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Technikari Ep 11: TelOne vs ZOL, which one is better?

[Podcast] Technikari Episode 11: TelOne vs ZOL, which one is best and for which application from fixes to mobile, uncapped to pay-as-you-go

TelOne announces second stage to network upgrade

TelOne, this past weekend, announced that there would be a network upgrade in order for the ISP to meet the demand for internet services. The initial announcement from TelOne slated the network upgrade from midnight on the 3rd of October to 03:00 October 4th. The network upgrade, unfortunately, didn’t end at the time that the […]

TelOne users complain about poor internet quality – What’s going on?

Over the last few days, a number of people I know who use TelOne have been complaining regarding the extremely poor internet speeds. A cursory search of “TelOne” on Twitter will actually show you that a number of users are actually going through this. What’s the problem? So from the searches and talking to TelOne […]

TelOne internet connection has been appalling according to reports

There have been a number of reports that TelOne internet connection has been inconsistent to absolutely slow. Some reports say that there have been intermittent periods where the connection has been alright and there have been others that say that connection has been bad altogether. The service disruption has been experienced by users on TelOne […]

TelOne releases new prices for broadband

Following hot on the heels of ZOL, TelOne have reviewed their prices for broadband. These prices will take effect from the 1st of August: TelOne residential broadband Package Download Cap US$ ZWL$ Home Basic 10GB 10.00 722.00 Home Basic Night 20GB 13.00 938.00 Home Extra 15GB 11.00 794.00 Home Plus 30GB 17.00 1,227.00 Home Plus […]

Best fixed internet service provider (Updated)

It’s clear working from home is going to be a thing and the question now is which service provider do you go for with the best service. Best is not always about the cheapest. It’s a lot more than that. In this article we shall be looking at TelOne and Zol, the 2 biggest fixed […]

Working From Home? Here Are Your Internet Options

With the number of people working from home increasing by the day as companies take measures to stop the spread of the Novel Coronavirus. With that being said, those of you working from home will probably need an internet connection and we’ve rounded up the best options you probably have. For those of you looking […]

TelOne Announces New Prices For Broadband Packages

TelOne has announced the new pricing for their broadband offerings which have been effected from today (14 March). Quick NetOne, Telecel, Africom, And Econet Airtime Recharge Number to recharge: Airtime amount: EcoCash number: {{error_message}} {{error_message}} If anything goes wrong, chat with us using the chat feature at the bottom right of this screen

TelOne Announces New Broadband Tariffs Coming Into Effect In November

TelOne –like ZOL– is revising their broadband packages this coming month. It seems all players in the industry from mobile providers to residential and office providers have decided to change their packages in one go. TelOne’s residential packages are now priced as follows: SME broadband packages are nor priced as follows: Finally, public wifi pricing […]

TelOne Increases Price For Their Internet Packages

TelOne has become the latest telecoms company to increase their internet prices, joining a host of mobile network operators who have been increasing their prices frequently over the last few months. The new tariffs you’ll pay for your home internet will are as follows: It seems the days of internet access being a privilege might […]

TelOne Revenue Increases By 5%, But Losses Continue [2018 Financial Results]

TelOne had their Annual General Meeting today and announced some pretty interesting results for the year ended December 31. There’s good news and bad news… The good Well, revenue continues with its upward trend, increasing from $119 million in 2017 to $125 million. TelOne believes that this is as a result of the the 37% […]

How Far Can TelOne’s 500GB/Month Package Take You; Is It The Same As Having Unlimited?

TelOne’s relatively new 500 GB package is sparking a lot of debate due to one question. “Is the package the same as having unlimited internet?” Of course, if we are speaking in literal terms, that package is not unlimited and really TelOne clearly lists it under capped packages. But the true question people are asking […]

TelOne Finally Introduces Night Browsing Bundles

A few hours ago we reported that TelOne facing some service interruption issues and if you are TelOne customer who needed cheering up, TelOne has done just that with their latest announcement. TelOne has announced that they will be introducing a night browsing package similar to ZOL’s Night-Owl. This announcement was long overdue and it […]

TelOne is launching WiFi Home and Away tomorrow

Techzim has received an invite to a launch of a new service from TelOne. The launch will be tomorrow and TelOne will be launching what they are calling WiFi Home and Away. TelOne WiFi sharing or as they call it WiFi Home and Away is a service which will allow people with TelOne ADSL or Fibre internet […]

How do I register for TelOne WiFi sharing?

