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Telecel Woes Continue As MNO Faces Eviction

Most people are going about their business with a TGIF-infused confidence today but for Zimbabwe’s smallest mobile network operator by subscriber base trouble always seems to be around the corner. First Mutual is in the process of evicting Telecel from two of its sites due to failure to pay rentals to the tune of $40 […]

Consumer Rights Body Launches Campaign Demanding Reduction Of Mobile Data Tariffs

Mobile Network Operators (MNO) will not like the stance, consumer rights watchdog National Consumer Rights Association (Nacora) has taken towards the issue of mobile data tariffs. Nacora has started a campaign which is advocating for the reduction of the existing mobile data tariffs in the spirit of preventing MNO’s from “profiteering” and offering customers “justice […]

Government Making Progress On Privatisation Plans For Telone And Other 4 Parastatals

Last year the new dispensation revealed their plans to revitalise the public sector. Part of the plan includes the privatisation of several parastatals. It is hoped that privatisation will make them more efficient and streamline their operations. It seems those privatisation plans are gaining steam for at least five of the parastatals which have been […]

Steward Bank’s Sosholoza: Best Gift Anyone Could Give NetOne

For years now NetOne has been in the unenviable number two position. One of the biggest blocks to them usurping or at least closing the gap to number one mobile network operator in Zimbabwe is EcoCash which until recently was owned by Econet Wireless. Preferred telecoms network for many NetOne is indeed preferred by a […]

Looks Like NetOne Is The Most Reliable Mobile Network In Zimbabwe Right Now

Today Econet was almost totally dead. A good number of their subscribers couldn’t call, receive calls, text, enquire balance and more importantly couldn’t EcoCash. Not just today The operator has been having problems for some time now. Data subscribers are experiencing slow speeds and buffering, which was unheard of on Econet LTE connections. It’s not […]

Network Providers Won’t Dare To Cross The Government And Make Telegram Bundles

This is one of those opinions I sincerely hope are wrong as I write… If you’re a big fan of Telegram you have to be resigned to the fact that the service hasn’t had bundles for a while. If you were hoping that Telegram’s newfound popularity would translate to bundles, I would advise you not […]

Telecel Launches Home WiFi Modem And Service Challenging NetOne’s One-Fi And ZOL.’s Wibroniks

Telecel Zimbabwe has launched a home WiFi moderm and service. This is similar to NetOne’s One-Fi and the Wibroniks offering from ZOL. Telecel is selling the modems at $150 each. Each modem can connect up to 15 devices in the home. Similar to the competition the home modem will be connecting to Telecel towers and […]

Telecel Quietly Introduced A Dating Service Some Months Ago. But Its A Good Idea That’s Being Poorly Executed

Who knows you may find your soulmate on Telecel? The smallest Mobile Network Operator, Telecel has a dating service, for months, where you can possibly meet your loved one. Telecel’s dating service is essentially a dating portal that enables its subscribers to meet and communicate with new people. The dating portal is not accessed through […]

Netone To Compensate Customers Who Were Affected By The Internet Shut Down

Last week’s internet blackout saw many people’s internet bundles expiring without using them. Therefore, Netone wants to do its subscribers a favour to compensate those who didn’t get to use their internet bundles during the course of the internet shut down. On its Twitter page, Netone tweeted: Dear Valued Customer, Please Be Advised that all […]

DSTV And Mobile Network Operators See Brisk Business Due To Shutdown

A lot of businesses rely on the internet and while that might seem like common knowledge we were forced to relearn that this week as our government made the draconian move to switch off the internet. Not only did making payments become suddenly more difficult but communicating and entertainment went old school. Cutoff from Streaming […]

Magaisa: Government Forced Econet To Pay Their Licence Renewal Fee So They Could Use It To Fund the 2013 Elections

So these days we have been receiving all sorts of titbits from social media. This week we learnt that Telecel International and MTN once partnered with Econet Zimbabwe in its infancy days before the company’s founder(s) Strive and Tsitsi Masiyiwa bought them out via their company TSM Ltd well before Econet became a public company. […]

Nyambirai: Telecel International And MTN Were Initially Partners During Econet’s Infancy

There was a surprising revelation to come out of Nyambirai’s response to the allegations that Strive Masiyiwa unlawfully took control of Econet. His statement revealed that Telecel International, the founder of Telecel Zimbabwe was actually a partner to Econet during their infancy. Them along with MTN. It’s hard to imagine such a scenario but it’s […]

At First Econet (Buddie) Was Cool Then They Grew Old, Elevate Is Their Attempt To Be Cool Again

Econet Wireless launched 20 years ago as the alternative mobile network with a compelling story. Their story involved perseverance and determination outlasting unfair government denial to issue a license. Not long after that they introduced Buddie, their prepaid service plan that defined how virtually all Zimbabweans consume telephony services. Buddie was also a cool and […]

Airtime Yese On Techzim: Stop Being Cheated By Tuckshops And Vendors

So it would appear my colleague covered this a while back but I did not pay much attention to it until it happened to me. So about a week ago my Telecel Mega Bundles expired and I wanted to renew them as I use them for WhatsApp, especially WhatsApp calling something I cannot do with […]

Telecel Finally Release Their Own Android App: It Is Zero Rated For Telecel Customers

While USSD is convenient because it is a highly portable platform that will work almost with any phone, with the exception of the occasional Lumia quirks as my friend found out, it has the distinct advantage of requiring you to learn lots of codes. Which is why when I bought my Telecel “matched number” line […]

Telecel Has Made Losses Of Over $18 Million In 2018

It seems every time Telecel is in the news, something bad has happened. If it’s not about their subscriber base dwindling then its about the boardroom struggles that have become a normal part of life at Telecel. Most recently, Business Times managed to secure some documents that show a harsh reality when it comes to […]

Is James Makamba Finally Being Booted Out Of Telecel?

