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TelOne is having issues with internet services

State-owned Telecommunications company TelOne this morning announced that it is facing challenges with service delivery. We are unsure if TelOne voice services have been affected but from what we have been seeing online it’s mostly complaints about TelOne’s broadband internet services. Public Notice TelOne apologises for the service disruption currently being experienced by some of […]

Why are TelOne and ZOL sim cards geolocked?

Geolocking is when a particular service is made available in a particular geographic location. In the case of TelOne and Zol, they do the same thing. But why do they restrict their service? Should all sim cards not work the same way?

Video: What is the best mobile wifi bundle?

Ever wondered what the best mobile wifi bundle is? In this video we take a look at NetOne, TelOne, Telecel, Econet and Zol to find out which one is the best overal over 5 categories.

These are Network coverage, speed, device support, bundle selection and the all important price.

The Best Mobile Data Bundle You Can Buy [Updated]

If you were looking for cheap mobile data in Zimbabwe, where would you go? Are you sure your current data provider of choice is the very best or is it a matter of who is charging less? Well in this article I shall be taking you on an expedition to get as close as possible […]

TelOne’s LTE Service Gets Price Hike

TelOne has announced that their LTE-reliant Blaze service will is getting a price bump with The revised TelOne Blaze tariffs increase are shown in the table below: Package Data Value Old RTGS$ Price Price New RTGS$ Price Blaze lite 8GB $54 $108 Blaze extra 15GB $82 $145 Blaze Boost 20GB $102 $179 Blaze Ultra 40GB […]

[Video] Ever Wondered Why TelOne & Zol Sims Don’t Work In Some LTE Enabled Phones?

TelOne and Zol have mobile services that they are offering that make use of Sim cards. The service is LTE but regardless of a lot of smartphones being 4G LTE enabled, not all of them are able to connect to the ZOL and TelOne service. This video dives into the details as to why some […]

Everything To Know About TelOne’s Blaze LTE

TelOne Blaze LTE is a mobile telephone service being offered by TelOne. Think of it as a competitor to ZOL LTE It comes with a SIM card that you can use in an LTE enabled device. It can be a smartphone, tablet, portable WiFi device or an LTE modem like the ones NetOne was offering […]