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TelOne has scheduled another network upgrade

TelOne has released a statement notifying customer of another Network Upgrade. The statement reads as follows: Client Notice Network Upgrade Update We wish to advise our valued clients that we shall once again be carrying out a critical network upgrade from midnight on the 16th of October 2020. We expect to have completed this delicate […]

TelOne announces second stage to network upgrade

TelOne, this past weekend, announced that there would be a network upgrade in order for the ISP to meet the demand for internet services. The initial announcement from TelOne slated the network upgrade from midnight on the 3rd of October to 03:00 October 4th. The network upgrade, unfortunately, didn’t end at the time that the […]

TelOne system upgrade still ongoing

Yesterday TelOne released a statement that informed customers that the poor internet quality that they have been experiencing was due to the ISP being overwhelmed by the demand for internet brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. In the same statement, TelOne also notified customers of a system upgrade that was scheduled for the midnight 3/10/2020 […]

TelOne gives reason for inconsistent internet services

TelOne customers have been experiencing poor internet quality for some time now. There have been fluctuations in internet speed and customers have been vocal about this on social media. In light of this TelOne has given, in a statement, the reason why customers have been experiencing poor internet quality. The state-owned ISP has also said […]

TelOne users complain about poor internet quality – What’s going on?

Over the last few days, a number of people I know who use TelOne have been complaining regarding the extremely poor internet speeds. A cursory search of “TelOne” on Twitter will actually show you that a number of users are actually going through this. What’s the problem? So from the searches and talking to TelOne […]

How big can this car tracking service be for TelOne?

TelOne held a launch event for their car tracking service Teltrack. The event was attended by representatives from the Ministry of ICT, Car Track and various motoring associations. The launch of this service got us thinking about how big this opportunity could be for TelOne. At the launch event, there was a lot of talk […]

TelOne’s car tracking service Teltrack launch event

TelOne has officially launched its vehicle tracking service Teltrack. At an event that was attended by representatives from the Ministry of ICT, Car Track, Zimoco, the Truckers Association of Zimbabwe and the press. The event shed more light on what Teltrack is about and what it does. Teltrack Teltrack is a service that is using […]

TelOne to launch vehicle tracking service

TelOne recently sent out invites for a media event they are hosting on Friday (aka tomorrow) and it alludes to TelOne’s entry into the Telematics space. To the uninitiated, Telematics is defined as “the joining of two sciences—telecommunications, a branch of technology including phone lines and cables, and informatics such as computer systems. The term […]

TelOne internet connection has been appalling according to reports

There have been a number of reports that TelOne internet connection has been inconsistent to absolutely slow. Some reports say that there have been intermittent periods where the connection has been alright and there have been others that say that connection has been bad altogether. The service disruption has been experienced by users on TelOne […]

TelOne increases prices for internet packages

TelOne has increased the prices for their internet packages. This is, of course, following on ZOL’s price adjustment last week. TelOne prices, however, look to have taken a massive leap from the last price increase late last month. The new prices are as follows: These prices take effect from the 6th of September 2020 TelOne […]

TelOne is blacklisting subscribers with outstanding phone bills

TelOne announced in a statement that they would be blacklisting companies and individuals who haven’t paid their outstanding bills. The statement reads as follows: So far, 48000 people have been blacklisted.Don’t be the next one! Pay your outstanding telephone bill today. We have so far blacklisted 48 000 individuals and companies who did not heed […]

TelOne commissions Makuti-Chirundu Fibre Link

Yesterday, TelOne commissioned the Makuti-Chirundu Fibre Link which connects Zimbabwe to Zambia (“and beyond”). To the uninitiated, a Fibre Optic link is simply part of fibre optic infrastructure providing a data connection between points. According to TelOne MD Chipo Mtasa the new fibre link was constructed at a cost of US$1.5 million and will give […]

TelOne launches Impact Learning – an eLearning platform

TelOne earlier today launched Impact Learning – an eLearning platform that was in the work before the COVID-19 pandemic hit. According to TelOne’s Managing Director Chipo Mtasa the platform was being built with TelOne Centre for Learning (TCFL) in mind and the students at this institutions were already making use of the platform. Mtasa says […]

TelOne closing select branches until further notice

TelOne have announced that they will closing select branches until further notice. They have however outlined branches that will remain open. The press release is as follows: PUBLIC NOTICE All TelOne shops will be closed until further notice, except for the shops below. Valued customers are encouraged to use our online self service portal and […]

TelOne releases new prices for broadband

Following hot on the heels of ZOL, TelOne have reviewed their prices for broadband. These prices will take effect from the 1st of August: TelOne residential broadband Package Download Cap US$ ZWL$ Home Basic 10GB 10.00 722.00 Home Basic Night 20GB 13.00 938.00 Home Extra 15GB 11.00 794.00 Home Plus 30GB 17.00 1,227.00 Home Plus […]

NetOne & TelOne privatisation delayed because both companies couldn’t afford transaction fees

NetOne and TelOne were supposed to be privatised since 2018, and despite government rhetoric to the effect that this was close to materialising, it turns out both companies cannot afford the transaction fees for the privatisation process. In the 2020 mid-term budget review, the government reveals some details regarding why the privatisation has taken this […]

Video: TelOne’s new Network Operations Center. What is it all about?