The answer to that question is a solid yes if sources close to Technomag are to be believed. At this point, I have a hard time mustering energy when it comes to the conclusion of the Telecel ownership saga, as too many times we’ve heard one thing followed by a different angle shortly after. Technomag […]

Street Vendors Now Selling Airtime At A Premium

There is this, US dollars and basic commodities being sold at a premium, narrative in Zimbabwe right now. You may not be in the know that premiums are no longer exclusive to those things only. Airtime is now being sold at a premium too. A good number of street vendors have started to sell airtime […]

Government Sets Deadline For NetOne, TelOne and Underperforming Parastatals To Privatise

For the longest of times, we’ve heard the government say they are going to do this and that and after a while, nothing is ever said or done. When it comes to privatisation of parastatals the government seems to be determined to do what they set out to do and now they are reported to […]

Telecel Woes Continue – Loses 13% Subscribers In Second Quarter, Econet And Netone Share The Spoils

Zimbabwe’s smallest Mobile Network Operator’s (MNO), Telecel life is pitiful at the moment. On many fronts, Telecel is losing its battles against its competitors. Although the economic environment has been hostile to do businesses properly in general, many companies have adapted. In the case of Telecel, its woes seem to stem from not only the […]

WhatsApp Is Still The Internet In Zimbabwe: Social Media Accounts For Over 35% Of Mobile Internet Data Traffic

Back in 2016, we cried foul when we realised that WhatsApp constituted 34% of mobile internet traffic usage in Zimbabwe. Two years on, this is still the case, and in fact, the number has slightly increased (34.4%). The more things change, the more they stay the same? This is even more alarming once you take […]

2018 Second Quarter POTRAZ Report Is Out: Here Are Some Key Stats

POTRAZ (Post and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe), the national telecommunications regulator has just released its latest quarterly sector performance report, covering the second quarter of 2018. Though the report always comes one-quarter too late, it does give a comprehensive snapshot of local telecoms and their industry in its totality. Key highlights NB: Every comparison […]

The Rich Get Richer: Why It’s Difficult For NetOne And Telecel To Catch Up To Econet

A few weeks ago my colleague published a good article that showed just how much of a lead Econet has on competing MNO’s. They are leading on every metric. The surprising one was that besides being the bigger network they are the only ones that grew in number of subscribers from 4th quarter last year […]

Partial Privatization Of State Owned Firms Might Not Be A Bad Thing After All…

Whenever discussion turns to privatization government-owned firms such as NetOne the reaction in the public domain is not welcoming. When Government announced the reforms of parastatals back in April and announced that 12 government-owned parastatals will be getting partially privatised there was no excitement. In fact, most shared a common feeling that full privatisation will […]

[Updated] President Sets Key Perfomance Indicators For ICT Ministry

Update: The article mentioned that the KPIs were set by the President, as they were published in the Zimbabwe Independent, but they KPIs were actually set by a citizen and went viral. The Ministers in the new Cabinet have been given their key performance indicators and the new ICT Minister Kazembe Kazembe’s mandate has some […]

Supa Mandiwanzira is Gone: Here Is His Legacy As Former Minister Of ICT and Cyber Security

Supa Mandiwanzira is gone. He is no longer the Minister of Information Communication Technology and Cyber Security in Presidents Mnangagwa’s new cabinet as he got replaced by Minister Kazembe Kazembe. His way to being the Minister of Information Communication Technology and Cyber Security started off after he was appointed Deputy Minister of Information in 2013 […]

Dogfight: The Mobile Network Operator Battle For Market-share In Zimbabwe

It is hardly news that Econet has the lion’s share of market share in the Zimbabwean mobile telecommunications industry. This has the been the case for as long as we remember, even though Econet was the last mobile network operator to enter the race. Why is that? Let us explore.   The mobile network operator […]

Here’s A Comparison Of Weekly Data Bundles Between Netone, Econet And Telecel: Take Your Pick

Since Telecel has just introduced its weekly data bundles, I think its worthwhile to compare the weekly data bundles offered by all three Mobile Network Operators (MNO) and see whose got the best deal.Take a look at the following table; As you can see, Telecel and Netone offer more data (by far) for any price […]

Telecel Introduces Weekly Data Bundles

Telecel has introduced weekly data bundles in addition to the already existing Megaboost data bundles and Power Hour Data Bundle and Daily bundles. Its surprising why Telecel took so long to introduce the weekly data bundles when all of its competitors introduced them a long time ago. The smallest Mobile Network Operator will to some […]

Local Mobile Network Operators Paid Over $90 000 in Fines Last Year Due To Poor Service

The Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe recently released their annual report and in it they disclosed that they fined Zimbabwe’s 3 mobile network operators $93 353.24. According to our investigation when it comes to penalties operators are granted an opportunity to be heard and they come up with their justifications, some of which […]