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Tag: Telecel Franchise Stores

200 and counting – Telecel grows its kiosks and franchise shop numbers

According to Telecel, it has increased the number of its kiosks from 75 to 200 and it now has 12 franchise stores acorss the country. This is part of the operator’s strategy to develop a stronger brand presence in the market which will hopefully draw in lost subscribers.

TelOne expanding distribution network through local agents & entrepreneurs

TelOne has started inviting people interested in becoming sales agents for its products and services to contact the operator or submit details at the Harare Post Office. This franchising opportunity is part of TelOne’s strategy to expand its footprint while managing costs.

Telecel targets bigger footprint in the market with 10 new franchise shops

Telecel has introduced 10 franchise stores across Zimbabwe and this is part of the mobile operator’s multi-channel customer experience strategy to increase its footprint in the market. These stores will also be complemented by several kiosks throughout the country.