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Telecash slashes tariffs, makes some payments free as it tries to encourage e-payments

Telecash, Telecel’s mobile money service, has reduced its tariffs as it aims to encourage the use of its platform as a leading solution for the cash crisis in Zimbabwe.

Mobile money services fail to explore growth opportunities in a cash dry Zimbabwe

All this is commendable and the truth is, it actually is the obvious thing to do. As the efforts to access cash become increasingly futile any service that gives Zimbabweans a facility to make transactions electronically has to double efforts to work with as many service providers as possible. It’s a crisis, so anyone selling some sort of option for relief has to sell their service.

Here are 11 ways to survive the current cash crisis in Zimbabwe

We’ve come up with a list of 11 things that everyone who is struggling to get their hands on their cash from the bank can do to weather the cash crisis storm.

As Standard Chartered closes branches it should consider a relationship with a mobile operator

The Zimbabwean financial services sector has never been for the fickle.It takes a lot to survive in the territory, what with all the turmoil and uncertainty that characterises the industry. Just ask any of the institutions that have survived the local financial services roller coaster. Standard Chartered Bank, one of the surviving institutions is the one that […]

ZANU PF dabbling in banking and e-commerce?

If you are a paid up member of the country’s ruling party ZANU PF and you have the latest version of their membership card there’s something you’ll have noticed already. The card is written ZANU PF Financial Services and has a Zimswitch logo at the back of it. After receiving some inquiries regarding this card […]

Telecel unveils Android mobile app

Earlier today at the launch of the Telecel Telesure Insurance product, the Telecel team unveiled a new telecash Android mobile app for their mobile money service, telecash. The application, which is available for download on the Google Play Store, gives telecash subscribers a faster and easier transaction option for the usual mobile money activities like […]

Econet set to introduce NFC payments through EcoCash?

Here’s something interesting that I spotted while paying for lunch at an eatery in Harare – the cashier was handling payments through a card based system that works through a tapping mechanism. No, it wasn’t the EcoCash Mastercard or telecash Goldcard. It turns out its an NFC enabled “tap and go” system that works with cards […]

Telecel partners Mukuru to enable remittances to telecash

In a fulfillment of promises made a few months ago Telecel has, through a partnership with Mukuru,  now enabled the remittances of diasporan funds straight into the mobile wallets of its mobile money service telecash. With this new arrangement, which will currently be active for remittances from South Africa, when someone sends money through Mukuru […]

Telecash zero-rates mobile money transfers

In a move that will definitely change the competition dynamics of local mobile money, telecash, the mobile money arm of Telecel has made it free to transfer money to a registered telecash subscriber.This automatically places telecash as the cheapest mobile money transfer option for the Zimbabwean market. The new wave of “tariff treats” also comes […]

Telecel launches telecash promo to reward users

Telecel ZImbabwe kicked off its Transact and Win Promo today which will reward users of the telecash service with an assortment of prizes. Lucky subscribers stand to win cash ($500 prizes for 20 subscribers plus 350 weekly prizes of $10), DStv decoders and subscriptions, airtime as well as cellphones. Only Telecel customers registered on the […]

House of Cards: networks out to dominate the cashless society

There’s the sweet smell of a telecoms turf war in the air once again. This time its mobile money related, proving how the focus for dominance in telecoms is less and less about traditional services like voice communication. With mobile money as a focal point for revenue growth, Econet and Telecel (anyone seen One Wallet?) […]

Weekly Podcast : TelOne price reductions, TeleCash Gold Card, a look at 3 Startups

In this podcast we discuss Emergency 24/7 App, TV YANGU and Zimbo Shopper; three startups that are making headway in the Zimbabwean and African market. We also look at the recent ADSL price reductions and data cap adjustments from TelOne and the new TeleCash Gold Card. Other topics are the “loading” of WhatsApp on your […]

Unboxing the value of the Telecash Gold Card

Yesterday Telecel Zimbabwe launched a debit card for their mobile money users called the TeleCash Gold Card.This product had been in the pipeline for a while now, with Telecel having given some information on the card and what it would mean for subscribers at the launch of Telecash some months ago. While the launch itself […]

Telecel launches debit card

Mobile service provider Telecel has launched a debit card for its Telecash mobile financial services subscribers. Dubbed the Telecash Gold Card, it allows Telecash subscribers to make transactions on all ZimSwitch POS terminals and also enables withdrawals from every ZimSwitch ATM facility. The card can also be used for the payment of a host of […]

Telecel partners ZimSwitch for TeleCash Gold Card. Introduces POS & ATM cashouts

When TeleCash launched back in January this year the company spoke of a Telecash debit card. Spoke way too early actually as the “card” or its concept wasn’t visible except in the press releases. Anyway, the good news is that it’s here, or at least very close to being a reality, and some things about it are […]