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Social Media Sites Makeup 39% Of Data Used During Q3 of 2019

Zimbos love their social media and one of the statistics backing that up is found in POTRAZ’s recently released 3rd Quarter report. Use of the internet grew in general with mobile data and internet consumption growing by 3.4% from 9 367 TB to 9 684.5TB. Whilst the rise is welcome it’s still %5 behind Q1’s […]

Telecel Taken To Court By Egyptian Company Over US$749 000 Debt

ARPU – an Egyptian telecoms services company – is taking Zimbabwe’s third-largest telco by subscribers to the High Court over a $749 900 debt that was taken on due to a 2016 partnership. On 1 August 2016, ARPU claims they signed a partnership with Telecel for provision of technical and infrastructure support enabling Telecel to […]

Telecel Managements To Give Employees Extra ZW$5 In Response To Protest

Telecel employees recently conducted a sit-in protest to engage with management over their low-wages. Whilst wages at the telecommunications company might be staying the same in the short term, the employees will be getting a slightly adjusted transport allowance from ZW$20 to ZW$25/day. A statement released by Telecel’s CEO Angeline Vere reads: We acknowledge receipt […]

Telecel Employees Protest Low Wages

Telecel employees staged a sit-in protest yesterday after reaching deadlock in a meeting where the staff had called for salaries to be reviewed to no avail. An unidentified source which spoke to Nehanda Radio added that the workers would not vacate the boardroom until Wednesday when they expect CEO Angeline Vere to be back: The […]

Cell C Lost R8 Billion During Their Latest Financial Year

Last time I wrote about Cell C, I compared them to Telecel -Zim’s troubled mobile network operator. At the time I wrongly said they were fast becoming South Africa’s Telecel but it seems they might actually be worse off. The SA MNO recently announced it’s financial results for the year ending May 2019 and things […]

Telecel Increases Costs Of International Voice Call

Telecel has once again reviewed their tariffs for international voice calls upwards. POTRAZ recently approved changes in the cost of bundles and voice tariffs the effect has seen network operators change how much they charge for tariffs left, right and centre. Econet has increased the price of data bundles. NetOne actually did so earlier and […]

Telecel Reviews WhatsApp & Social Media Bundles

In what must be one of the slowest announcement of new bundles, Telecel is still announcing bundle reviews and it seems today the focus is on the new pricing for social media bundles. WhatsApp Bundles will now be priced as follows: Instagram bundles: Facebook bundles: Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge Number to recharge: […]

[Updated] Telecel Reviews Data Bundles: Cheaper Daily Bundles But Weekly & Monthly Data Gets More Expensive

Recently, Econet shifted their data prices upwards and though Telecel has reviewed their daily data bundles, their changes are more palatable and welcome for subscribers. The new changes here are the additions of the $4 bundle and $7 which get subscribers 800 MB and 1.5GB. These are extremely competent bundles as Econet’s 750 MB bundle […]

Telecel Has Less Than 20 4G Base Stations Throughout The Country…

One of the questions that I hear asked repeatedly is whether or not Telecel finally deployed 4G. In 2015 they promised to deploy 4G in 2016. 2016 came and went but 4G wasn’t deployed. Mid 2017, Telecel said they would finally deploy towards the end of the year and it seems they finally did. So […]

Mobile Networks Lose Subscribers In First Quarter Of 2019: NetOne With The Most Significant Loss

Usually when subscriber numbers are shared every quarter there are a few things we’ve come to expect. Econet subscribers grow. NetOne might grow/drop depending on what promotions they currently have running. Telecel loses subscribers. In the first quarter however, all 3 mobile network operators lost subscribers which might reflect accurately on the current state of […]

Telecel Announces New Tariffs For International Voice Calls

Telecel has announced a new set of tariffs for international voice calls and as expected they are more expensive than before. For a long time, Telecel has been known not to actually mention which country is in which exact group which is quite confusing. Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge Number to recharge: Airtime […]

Econet’s Customers May Be Borderline Unsatisfied But POTRAZ Rates Econet Highly

According to the consumer satisfaction survey recently published by POTRAZ, Econet subscribers are generally the least satisfied when compared to customers of rival operators. I contend that this is not just testament to the arguably disproportionate deterioration of the quality of service experienced on the Econet network as compared to other MNO’s. It is also […]

NetOne Loved, Telecel Still Loved, Econet… Serious Perception Problems

There is obviously a caveat when interpreting the title of this article: in the final analysis subscriber numbers tell a better story about which MNO is loved the most. On that score Econet is loved in Zimbabwe to the moon and back BUT: The Postal and Telecommunication Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) recently made public […]

[Updated] Telecel Board Suspends Francis Mawindi But It’s Not That Simple, Mawindi Responds

The Telecel Board has sent out a press release to the effect that Francis Mawindi has been suspended from the Telecel Board of Directors with immediate effect. Francis Mawindi used to be CEO of the MNO. The Telecel Zimbabwe Board of Directors wishes to inform all stakeholders that a resolution has been passed for the […]

Local Network Providers Are Barely Satisfying Customers

POTRAZ’s Consumer Satisfaction Survey for 2018 is a pretty interesting glimpse into the general feeling that customers have regarding network provision. Whilst Econet is the most popular network and Telecel is said to be offering the best toll-free services, the overall picture is that both household consumers and corporates are not exactly satisfied by the […]

