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Telecel tariffs for voice, data and SMS have been reviewed

Telecel has reviewed its tariffs for voice, out of bundle data and SMS. Telecel completes the list of mobile network operators (MNO) in tariff adjustments. Econet and NetOne have already increased their tariffs after POTRAZ gave mobile network operators the green light. The increases were based on the increasing operational costs for MNOs. New Telecel […]

Telecel Asks POTRAZ For Tariff Adjustment

Telecel (and the other networks, probably) are in talks with POTRAZ to get tariffs adjusted to keep up with the inflationary nature of the economy. According to Zim Morning Post, the MNO is asking for an adjustment of tariffs among other requests which they believe will turn the business around. Telecel is reportedly in discussions […]

Telecel To Review Megaboost Bundles

Sad news for Megaboost fans. Telecel will review its Megaboost bundles tomorrow- I’m sure you know “review” these days means “to increase tariffs”. So you would be well-advised to buy your Megaboost bundles today before tomorrow’s new-increased prices. Also read: Telecel Silently Increases Data Prices & Its Subscribers Don’t Mind Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel […]

Telecel Silently Increases Data Prices & Its Subscribers Don’t Mind

Telecel has taken the quiet route of just hiking its data prices without warning subscribers. Reviewing prices these days is usually preceded by a announcement that warns subscribers of an impending review but Telecel didn’t do, it just woke up telling its customers the prices. It’s not a requirement in the telecoms industry but it’s […]

Telecel Also Has New Tariffs, It’s Not $2.28 Per Minute

We are still waiting for Econet to give us official confirmation on whether they made a typo that implied that their per second billing will result in calls being charged at $2.28 per minute. It’s most probably a typo but we will assume that’s what they are charging us until they say otherwise. However, it’s […]