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Telegram now allows you to live stream to an unlimited audience

Every time Telegram updates their chat app I am always reminded of the VHS-Betamax and Linux-Windows debates. Sometimes the most popular app or piece of software, in this case, WhatsApp, is not always the best app. Unlike WhatsApp Telegram is transitioning to become more than just a chat app into a fully-featured social network and […]

WhatsApp is finally getting message reactions

WhatsApp is the world’s most popular messaging app so it’s hard not to always wonder if it’s really the best messaging app when it comes to features. Often in, my book at least, it falls short in comparison to apps such as Instagram, Discord and even Telegram. One feature that it sorely needs is multi-device […]

Copyright holders go after Telegram over piracy

A lot of people agree that Telegram is the Betamax of chat apps while WhatsApp is the VHS. It’s better in a number of ways despite it being about half as popular as its more ubiquitous and widely accepted green-themed rival. One popular use for Telegram these days is to share and download TV Shows […]

Telegram video calls can now have 1000 viewers

Telegram has thrown out a doozy with its latest update because 1000 people can now participate in a group video call. Now this is obviously to outdo perennial competitor WhatsApp, which recently allowed people to join video calls akin to what we can already do on a conferencing software like Zoom. However, WhatsApp only allows […]

WhatsApp Outage: Another case for a unified Telegram, Signal & WhatsApp bundle

It would have been nice to be able to switch between WhatsApp to Telegram without having to worry about data when the former had an outage

WhatsApp is tweaking its disappearing messages timer

Telegram and Signal are doing disappearing messages better…

Telegram is toying with WhatsApp chat imports

Telegram is toying with a feature that will allow users to import their WhatsApp group and private chats.

Econet holds the key to Zim getting a Telegram bundle

Econet’s combo bundle structure might be the key to Zimbabwe getting a Telegram or even a Signal bundle as WhatsApp’s Privacy policy furore roars on.

Telegram and Signal downloads surge worldwide

Telegram and Signal downloads have exploded over the last few days, aided, of course, by WhatsApp’s controversial Privacy Policy

Cool your jets Telegram and Signal, Zimbos are never leaving WhatsApp

Even though WhatsApp has enraged people with its privacy policy requirements, Zimbabweans are not going to move off the platform anytime soon.

Better late than never, Telegram finally rolls out video calls

Back in April Telegram promised to add a video call feature to meet the video conferencing demands brought on by the coronavirus pandemic. At the time it seemed like Telegram were looking to capitalise on Zoom‘s security deficiencies. There may also have been a smidge of giving Zoom a run for their money but even […]

Telegram update brings profile video feature, file size limit has been increased to 2 GB and more

Telegram, the social media application that allowed Zimbabweans to circumvent the internet shutdown has released an update with a number of new features. The raft of new and updated features includes: (takes a deep breath) Video profile feature Improvements to the photo editor Improved “people nearby” Mini thumbnails Chat filtering Group stats Increasing file size […]

Local Journalist Alleges Government Can Track WhatsApp Messages

I recently saw a tweet by local journalist Hopewell Chin’ono urging security-conscious people to uninstall WhatsApp since the government can track WhatsApp messages. How true is it? Well, the security of WhatsApp has always been called into question despite the fact that WhatsApp has had end-to-end encryption for nearly half a decade now. Whilst the […]

Telegram Abandons Blockchain Project Due To Regulatory Pressure

[Image Source: Telegram Channel] Last August, we reported Telegram’s plans to launch a cryptocurrency. Well, all of that has gone down the drain because of a fight with regulators. Telegram’s founder Pavel Durov announced that they would be abandoning the US$1.7 billion dollar project because of the messaging company’s ongoing legal standoff with the Securities […]

MTN Also Launched Their Version Of Sasai Last Year: Why Do These Apps Exist?

