (30GB […]

TelOne to reduce outstanding bills by 40% for customers paying within this month (October)

Seems TelOne is indeed on a roll to bring about what they promise; fast, reliable and affordable telecommunication services. About two weeks back they introduced Wifi Home And Away – a service which allows TelOne home ADSL or Fiber internet subscribers to use data at any of the 200 TelOne WiFi hotspots; as well as […]

TelOne’s fixed voice revenues decline by 13% as voice traffic and fixed telephone line subscriptions drop

Fixed voice revenue for the first three months of the year came to $30.67 million down from $35.341 million recorded in the last quarter of 2015. TelOne’s monthly Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) came to $30.58 during the same period.

TelOne announces 2015 results marked by declined revenues & improved operational profit

Despite this decline in revenue TelOne registered an increase in operating profit from $7 million to $8,2 million while its net profit decreased to $5,8 million as a result of the impact of exchange rate fluctuations on its legacy loans which are held in Yen and Euro currencies.

ZOL does away with its $29 package

Recently local internet service provider ZOL did away with its $29 uncapped internet entry package with the $59 package now being the cheapest broadband option that they offer. The $59 package offers speeds of up to 1 Mbps with unlimited data access. The $29 offering was available on the dongle based mobile WiMAX broadband service […]