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Telecoms regulation and licencing, what’s what?

There is a period when a new technology becomes known of, or is available. This period, for a lack of better term, is referred to as the “wild west”. This is when everything is expanding rapidly, first to those who can afford it or the government and then lastly and slowly to the public. In […]

Why are telecoms companies hated so much?

I wasn’t planning on writing this but two things changed my mind. First, as I was working on another article, I came across this quote; Unfortunately, telecoms brands continue to struggle to earn the respect of consumers, with average reputation scores for providers brands right at the bottom of our sector league table. Consumers love […]

Telecel Lost 15% Of Subscribers In 4th Quarter Of 2019

Telecel’s struggles are well documented at this point. Zimbabwe’s smallest mobile network by subscriber count has been feeling the effects of an economy that is slowing down quicker than its competitors. Couple this with the fact that the leadership (or lack thereof) has been questionable – with a focus on power struggles and not on […]

Analysts forecast 9% revenue decline in Econet’s results as economy & regulatory involvement take toll

According to a forecast from local equities research and trading outfit IH Securities Research, Econet Wireless – which is the country’s largest mobile network operator with the largest market share – will likely face an 8.9% decline in annual revenue for the 2016-2017 financial year with revenues expected to reach US$584million.

Econet’s US$130 million rights issue approved by shareholders

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe’s shareholders recently approved a US$130 million rights issue at an extraordinary general meeting (EGM) held in Harare recently. A total of 6 resolutions which had been tabled were all approved by shareholders in the mobile network operator. With the green light from its principals, Econet will now, through the rights issue and […]

NetOne capped OneFusion, WhatsApp & Facebook data because some subscribers were abusing it

Earlier this year local mobile network operator (MNO) NetOne placed data caps on the WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook components of its OneFusion package as well as its standalone WhatsApp and Facebook bundles. The move disappointed its subscribers who had enjoyed the unlimited social media access which accommodated heavy usage through features like Facebook Live and multimedia […]

NetOne acquires new platform for OneWallet mobile money service, will relaunch it in March 2017

For years, NetOne, the Zimbabwean mobile network operator has struggled to grow OneWallet, its mobile money service and a lot of information on it that’s been shared so far indicates that the service hasn’t been profitable. Now, NetOne wants to change that with a new platform and yet another service relaunch.

TelOne aims to improve customer service with the launch of a mobile app & new website

Zimbabwean fixed telecoms operator TelOne is aiming to improve customer service with the launch of a mobile app and new website.

Dial-up use in Zimbabwe declines by 99.4% as national fixed telecoms operator phases out old school technology

TelOne, Zimbabwe’s fixed telecoms provider that activated dial-up services has started phasing it out. According to the telecoms regulator, POTRAZ active dial-up connections were whittled down from a total of 6,872 in December 2015 to just 44 active connections at the beginning of April 2016.

NetOne to install 3,000 base stations in network project, sets eyes on 10 million subscriber capacity

The additional infrastructure is expected to give NetOne the capacity to connect 10 million subscribers at a time. NetOne currently has 4.3 million active subscribers and it plans to sign on 5 million more subscribers.

NetOne bets on cost management strategies and new products for network turnaround

In his statement the CEO mentioned management techniques that include the reduction of costs associated with energy consumption at the network infrastructure level, and value addition for subscribers through new products that will be launched in the second half of 2016 along with a series of product campaigns.

Econet’s failed e-commerce startup Tengai still alive, pops up on group affiliate’s website

As it turns out, Tengai is still alive, well the brand name at least. It is listed together with Ownai, EcoSure and EcoCash, on the website of a digital transactions company called Cassava which is a subsidiary of Econet Wireless Global as one of its successful partner brands.

NetOne records rise in revenue in first quarter of 2016

In the same review period NetOne registered $48, 5 million in revenue, which is an improvement from the $44.3 million registered in the first quarter of 2015. The positive performance could mark a rebound for the operator that recorded a $3 million loss in 2015 which was led by a $5.8 million loss in the first half of the year.

Allegations of corruption surface at NetOne, point to need for transparency and efficiency

It’s easy to look at the allegations as just another case of state-owned enterprise corruption but as long as NetOne wants to make any legitimate effort to operate competitively in an increasingly tough environment, it has to make sure it exorcises the ghost of public sector management which places little or no emphasis on accountability and efficiency.

