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TelOne announces second stage to network upgrade

TelOne, this past weekend, announced that there would be a network upgrade in order for the ISP to meet the demand for internet services. The initial announcement from TelOne slated the network upgrade from midnight on the 3rd of October to 03:00 October 4th. The network upgrade, unfortunately, didn’t end at the time that the […]

TelOne system upgrade still ongoing

Yesterday TelOne released a statement that informed customers that the poor internet quality that they have been experiencing was due to the ISP being overwhelmed by the demand for internet brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. In the same statement, TelOne also notified customers of a system upgrade that was scheduled for the midnight 3/10/2020 […]

TelOne gives reason for inconsistent internet services

TelOne customers have been experiencing poor internet quality for some time now. There have been fluctuations in internet speed and customers have been vocal about this on social media. In light of this TelOne has given, in a statement, the reason why customers have been experiencing poor internet quality. The state-owned ISP has also said […]