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ZBC to get half of the 12 new TV stations in the pipeline? What?!

ZBC doing whatever it needs to to keep its monopoly.

Video: TelOne DEOD TV app review. The good, the bad and why you should try it.

TelOne announced their DEOD Video streaming service in 2018 and they later made the service available on Android TV boxes and smart TVs. In this video we look at what the DEOD TV service does right, where they need to work on and why you should really consider it as an option for your home […]

TelOne Slashes Prices For Video-On-Demand Service DEOD – Now We’re Talking

TelOne has announced a massive price slash for their DEOD Video-on-Demand (VoD) service for both premium and on demand packages. For the uninitiated, DEOD is a video streaming service that allows subscribers to stream shows and movies on a monthly or daily basis. The service was launched back in 2018 but TelOne hasn’t marketed it […]

TelOne Adds 12 Free Channels To DEOD

TelOne’s DEOD content offering continues to expand. A few months ago, they added Zollywood (local content) and now they’ve added 12 new free-to-air channels. A total of 12 News, Entertainment and Inspiration-themed channels are now available on the service entirely for FREE to customers, with 8 new Entertainment channels being added to the Pay TV […]

Netflix Picks Up Zambian Animated Film

Netflix is taking a serious look at licensing content from the motherland. Earlier this year, a Zimbabwean creator secured a deal for his animated musical on the platform. The media company has announced yet another African film will be added to their roster. Mama K’s Team 4 is an animated show created by Zambian writer […]

TelOne’s DEOD Announces List Of Zim Shows Coming To The Platform

At the launch of DEOD last year, TelOne made it clear that their ultimate goal would be to have local shows on the platform along with the international content already there. Progress on that front has been made and 5 months after the promise was made, TelOne has some in-house talent on their roster. The […]

TelOne Revises DEOD Pricing

TelOne has announced that they will be shifting prices for access to their Video On Demand service DEOD. Like ZOL, the price increment is being labelled an allignment in response to the Monetary Policy Statement and the new pricing structure for TelOne’s DEOD will look like this: The interesting thing about the price increase for […]

Podcast On Zimbabwe’s Year In Tech In 2018

Podcast recapping 3 things in tech that happened and were interesting in Zimbabwe. We take a look at bots in Zimbabwe like Batsi, Shandu, Chipo; video on demand services like Kwese iFlix, TelOne DEOD; and hackathons that were hosted in the year 2018. Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge Number to recharge: Airtime amount […]

Kwese Finally Commits To Making Local Content

So last week ended on quite a sad note for Kwese’s satellite TV offering but if there’s one positive to draw from last week’s announcement was the fact that Kwese is now going to focus on local content. Something we missed in the excitement of having such a big scoop was this part of Kwese’s […]

Now That Kwese Satellite TV Is Gone Here Are Some Options For Kwese Subscribers

A lot of people, including myself, were shocked by the sudden announcement that Kwese was shutting down. In fact by the time a lot of the subscribers became aware of this the service had for all intents and purposes already stopped operating on the first of November and some had already paid their subscriptions for […]

TelOne Gives Subscribers 100GB A Month To Stream DEOD Content

So TelOne launched their DEOD streaming service last week and one of the best things about that announcement was that TelOne subscribers get to stream DEOD content for free.  The zero-rating of these services is great because it gives people a chance to sample the product before they actually commit. As it turns out the […]

Podcast On TelOne’s DEOD Video On Demand Service

We take at a dive at TelOne’s new video on demand service looking at the product offering. In the mix is a run through of the content on offer and how it stacks up against the already available options. All this and more in this week’s Podcast.   NB: The mobile app actually has search […]

How To Register For Telone’s Broadcasting Service, DEOD

We have given you all the details about, Telone’s newest baby, DEOD (Digital Entertainment On Demand) from its content to what you have to pay for that content. Now, without further ado let me take you on the journey to register to start enjoying your favorite TV show/movie on DEOD. Visit Click ‘Register’ Enter your […]

TelOne DEOD vs Kwese (Play & iflix) Round 2: Pricing

Having looked at the content being offered on TelOne’s new DEOD streaming platform it might be best to now turn our attention to pricing. We are going to compare DEOD to Kwese Play once again as that’s the most similar service. We’ll also look at DEOD’s other packages along with Kwese’s revised pricing for the […]

TelOne DEOD: Here’s What’s On Offer, They’re Pretty Strong On Movies

So TelOne has finally announced details of their streaming service DEOD (Digital Entertainment On Demand). Exciting name aside the service will offer: There are 3 tiers of content; On Demand, Subscription and DEOD Premium Each DEOD account will support upto 5 devices Users can watch on desktop, mobile (Android or iOS) The service allows you to […]