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Econet reveals they used 3 million litres of fuel during the power crisis of 2019

2019 was a dark year for Zimbabwe and I mean that in the most literal sense. We had a power crises for over half the year and its impact on small and big business alike was pretty brutal. For many small businesses the power crisis of last year resulted in closure and larger businesses had […]

Liquid Telecom’s recent appointment reaffirms their strategic shift to become services company

Liquid Telecom is shifting its strategy – that much is clear. Their interim CEO Craig van Rooyen put it plainly last month; We have to do things a lot differently, and move away from our reliance on the telco business (which is heavy on infrastructure spending)… Through cloud and software-defined services and systems, you can […]

Job losses expected at Liquid Telecom SA as company restructures

Liquid Telecom South Africa’s Interim CEO Craig van Rooyen recently revealed that the telecommunications company might be cutting jobs in the near future as they are changing the way they do business. We are looking to become as lean as possible, but one of the last things we want to do is just go on […]

Powertel, ZARNet & Africom merger process “painstakingly slow”

Over two years ago, the government announced that Powertel, ZARNet (Zimbabwe Academic and Research Network) and Africom would be merged. At the time I thought this made sense – I still do actually. All 3 are state-owned Internet Access Providers (IAPs) and Powertel and Africom at the time were deploying similar technologies so it made […]

Why are telecoms companies hated so much?

I wasn’t planning on writing this but two things changed my mind. First, as I was working on another article, I came across this quote; Unfortunately, telecoms brands continue to struggle to earn the respect of consumers, with average reputation scores for providers brands right at the bottom of our sector league table. Consumers love […]

The largest Mobile Network Operators on the African continent

Africa is an interesting continent in many regards. Telecommunications is definitely one of those areas that are interesting. For years, Africa has been heralded as being on the cusp of greatness and the role of mobile network operators hasn’t been downplayed in that narrative. With this in mind and a general fascination with the telecoms […]

TelOne Managing Director – We Are Owed ZW$500m By Telephone Bill Defaulters

TelOne’s Managing Director recently revealed in an interview that they are owed ZW500 million by consumers yet to pay their telephone bills and this is having an adverse impact on service delivery. We are currently owed just over ZW$500 million from outstanding telephone bills by our clients, mostly government, parastatals, corporates and individuals. Chipo Mtasa […]

Telecel Loses Nearly 100k Subscribers – Is There Light At The End Of The Tunnel?

For almost half a decade, the Telecoms Sector Report by POTRAZ has reflected poorly on Telecel’s performance. The report for the first quarter of 2020 is out and you guessed it, again it reflects poorly on Telecel. The 3rd largest mobile network provider (aka the smallest) is in trouble on many fronts but this won’t […]

ZOL Announces 3rd Service Disrupting Network Maintenance In 14 Days

It seems something is up with ZOL’s network. Personally, my fibre connection hasn’t performed to the standard I’ve grown accustomed to as a ZOL customer since late 2019. Whilst I can’t place an exact date when these disconnections and disruptions started, I hoped that ZOL’s network maintenance period from 5-6 February 2020 would finally improve […]

Liquid Telecom Launching 5G Roaming Service In “Early 2020”

Liquid Telecom is set to launch the first 5G wholesale roaming service in South Africa early in the year. The service will be available in all major South African cities. Liquid will be selling South African networks access to their 5G network since they are one of the few telecoms players with access to the […]

Telecel Taken To Court By Egyptian Company Over US$749 000 Debt

ARPU – an Egyptian telecoms services company – is taking Zimbabwe’s third-largest telco by subscribers to the High Court over a $749 900 debt that was taken on due to a 2016 partnership. On 1 August 2016, ARPU claims they signed a partnership with Telecel for provision of technical and infrastructure support enabling Telecel to […]

Cell C Planning To Move Its Network To MTN

Cell C is in dire straits. Most recently the company declared that it had made an R8 Billion loss in the past financial year. When the results were reported, however, the CEO was confident they could turn the ship around and now some of the strategies they hope to do this are being revealed. Cell […]

ZOL Tells Fibre Customers To Expect Slower Speed Due To Technical Problem

ZOL customers have been getting a message warning them to expect speeds slower than usual on their ZOL portals: Please be advised that we are currently experiencing degraded speeds on our fiber platform. Our technicians are working towards resolving this issue in the shortest time possible. Any inconveniences caused are sincerely regretted. Thank you for […]

NetOne Has Gained 200 000 Subscribers Over The Past 2 Months

As we continue unpacking Lazarus Muchenje’s interview with Trevor Ncube more interesting tidbits of information continue to come out. The CEO shared that over the past two months they have grown their subscriber base significantly: by 200 000 customers if we’re being exact. Just in the past two months alone, we have grown our subscriber […]

ZOL Introduces LTE Data Line To Compete With Econet & NetOne

In these trying times, businesses are forced to up their game and give customers the best experience possible. For ZOL that has meant rolling over data for capped subscribers, anniversary billing for uncapped subscribers and now the introduction of LTE data lines that will work on your phone. The data line will work with existing […]