TelOne recently launched a service called WiFi Home and Away. The service has already been active on their website as TelOne WiFi sharing for people who use their ADSL and Fibre home internet. TelOne WiFi sharing will allow you to login to any TelOne WiFi hotspot and use the data bundle that you have on […]

TelOne launches 100% extra data promo – here’s what you need to know

Yesterday, TelOne launched a new promotion for their broadband Wi-Fi subscribers. The promotion will see people on their network getting 100% extra data. The promotion will be running from 21 August 2017 to 31 December 2017 and will be accessible to all subscribers of the TelOne broadband internet regardless of the package that they subscribe […]

TelOne ups speeds & data allowances on its ADSL, now offers 30 GB for $25 & 60 GB for $42

The $25 Home Plus package now offers 30 GB (with speeds of up to 3 Mbps) up from 20 GB (with speeds of 1 Mbps). The $42 Home Premier package’s data limit has been increased by 10 GB and now offers 60 GB (with speeds of up to 4 Mbps, an increase from 2 Mbps limit).

ZOL chases TelOne ADSL in its quest for growth & dominance

It’s not just total market domination that’s spurring the ad campaigns, though. The pursuit of growth plus the need to make the most of extensive infrastructure investments are enough to trigger different strategies.

TelOne & ZOL aren’t letting up on the ad fighting, but we’d rather have an internet price & service brawl

Perhaps TelOne and ZOL should pass on the victory to subscribers instead by shaping their services to be more affordable and reliable with the best support services.

TelOne maintains strong B2B focus – 80% of its subscribers are enterprise clients

The chairman of the TelOne board, Charles Shamu, recently revealed that 80% of its subscribers are business consumers versus the 20% retail users. These business clients or wholesale consumers are split between the private sector (which makes up 60% of TelOne’s wholesale clients) and the government.

TelOne eyes 100,000 new ADSL subscribers as it expands its network

Fixed telecoms provider TelOne expects to add on 100,000 ADSL subscribers as it activates the $98 million loan it secured through its primary shareholder the government.

TelOne brings voice back in the mix, introduces free off-peak calls for residential clients

The new feature allows residential TelOne clients to make unlimited calls between 6pm and 6am during weekdays, and from 1pm to 6am the following day on weekends and public holidays.

This $89 package from TelOne is your best bet for Netflix

if you are keen on making Netflix your leading entertainment choice but are working within a strict budget (trying to keep the damage under $100) or live in an area where fibre trenching hasn’t happened but phone lines are around, then this TelOne ADSL package is your best bet.

TelOne 2015 financial results at a glance – $17 million profit, $162 million revenue

For the period ending 31 August 2015 TelOne managed a 187.1% increase in profit before tax from the previous year’s $6,2 million to end the 2015 financial year on $17,7 million.

TelOne & the two sides to its $163 million gift

The question though is whether or not this is the right thing to do for a new TelOne that is slowly defining itself as a true corporate competitor in Zimbabwean telecoms. Without help from the government It has started to define itself as a game changing operator with the potential to upset the status quo in telecoms.

Shouldn’t TelOne migrate its major voice clients to VoIP?

Given that Telone is not investing in maintaining or improving their fixed lines infrastructure, shouldn’t it just migrate major customers to VoIP?

TelOne records a profit of $479,827 in the 1st half of 2015

According to a business update published by state-owned telecoms enterprise, TelOne, the operator has registered profits of $479,000 in the first half year of 2015, a figure which represents a positive turn from last year’s half-year loss of $7 million.

TelOne expanding distribution network through local agents & entrepreneurs

TelOne has started inviting people interested in becoming sales agents for its products and services to contact the operator or submit details at the Harare Post Office. This franchising opportunity is part of TelOne’s strategy to expand its footprint while managing costs.

Is internet in Zimbabwe really that much cheaper?

Many would like to believe that internet is now cheaper in Zimbabwe but other than the promotional packages i feel that we are still a bit high. Mobile data which would provide the most convenient delivery of internet is ridiculously expensive.

TelOne increases the speeds on its internet packages

TelOne has increased the speeds of its ADSL packages, offerings downloads of up to 4 Mbps on part of its lineup. This looks like another adjustment to shore in more subscribers in a tough environment and will likely trigger more changes from other operators.