Here’s the POTRAZ Report for the third quarter of 2015

The Post and Telecoms Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) recently published the local Telecoms Sector Report or 2015 which focused on facts and figures for the third quarter of 2015. The report has offered some form insight into the local telecoms scene and a look at the figures and commentary can give a perspective of where […]

Latest POTRAZ report shows leaps in LTE & increase in Zimbabwe’s internet penetration

POTRAZ, Zimbabwe’s telecommunications regulator has just released its latest sector performance report, covering the third quarter of 2015.

POTRAZ effects 1 cent increase on voice tariffs

POTRAZ, the national telecoms regulator has effected an increase in voice tariffs. Under the new tariff structure, a 1 cent increase has been factored into the cost of a call moving calls from 15 cents to 16 cents a minute.

Government involvement, challenges in business, products & services – 2015 in review

We have just shut the door on 2015, a year that was characterised by its fair share of highs and lows in the technology space. In this podcast, we discuss some of the highlights from the year, including issues like the government’s increased role in ICT, the challenges faced  by businesses last year and how […]

Econet secures $500 million loan facility from the Chinese government

It’s not just the Zimbabwean government benefitting from Chinese investment. According to a statement released by Econet Wireless, the company’s parent group Econet Global has secured $500 million from China Development Bank and ZTE.

Econet loses court appeal for tariff adjustment

Econet has been contesting a directive given last year by POTRAZ to all operators to lower their voice tariffs. This adjustment led to the lowering of mobile voice calls from 23 cents a minute to 15 cents a minute at the start of 2015. This adjustment had been determined by the new LRIC pricing model that POTRAZ put into effect, with another set of tariff reductions scheduled for the nex two years.

TelOne’s fax to email service, goes live

TelOne’s fax to email service went live recently and its being offered for free. Users can access it on, and on this page they can create their own fax – email account.

Telecel under the government, Propertybook, Steward Bank agents, Startup competitions – Podcast

We discuss the future of Telecel in this podcast, along with talks on a real estate listings startup called Propertybook, the Steward bank agent banking partnership with Zimpost and the startup competitions happening locally as Global Entrepreneurship Week comes to a close. One other issue touched on is the Startup Challenge and its absence from the calendar this year.

Telecel awarded for best customer service in mobile telecoms

Telecel Zimbabwe was recently honoured at the Contact Centre Association of Zimbabwe (CCAZ) Service Awards with a number of accolades that included one for being the best mobile telecoms operator in terms of customer service excellence.

Telecel introduces $2 Twitter bundles

Telecel has introduced Twitter bundles as part of the social media bundles segment which gives access to the platform for a set period.They are priced at 60 cents for a week’s access and $2 for a monthly subscription and are available on the *480# menu.

Hold on a minute – Econet’s free calls promo gives subscribers 60 seconds

If you’re keen on freebies from your mobile network, Econet has one for you. The mobile operator is running a promotion that offers subscribers 1 free minute between the hours of 5 am and 8 am everyday.

NetOne rumored to be scrapping benefits & cutting salaries by 28%

We recently received information from sources close to NetOne that the mobile operator is set to cut salaries by 28% and scrap benefits and allowances.

Bleak outlook for Econet as profits, revenue expected to decline in 2016

Local stockbrokers, Lynton Edwards have projected a 21.3% drop in revenue for the period ending February 2016 along with a 49% reduction in net profit. According to these measures, Econet’s revenue will stand at $587 million and profit for the full year will come to $35,4 million.

Econet retrenches 100 employees as operational & regulatory challenges take their toll

Econet has just reported that it has retrenched 100 employees in efforts to streamline operations in an environment where revenues have fallen.

Here’s why the government might block WhatsApp

The suggestion of a WhatsApp ban is shocking, especially when we consider how it has made communication so much easier and cheaper. However, the latest numbers from the industry regulator suggest that its effect is huge on revenue and if the operators make that call, our favourite app could be banned.

What does Econet want me to do with 3 cents of free airtime?

For a while, Econet has been giving away free airtime in parcels as small as 3 cents. What is the logic behind this giveaway anyway? Is this the best that the operator, and other telecoms provide?