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Coronavirus Speeds Up Approval Of Google’s Internet Balloons In Kenya

We have written about Project Loon a number of times. Last time we noted that the balloon-based internet service was undergoing commercial trials in Kenya. It’s taken the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic for Telkom Kenya and Google to get approval to finally deploy the balloons which will beam satellite internet in remote regions of […]

Telkom Looking To Buy Endangered Cell C

Cell C has been in a dark place for the longest of times with things coming to a head when the South African telecoms company announced that it had made losses of R8 billion earlier this year. Shortly after announcing the results, Cell C announced that they would be moving their network to MTN which […]

NetOne To Enter Joint Venture With South Africa’s Telkom?

Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube is the man of the moment and when he speaks Zimbos listen. Last week Mthuli spoke about the privatisation of state-owned parastatals and it seems like there is a 6-9 month timeline for that to happen. In line with this privatisation, South African Telecommunications company Telkom is said to be in […]

Huawei bringing IP TV solution to African carriers

Yesterday we learned that Chinese telecoms giant Huawei, is actively selling it’s IP TV solutions to African internet carriers. This was revealed to people who attended the Huawei road show currently being held at Cresta Lodge in Harare. Huawei’s IP TV solution have been available in China for several years now with China Telecom one […]

Beware of some of these start-up or innovation challenges

As a budding entrepreneur, with tons of ideas oozing from your brain (or wherever good ideas come from) and not much capital to back them up, you have no doubt either entered or considered entering your ideas into at least one of these challenges. But the message I bring you is that you should beware […]

5.12 Terabits WACS undersea cable lands in Cape Town

Today, the West African Cable Systems (WACS), arrived at the shores of Cape Town in South Africa. The cable connects to the United Kingdom through the West African coast where it has 11 connection points in the Canary Islands, Cape Verde, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Congo, the DRC, Angola and Namibia.

Chamisa For Re-issuing TeleAccess With A Fixed Line License

Zimbabwe Minister of ICT, Nelson Chamisa would like to see the pressure on TelOne to meet fixed line subscriptions demands eased. How? By re-issuing TeleAccess (remember the guys that sat on a license for 2 years until it was taken back) with an operator’s license. According to the Herald, Chamisa will be meeting Attorney General Johannes Tomana to discuss giving TeleAccess another chance.

Similar meetings were talked about last year but it’s not clear what became of them. Chamisa’s reason remains; that “the Government would not tolerate monopoly, more so by an operator facing serious financial and infrastructure limitations to meet service demand” and that two operators will result in better service delivery.

“MTN set to acquire…” Rumours All Over Again. We Hope It’s A Solid Deal This Time.

The rumours about MTN’s interest in acquiring a stake in one of Zimbabwe’s mobile operators have resurfaced, only this time it’s the government owned NetOne up for grabs.

So yes, we’re gleefully wagging our tails yet again, hoping this is not just another Telecel story. MTN was last year reported to be courting Telecel in a deal to acquire a controlling stake in the second largest (by number of subscribers) mobile operator. There was a lot of hype around the deal, with subscribers vowing to switch from whatever network they were on to the new Telecel. But the excitement had to die down. What with the long wait? The then ‘imminent’ deal never was.