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This Telehealth Startup Is Providing Medical Info To Underserved Africans

You may have heard of Sila Health before. The health startup partnered with Bulawayo’s City Council to launch a mobile app that provides Covid-19 information. The startup is helping the council to disseminate info on COVID-19 via chat bots. Users of the chat bot can also access a symptom checker and more impressively they can […]

This is how e-Health will impact the next 5 years of medical service delivery in Zimbabwe

According to what’s been shared at the recent Zimbabwe Medical Association conference, here are 5 ways in which e-Health will be implemented to solve health-related challenges in Zimbabwe.

Here’s how ICT can develop Medical Tourism in Zimbabwe

Recently the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe hosted a discussion on the introduction of bond notes in which the Governor had to field a barrage of candid questions and comments from citizens of diverse backgrounds who were unequivocally against the bond notes. In one of his various attempts at rebuttal, Dr. Mangudya said Zimbabweans are not […]

e-Health gains momentum in Zimbabwe as doctors embrace tech to ensure basic service delivery

To face these and other challenges presented by the prevailing socioeconomic crisis, the need to change practices and incorporate new technologies in health delivery has therefore been realised by Zimbabwean health practitioners.

Dandemutande expands VSAT lineup, launches mobile satellite solution

Despite a strong focus on VSAT solutions in the past through its subsidiary iWay Africa, this is the first time that Dandemutande has provided a mobile satellite solution, something that points to an increased focus on the revenue potential of a diversified VSAT services portfolio.

Dial-a-Doc doctors face disciplinary action as Zimbabwe’s health council rejects Econet’s telemedicine

A year now after the launch of Econet’s Dial-a-Doc health service, the Medical and Dental Practitioners Council of Zimbabwe (MDPCZ) is still to accept it as a positive contribution to healthcare services in Zimbabwe. Information we have received from the council is that doctors working for the service were brought before the council to answer for their involvement in a “prohibited” service. […]

Here’s how regulation of health services advertising is affecting tech startups in the sector

Judging from the list above, spam emailing or pop-up messages will not be allowed. Apart from these, there are also rules governing information put on websites, how entries in the Telephone Directory should appear and even how office signs should look! Violating these policies is a serious offense that may lead to a disciplinary hearing for the registered practitioner.

Opportunities for eHealth emerge as POTRAZ partners ITU for rural telemedicine

Starting in January, remote public health facilities will be accessing telemedicine facilities that include online diagnosis, remote consultation for specific conditions, communication of information such as broadcasting of alerts and updates on potential outbreaks.

How Doctors are using WhatsApp for Telemedicine in Zimbabwe

If something is all the rage, you’re likely to see everyone falling over themselves to get their hands on it. Just look at the Scramble for Africa as an example. Fast forward to 2015 and it’s now the Scramble for Telemedicine. In Zimbabwe, several imperial corporate entities are competing against each other for a piece […]

Health Authority advises public against Econet Dial a Doc

A week ago the Health Professions Authority of Zimbabwe (HPAZ) was reportedly concerned about the legal status of the Econet Dial a Doc service which the Authority felt had been launched illegally. Now, HPAZ has taken the issue one step further by issuing a notice in the media advising the public against telephone health consultation […]

Government charts path towards new ICT Policy at eTech Africa

We have just witnessed a round up of proceedings at the first day of eTech Africa Conference and Expo, the annual indaba organised by the Ministry of ICT with the aim of showcasing the current state of ICT in Zimbabwe and what it is meant to focus on. While every year there is an exchange of […]

Why and how we can set up a clinic on every mobile phone

Image credit – Higher Life Foundation Tech entrepreneurs seem to be describing a nightmare when they share accounts of when they had to deal with the regulatory authorities whilst striving to introduce tech solutions for health. Many have bemoaned the Byzantine bureaucracy of rigorous regulations that eventually lead to a shut door that can not […]