Telecel Provided The Best Toll-Free Services To Their Subscribers In 2018

The less nagging customers you have to deal with, the better you are at dealing with nagging customers it seems. POTRAZ’s Consumer Satisfaction Survey for 2018 is out and every mobile network operator not named Econet seems to have done a decent job when it comes to toll-free services. Toll-free services which in this case […]

Econet Most Popular Network With Both Consumers And Corporates

Considering how much ridicule Econet gets on social media, it’s a bit of a surprise that the network is still by far the most popular network for both consumers and corporates. POTRAZ’s recently released Consumer Satisfaction Survey for 2018 and NetOne and Telecel look more like backup providers for most users. Regarding the popularity of […]

Former NetOne CEO: Innovation In Government Companies Is Punishable

A number of Zimbabweans harbour the feeling that people working eagerly in government companies and departments run the risk of being booted out because of that eagerness. Former NetOne CEO Reward Kangai seems to also agree that being innovative whilst working in a government-owned enterprise might not be the of ideas. Posting directly to Twitter, […]

Econet vs Netone vs Telecel : Here’s Which Network Offers The Cheapest WhatsApp Bundles

We can whine all we want about the new data prices/data allocations the Mobile Network Operators have (conspired) to give us but just have to make do with what’s there. MNO’s are profit-making organisations for crying out loud- they had to adjust in line with changing economy. We either have to cut back the amount […]

Econet vs NetOne vs Telecel: Who Has The Least Expensive Data After The Changes

So “smart data bouquets” are now official and that means we can compare all 3 mobile networks to see who has the best offering. We had already made a comparison between NetOne and Telecel as they announced the new prices last week. Anyway, let’s get right into it. We will be comparing the daily, weekly […]

All 3 Mobile Networks Increased Data Prices, Twimbos Are Not Happy

The past 6 days have been darker than a Game of Thrones episode (seriously, those guys need to fix the lighting on their show!). On the 24th, NetOne announced their new OneFusion bundles and it’s safe to say everyone was pretty alarmed at how expensive the internet was getting. Everyone except Telecel and Econet who […]

New MegaBoost Vs New OneFusion: MegaBoost Still Offers A Better Deal

Since Telecel revised down its data allocations to it bundles, I figured you’d need to weigh who is offering the best deal between Telecel’s MegaBoost and Netone’s OneFusion. The table below shows a comparison between the RTGS $10 and RTGS $20 packages of the two products. Choose for yourself who to ditch and who to […]

Telecel Apologizes For Using Local Artist’s Content Without Permission

For a long time copyright infringement has never been taken too seriously in our country. Maybe it’s because we have bigger fish to fry as people or whatever reason you may come up, but ultimately the people who I know don’t really care for that stuff. Unfortunately, companies are held to a different standard for […]

An Adventure With Zimbabwe’s Mobile Service Providers

A lot of you have probably stuck to one service provider since you had your first phone. Me well not so much. My adventure with Zimbabwe MNOs has seen me use all of the big 3 till I settled for…Okay I won’t spoil it in the first paragraph. Let’s start from the beginning. I had […]

MTN Is Going To Realign It’s Tariffs Too

One by one Zimbabwe’s Telecommunication companies have been hiking their prices. They have all been saying the same thing: It’s RBZ governor Mangudya’s fault that we are doing this go ask him. Welcome to the New World of RTGS$. MTN goes for hikes MTN has decided to follow suit. Naturally they are not calling it […]

Telecel Also Has New Tariffs, It’s Not $2.28 Per Minute

We are still waiting for Econet to give us official confirmation on whether they made a typo that implied that their per second billing will result in calls being charged at $2.28 per minute. It’s most probably a typo but we will assume that’s what they are charging us until they say otherwise. However, it’s […]

[Press Release] Telecel Donates Food and Clothing to Cyclone Idai Victims

Mobile Operator Telecel Zimbabwe has donated groceries and clothing worth over $50 000 towards Cyclone Idai relief efforts. Moved by the loss of life, injuries and damage to infrastructure caused by Cyclone Idai, Telecel has set up a merchant code 217105 on telecash where Telecel subscribers can send cash donations. All they have to do […]

Cell-C Fast Becoming South Africa’s Telecel

If you have been following the Telecel story over the past few years you’ll know that the mobile network operator isn’t doing so well. Everything that can go bad for Telecel has been going bad; from debts and bad leadership to subscriber numbers that keep falling, it’s pretty difficult to see where the nightmare ends. […]

Telecel Loses Over 10% Of Subscribers In One Quarter; How Will They Dig Themselves Out Of This Hole?

Telecel’s streak of bad news doesn’t seem to be slowing down and the recent eviction order that First Mutual is seeking against the mobile network operator (MNO) is further compounded by the fact that the company is losing customers at an alarming rate. From the 3rd to the 4th quarter of last year Telecel lost […]

There Is Evidence That Mobile Network Operator’s Promotions Are Working

I am one of the people here at Techzim who is always scoffing at promotions run by the three mobile network operators that we have. I am far from being the only one. The evidence we have always used to prove our conclusion has bee to look at the number of subscribers before and after […]