Cell C Lost R8 Billion During Their Latest Financial Year

Last time I wrote about Cell C, I compared them to Telecel -Zim’s troubled mobile network operator. At the time I wrongly said they were fast becoming South Africa’s Telecel but it seems they might actually be worse off. The SA MNO recently announced it’s financial results for the year ending May 2019 and things […]

Here’s One Feature Econet Needs To Copy From NetOne’s USSD Menu

With NetOne giving subscribers the option to switch off out of bundle browsing (though it was 3 years overdue) it instantly hit me that even Econet stands to learn something from the USSD menu of their main rival – NetOne. Whilst the feature may not be as impactful since it won’t save you money, it […]

[Breaking] Econet Reviewing Bundle Prices Again On The 29th Of August

Econet subscribers have been receiving SMS from their network provider to the tune that bundle prices are going to be reviewed (for the millionth time) tomorrow. The SMS read: Dear Customer. Please take note bundle prices for Data & SMS will be reviewed effective 29 August 2019. Dial *143# or *151# to buy Data or […]

Indian Telcos Having Cold Feet Over Huawei Because Of Security Concerns

[Image Source: New Era Tech] Reliance Jio, Bhati Airtel and Vodafone Idea are all said to be considering passing on Huawei in the core elements of their 5G network in order to “hedge risks against any future ban on Chinese equipment manufacturers in India”. The Core network (aka backbone in some instances) usually offers Aggregation, […]

Econet Says We Are Working To Restore Network Challenges

Econet has acknowledged the network challenges being faced by consumers since the early hours of today. In a statement issued by the organisation, it seems there is a fault with the generators supporting the network during power outages: Our engineers are busy working to resolve a network fault that started when generators at our Network […]

NetOne Continues To Take Digs At Econet In Its Marketing Material

NetOne has made some interesting marketing efforts of late, and it seems central to their marketing is taking subtle digs at Econet wherever they can. This playfulness will probably appeal to subscribers who usually welcome drama with open arms. Back when NetOne announced their 1.2GB data bundle they struck with this: Ok, that one wasn’t […]

Most Subscribers Don’t Know What POTRAZ Is Or Why They Exist

One of the many complaints regarding the service we get from mobile networks is simple; when subscribers complain about poor service, there are many occasions when nothing is done. This is when consumers should elevate whatever issues they have to POTRAZ, the regulator of mobile networks. The problem is a significant number of subscribers don’t […]

Former NetOne CEO: Innovation In Government Companies Is Punishable

A number of Zimbabweans harbour the feeling that people working eagerly in government companies and departments run the risk of being booted out because of that eagerness. Former NetOne CEO Reward Kangai seems to also agree that being innovative whilst working in a government-owned enterprise might not be the of ideas. Posting directly to Twitter, […]

Telecel Woes Continue As MNO Faces Eviction

Most people are going about their business with a TGIF-infused confidence today but for Zimbabwe’s smallest mobile network operator by subscriber base trouble always seems to be around the corner. First Mutual is in the process of evicting Telecel from two of its sites due to failure to pay rentals to the tune of $40 […]

Econet & EcoCash Apologize For Service Disruptions

You may have been one of the customers who has been facing some challenges using Econet’s network today. Unfortunately the service disruption has meant that EcoCash isn’t working as advertised as well. When Ecocash is down we loose 99% of our orders at Fresh in Box. We have lost orders now for 3 hours. When […]

Mobile Network Operators Apply For Tariffs Increase To Reflect New Economic Reality

Mobile network operators are now considering increasing tariffs following the Monetary Policy Statement which did away with the fallacy that the bond notes were 1:1 with the US. This move might not come as too much of a surprise considering that Econet recently increased roaming tariffs. POTRAZ has said it is reviewing the proposal which MNOs […]

Researchers Discover 4G & 5G Security Flaws That Can Reveal Your Location

A group of university researchers have found three major security flaws in 4G and 5G technology which could allow hackers to access your location, intercepting phone calls and targeted phishing attacks. What’s most alarming about these flaws is that the can be exploited using radio equipment worth $200. Not RTGS$ but actual US dollars. How […]

POTRAZ Consulting Public On How They Can Improve Internet Connection In Rural Areas

POTRAZ has put out a notice in newspapers consulting the general public and interested parties on a proposed light licensing of rural broadband fixed wireless access systems. The notice reads: The Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) intends to make the frequency bands 2400- 2483 MHz and 5 725-5 875 MHz available for […]

[Update] Which Internet Providers Have Restored Internet Access And What Can People Access

So internet access seems to be getting restored around the country and depending on which mobile network or internet service provider you’re subscribed to you might have access to different things on the internet right now. ZOL – ZOL seems to have restored internet access for everything else except for social media and WhatsApp. If […]

Nyambirai: Telecel International And MTN Were Initially Partners During Econet’s Infancy

There was a surprising revelation to come out of Nyambirai’s response to the allegations that Strive Masiyiwa unlawfully took control of Econet. His statement revealed that Telecel International, the founder of Telecel Zimbabwe was actually a partner to Econet during their infancy. Them along with MTN. It’s hard to imagine such a scenario but it’s […]