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Unboxing the Telecel Hie Bundles

The value proposition for subscribers is clear. Telecel has been generous with voice, SMS, and social media access and it is outpacing its competition with this offer. While both bundles offer savings on airtime purchases, the $10 bundle is easily the better pick of the two, considering the access to Facebook, generous free minutes and, of course, the free Twitter.

Econet offers clarification on WhatsApp & Facebook bundles

Econet says all Whatsapp bundles allow downloads at the same speeds but have different download caps

Telecel finally starts promoting its bundles, but the service has one flaw

Econet messed up with a price adjustment and product fix on its social media bundles. Telecel has finally responded to this by promoting its own bundles. The only problem is Telecel isn’t disclosing the download caps on its own bundles. Is this because its service will become potentially as expensive as Econet’s bundles?

With all these reasons to be upset about Econet’s bundles, you could try these options

Econet adjusted its social media bundles, but it wasn’t just a play on price. the new bundles packages have data limits. Rather than just yell at the operator, there are other options that you can explore. Here are just three examples, Telecel bundles, NetOne bundles and Africom WiFi.

Gtel launches new phone with contract package from Telecel

Last night we attended the launch of Gtel’s new flagship phone, called the Gtel A755 SL5.5 or simply the SL5.5. The new device which will be available from the 1st of November 2014 (this Saturday) has a cash price of $490. The event also included the unveiling of a new contract package for buying their device range. […]

Telecel finally catches up with it’s new Facebook bundles

Here’s something that Telecel subscribers enjoying the broadband experience might not have noticed yet; yesterday the mobile network silently launched its own Facebook bundles. Telecel did promise to introduce these Facebook bundles as a followup to its WhatsApp bundles launch, with a mention of how Twitter bundles were also under consideration. The Twitter product hasn’t seen […]

Econet announces free access to Twitter, your move Telecel?

Econet Wireless announced that they will be giving all broadband subscribers free access to micro blogging site Twitter.  With a tweet carrying an amusing jibe at Telecel’s catch phrase #tellsomeone, Econet has highlighted that this freebie will only last for one month. This is a welcome development for the Zimbabwean Twitter community aka #Twimbos. Expectations […]

Econet & Telecel say they do not throttle bandwidth for WhatsApp bundles

If you are an Econet or Telecel subscriber let’s take a minute to celebrate WhatsApp bundles. Discounted access to the platform has meant sending and receiving images, audio clips and videos; something to smile about. I love the ability to watch,listen and send every video or amusing audio clip without having to worry about mobile […]

Hooray for Telecel’s WhatsApp bundles! Now comes Facebook & Twitter?

A few days ago Telecel launched its own WhatsApp bundles, offering discounted access to the hugely successful IM and social media platform.  This move was what we had all been expecting for some time now, considering how their competition, Econet, has been using the same product to boost subscriber value. Telecel’s WhatsApp play deserves applause […]

Telecel introduces cheaper WhatsApp bundles, offers bonus data for early sign ups

Telecel has amped up its broadband services game with an introduction of their own WhatsApp bundles(finally). Priced for daily, weekly or monthly unlimited access to the WhatsApp service they act in the same way as the Econet variant released earlier this year. The WhatsApp bundles have proved to be successful for Econet, with the IM […]