TelOne unveiled their new Network Operations Center and this all you need to know about what it is and what it does. Quick internet and voice recharge Account number: Service: Choose a service TelOne ADSL/Fibre TelOne Voice Packages: Choose a package Choose a package TestVoucher – ZWL 0.09 Home Basic – ZWL 262.00 Home Extra […]

ZOL now locking LTE SIM cards to specific regions

Since mid-March ZOL shops stopped selling their popular LTE SIMs but they resumed selling the little things, last month. One of the new developments that will now come with newer LTE purchases seems to be a region locking. This means that if you buy an LTE SIM from ZOL they will now enable it to […]

Vandalism Still A Huge Drawback For TelOne

Over the past few years, TelOne has complained at length about the vandalism that has affected their network delivery from time to time. In 2018 there were 393 such cases, which reduced to 303 cases last year. This year they’ve already been 139 incidents of vandalism and the most recent resulted in an internet blackout […]

TelOne Managing Director – We Are Owed ZW$500m By Telephone Bill Defaulters

TelOne’s Managing Director recently revealed in an interview that they are owed ZW500 million by consumers yet to pay their telephone bills and this is having an adverse impact on service delivery. We are currently owed just over ZW$500 million from outstanding telephone bills by our clients, mostly government, parastatals, corporates and individuals. Chipo Mtasa […]

TelOne Explains & Apologises For 3 Hour Internet Blackout

A majority of TelOne subscribers experienced an internet blackout earlier today. The internet service provider has issued a statement explaining what went wrong and apologised to subscribers. You can read TelOne’s full statement below: To Our Valued Clients and Stakeholders TelOne regrets to inform all our valued stakeholders and clients of the 2hours 55 minutes […]

TelOne Reviews Prices For Modems, LTE SIM Cards & Other Hardware

Starting from the 1st of this month a number of Customer-Premise Equipment (CPEs) items on sale from TelOne saw an upwards price revision. Wait, “What are CPEs you ask”? It’s any terminal (and associated equipment) located at a subscriber’s premises. In this particular instance, most of them are modems and you’re better of just thinking […]

TelOne Slashes Prices For Video-On-Demand Service DEOD – Now We’re Talking

TelOne has announced a massive price slash for their DEOD Video-on-Demand (VoD) service for both premium and on demand packages. For the uninitiated, DEOD is a video streaming service that allows subscribers to stream shows and movies on a monthly or daily basis. The service was launched back in 2018 but TelOne hasn’t marketed it […]

[Update] POTRAZ Grants Internet Access Provider DFA Licence To Operate Locally

In March 2019, Dark Fibre Africa announced they were setting up offices locally as part of its expansion into markets outside of South Africa. This was followed up by the Internet Access Provider laying down infrastructure in parts of the CBD. Now the company has announced that they have been granted a Class B licence […]

TelOne & NetOne Unveil ZW$10 Million COVID 19 Response Support Facility

TelOne and NetOne have announced that they are setting up a joint COVID 19 response support facility to the tune of ZWL$10million. The “sustainable response plan” will benefit three public hospitals namely Sally Mugabe (formerly Harare Hospital), Beatrice Infectious Diseases and Mpilo Hospitals. Specific areas being funded are both for immediate COVID 19 response needs […]

TelOne & ZOL Customers Infuriated By Poor Customer Service During Lockdown

TelOne and ZOL are the biggest players in the fixed internet space in Zimbabwe – as you would expect a significant number of Zimbabweans rely on them. COVID-19 has resulted in an angry customer-base – as those with faults are getting service from the internet companies much slower than expected. The two entities social media […]

TelOne Introduces Limited Time Discount For One Of Its Packages To Help Limit Coronavirus Spread

With the first known COVID-19 case being confirmed last night, it’s as good a time as any to start taking as many precautions as possible to avoid contracting and further spreading the virus. TelOne is playing its part and has announced a discounted Home Intense Package to encourage people to “effectively work and learn from […]

TelOne Announces New Prices For Broadband Packages

TelOne has announced the new pricing for their broadband offerings which have been effected from today (14 March). Quick internet and voice recharge Account number: Service: Choose a service TelOne ADSL/Fibre TelOne Voice Packages: Choose a package Choose a package TestVoucher – ZWL 0.09 Home Basic – ZWL 262.00 Home Extra – ZWL 280.00 Home […]

ZOL Runs Out Of LTE SIMs Nationwide, It Could Be Coronavirus Related

In a surprising turn of events, ZOL has reportedly run out of data sim cards for their WiBroniks packages. We initially got a tip regarding this earlier this week, with different sources suggesting the SIMs were in high demand and had run out. Customers have claimed that they’ve been notified when they go to ZOL […]

TelOne’s LTE Service Gets Price Hike

TelOne has announced that their LTE-reliant Blaze service will is getting a price bump with The revised TelOne Blaze tariffs increase are shown in the table below: Package Data Value Old RTGS$ Price Price New RTGS$ Price Blaze lite 8GB $54 $108 Blaze extra 15GB $82 $145 Blaze Boost 20GB $102 $179 Blaze Ultra 40GB […]