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Zimbabwe’s largest classifieds platform introduces shopping cart, shows focus on online shopping

Zimbabwe’s largest classifieds platform has introduced a shopping cart as it increases its focus on online shopping.

Econet’s failed e-commerce startup Tengai still alive, pops up on group affiliate’s website

As it turns out, Tengai is still alive, well the brand name at least. It is listed together with Ownai, EcoSure and EcoCash, on the website of a digital transactions company called Cassava which is a subsidiary of Econet Wireless Global as one of its successful partner brands.

Econet’s Ownai hit by another outage. Separately, hackers claim they attacked it

Econet’s classifieds website, Ownai, is down again. It’s not clear yet if it’s another case of lots of visitors trying to visit the site at once (they just sent out an SMS ad inviting user to the platform) or if it’s the case of hackers having hit it again.

Ownai, Econet’s startup offically launched with an objective to “help small businesses”

Econet is looking past all of that, though. According to Douglas Mboweni, Econet’s CEO, the telecoms operator wants its customers who are running small businesses to see the operator as a partner that will help them make money. Tools like Ownai are supposed to enable this by offering free marketing of goods to Econet’s broadband customers.

Mxit’s demise, Zimpapers going digital, Tengai/Ownai, ShonaNdebele Tutor: Podcast

Mxit, the most successful African social media platform so far (in terms of user uptake at least) closed its operations a week ago. in this podcast we discuss some of the challenges that it met and what could have been a contribution to its demise. We also discuss the Zimpapers results and their reflection on […]

Econet says Ownai wasn’t hacked, site is undergoing prelaunch tests

According to Econet, the Ownai site is still undergoing some necessary tests around security and stability and the inference that had been made that it was hacked wasn’t necessarily factual.

Ownai, the new Tengai experiences brief downtime, some suspect another hack

Ownai, the new version of Tengai wasn’t accessible for an extended interval, with visitors to the URL being directed to a page carrying a 504 Gateway Timeout error message. Usually, this is diagnosed as a network error between servers, but because of the history that Tengai had with security breaches, some people have opined that this could have been another attack.

Econet’s startup, Tengai returns online as Ownai

Tengai, the online classifieds platform from Econet is back online. The startup has however resurfaced with a different name, Ownai.

The uberification of Econet and its new startup Technites

One of the first services you’ll notice as soon as you get to the Expo is called Technites. This is another startup idea from the Econet team and though the service hasn’t entered the market it is set for launch in the short term.

Tengai 2.0 on the cards as startup makes plans to re-enter the market

According to some sources from Econet, the Tengai team is working on a comeback for the hacked e-classifieds site. Efforts are being put into creating a secure platform, though the sources couldn’t specify what sort of changes would be made to make the e-commerce platform more robust.

What is local content?

So after the noise with the store and the ensuing usual talk about local content one question has been tickling the nether regions of my brain. Just what the heck is local content?

Zimbabwean hackers & Net Neutrality, cost of internet, the Astro factory and mobile money: Podcast

While Net neutrality is one burning issue discussed in this podcast, other topics touched on include the cost of internet in Zimbabwe, mobile money’s growth and how it has been reflected in the latest Central Bank Monetary Policy, and the new TV and hardware factory from local devices company, Astro.

Econet’s anti net-neutrality moves are wrong. The hackers hitting them are wrong.

The problem is the lack of net-neutrality and not Econet itself. Going after Econet by hacking its websites doesn’t help anyone. If anything, the stubborn people I know Zimbabweans to be will dig their heels in, plant a flag of commitment to their position, however unjustifiable it is, and make a choice to refuse to look at things from a different perspective. Stalemate.

Econet threatened by AnonymousZimbabwe, the outfit behind the hack (update)

Anonymous Zimbabwe has claimed responsibility for hacking the e-commerce website while lobbying for net neutrality. It has also threatened Tengai and the mobile operator Econet, giving both parties until the 8th of August to issue a press statement or face unspecified action.

@AnonZW outfit claiming responsibility for hack issues press release

We have been contacted by individual(s) purporting to be behind the hack. We unfortunately could not get the press release to confirm whether this is true or a simple prank from someone seeking attention.

Strive Masiyiwa backed e-commerce platform which was hacked 4 days ago is still down

Tengai, a new classifieds platform that is partly owned by Strive Masiyiwa, was hacked four days ago by net neutrality proponents. While the technical circumstances of the attack haven’t been made clear, the extended downtime isn’t what most would expect from the e-commerce platform.

Tengai ZW, Net Neutrality, Nettcash acquired, Job cuts in Telecoms – Podcast

In this episode of the podcast we discuss Tengai and its issues with net neutrality, the latest on mobile money service Nettcash, the regulation in mobile money in Zimbabwe, job cuts being effected in the telecoms sector thanks to a Supreme court ruling, as well as the crowdfunding campaign kicked off by a local startup, School Sports Network, for a live streaming service.

Tengai, the classifieds platform linked to Econet has been hacked by Net Neutrality proponents

Tengai, the new classifieds platform that partnered with Econet Wireless to offer zero-rated access to Econet subscribers, has been hacked by Net Neutrality proponents.

Classifieds platform is down, website going through some updates

Local online classifieds platform is down. People who’ve been trying to access it have been met with a banner that says it’s being updated.

Our problem is we don’t stand together. We don’t speak together

As a people we don’t seem to see far enough to realise what is hurting the competition now (or just someone we don’t care about) will surely hurt us too eventually. We laugh that is getting hit Econet and Stive while forgetting the same net-neutrality unfairness on us when they smell the blood. goes live, offers free signups & free browsing for Econet subscribers

Zimbabwe’s new online classifieds platform, has finally gone live. It offers the standard functionality of online classified platforms and users can post listings, for free, in any of the 12 different categories that include mobile and electronics, vehicles, property, jobs and services.

Econet extends investment into e-commerce with new platform,Tengai

We have received information from an inside source to confirm what has long been said to be in the cooking at Econet – a classifieds platform called The website isn’t up yet, but a look at some of the artwork related to it seems to show what we can expect from it.