Telecoms companies seem to be unable to resist a trend. When they decide that they should start investing in media – a number of them do so (e.g Kwese and Cell C) without investing in the talent or knowledge to actually make viable products. Outside of VoD services, it seems network operators latest fixation is […]

Telegram Adds Boat Load Of Features To Start 2020

Telegram has always been the feature-rich alternative to WhatsApp that just isn’t as popular for some reason. Anyway, the messaging app is adding features to start out the year on a bang and make its already feature-rich application even more… FEATURE-RICH! The headlining feature is the new Theme Editor which will allow users to; …quickly […]

Telegram Adds “Slow Mode” Which Will Make Group Chats Less Noisy

There are times I leave groups out of frustration from the simple fact that too many messages are rolling in at a time I’m trying to focus on something more important. Telegram’s new Slow Mode seeks to address and restore some order to groups. How does slow mode work? Telegram describes it as follows: In […]

7 Really Good Features On Telegram That WhatsApp Should Have

WhatsApp has brought many adorable features since its inception. It’s now even hard to imagine to use the app without some of the features that we enjoy using today. Despite it’s effort, it still lags by miles from Telegram. Telegram was introduced a little bit later than WhatsApp but it has more exciting and advanced. […]

Telegram Stays Ahead Of WhatsApp With New Animated Stickers Feature

In terms of features, Telegram has been ahead of WhatsApp for a significant amount of time now. With features such as dark mode being available on the messaging platform for the longest of times, whilst being stuck in development on WhatsApp for ages. Another feature which has come to Telegram first before coming to WhatsApp […]

Telegram Founder: WhatsApp Will Never Be Secure

Hey, you! Remember Telegram? That app we all used for a day or two when WhatsApp and the most popular social media sites were blocked by the government earlier this year. Well, the founder of Telegram Pavel Durov has cautioned WhatsApp users that the platform will never really be secure. The warning comes in the […]

Network Providers Won’t Dare To Cross The Government And Make Telegram Bundles

This is one of those opinions I sincerely hope are wrong as I write… If you’re a big fan of Telegram you have to be resigned to the fact that the service hasn’t had bundles for a while. If you were hoping that Telegram’s newfound popularity would translate to bundles, I would advise you not […]

5 Reasons Why Telegram Is Better Than WhatsApp

So the internet shutdowns last month briefly made Telegram the most popular application in Zimbabwe. No, it literally did become the most popular app on the Playstore, and if I’m being absolutely honest I had never used the instant messaging application. Why? Well, because all my contacts are on WhatsApp already, so it felt like […]

Did Robert Mueller Really Break WhatsApp’s End To End Encryption? His Investigation Highlights WhatsApp’s Weaknesses

If the first question on your mind is who is Robert Mueller and what makes him special it means you haven’t been watching CNN for like two years but do not worry I have got you covered. You see there is no doubt that part of the reason why Hillary Rodman Clinton lost the US […]

WhatsApp Web Gets Picture In Picture Feature In Latest Update

To be honest the social media blackout of over a week ago exposed people to some of WhatsApp’s shortcomings. When people flocked to Telegram for example they were amazed at how the chat service’s apps seem to be in perfect sync across all platforms. I mean I am sure that there are differences between the […]

“I want food”: Avenues Food Bot Allows People To Order Their Food Via Telegram

So Telegram is having a breakout year in Zimbabwe this year due to circumstances out of our control but nonetheless, the messaging application is finding a lot of utility among Zimbabweans. From shopping to fuel groups, even food ordering bots are now part of that line-up. The Avenues Food Bot allows people living in the […]

Join Techzim’s Community Podcast and News Group on Telegram

The government has decided that it will turn the internet off and on whenever they feel like it and it seems during the rare occasions when it’s on you have no access to WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. Telegram: The saving grace Because this has been our reality as Zimbabweans for a […]

Here’s A Few Useful Telegram Groups To Help You Stock Up On Groceries And Other Resources During The Shutdown

So Telegram is working just fine and though the application probably surged in popularity with people banding together to inform each other about fuel it seems now there will be mass users joining the network as long as WhatsApp and other social networks remain closed off by the government. The fortunate thing about Telegram is […]

Telegram Is The WhatsApp Alternative That The Government Has Failed To Block

WhatsApp is basically the most popular communication tool in Zimbabwe and now that it –along with social media- has been blocked, the country has basically come to a standstill over the past two days. Time and time again when WhatsApp and Telegram comparisons are made there are always people rooting for Telegram saying that it’s […]

Let’s All Switch To Telegram

By now you should have heard that there’s a messaging app that is like Whatsapp and it’s called Telegram. (If not, oh well…it happens) But for the ordinary Zimbabwean why should you consider using Telegram? Here are a few reasons why Telegram is appealing and why you should try it out and give it a […]