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Battle Of The ePapers – Herald VS Newsday

Traditional media houses haven’t been the quickest to embrace tech but they are doing so slowly but surely. The Herald and Newsday have had ePapers for a significant time now – The Herald’s debuted in August of 2018 and AMH launched theirs 2 months later – and discontinued only to relaunch recently. Anyway having subscribed […]

[Update] ZimLive Now Accepts Donations – Local Media Companies Continue Search For Perfect Business Model

If you’re an avid ZimLive reader you would have noticed that the online publication accepts donations by now. Similar to The Guardian which places a plea for donation at the end of each article, ZimLive is asking its readers to spare what they can to help improve the quality of content they output. Why donations? […]

Facebook Has Now Taken Its Fight Against Fake News To Another Level By Running Full-Page Ads In The Herald

It’s an unusual experience to see a company like Facebook (or Google) advertising in local newspapers considering that they have no physical presence in Zimbabwe. I had that experience when I saw a Facebook advert in The Herald today. Facebook has been heavily criticized for not doing enough to prevent the spread of false information […]

Government To Recalculate Interest On The RBZ Debt It Assumed 3 Years Ago As It Suspects Being Overcharged By Lenders

Just 3 years ago the government bankrolled the central bank by taking over its $1,4 billion debt in order to recapitalize the bank and resume its function on a clean slate. To facilitate this, the government in turn borrowed from the domestic market through Treasury Bills (TBs) which are short-term negotiable instruments.  At that time the […]

Former Netone CEO Accuses Minister Of ICT Of Trying To Tarnish Reputation Of The Currently Suspended Netone CEO

Former Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Netone, Reward Kangai is accusing the Minister of ICT and Cybersecurity, Supa Mandiwanzira for abusing his power in governing the state-owned telecoms operator. In a series of ‘tweets’, Mr. Kangai is saying that Supa Mandiwanzira is using state media to fight his own personal agenda (in this case) by […]

Netone’s Suspended CEO Is Wanted In South African For Fraud Charges: How True Is It?

You know the saga Netone is currently involved in. The state-owned telecoms operator, Netone suspended its Chief executive officer, Lazarus Muchenje for undermining the authority of the board through his sudden dismissal (and reinstatement) of 9 Executives some weeks ago. Before his suspension, Mr. Muchenje had filed a court application suing the minister of ICT and […]

Herald Brings Their Newspaper Online; Will The ‘ePaper’ Be A Hit?

Making money as an online publication is a very uncertain business and the world over it seems no one is yet to fully crack this code. Of course, some publications have made strides to figuring out what’s the best way to go about making their money online but in Africa the challenges of making a […]

Government Fears Congestion Of Spectrum, Considers Increasing It

The increase of Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), radio stations, tv stations etc. is giving goosebumps to the government fearing that the congestion of the available radio spectrum (spectrum) will have systematic problems in ICT. Spectrum relates to the radio frequencies allocated to the mobile industry and other sectors for communication over the airwaves. Speaking to […]

The Brand New And Cheaper H-Metro Reveals The Business Model Crisis Of The Media Business

If you read the Zimpapers’ Herald on hard copy you should have noticed the full paged teaser adverts that didn’t seem to make sense until they revealed a made over version of the popular tabloid, H-Metro. The new H-Metro now costs 50c meaning a 50% slash in the price from the $1 it used to […]

How Social Media Followed Zimbabwean Military Takeover Activities And Print Media Failed

You have no doubt been following the whole situation with the military implementing the National Democratic Project. You have heard that the president is under house arrest and several other top politicians have been taken into custody. This information and more has been distributed over the internet. For most of us, story links, images, photos […]

At the heart of the Kwese story is the Dr Dish licence and its cancellation

The Herald ran a story announcing that Kwese TV never applied for a licence which we have known from the beginning. They cited various ‘players in the industry’ who gave their opinions but did not want to be identified. Who are these players? Could it be BAZ or maybe the Ministry of Media, Information and […]

News platforms dominate Zimbabwe’s list of top 10 most visited local websites

News platforms have dominated Zimbabwe’s list of top 10 most-visited local websites with Newsday taking the lead.

How your data is spent when you visit a Zimbabwean website, including Techzim!

image credit: abine.com Online ads are annoying, intrusive and a major distraction. Not only do they frustrate website visitors but are reported to take up to 40% of your data and a significant amount of battery life. 40% is a considerable amount to lose to ads, especially with the high costs of data in Zimbabwe. Your […]

Unsurprisingly, newspaper readership in Zimbabwe keeps declining

It’s not surprising really. The writing appeared on the wall years ago. And the translation handed down just as far back. While physical newspapers will not die anytime soon, the consumer of news is moving on. To the internet. Today, local daily newspapers The Herald and The Daily News published the results of the Zimbabwe […]

MobileNEWS introduces more convenient pricing

The Herald’s MobileNEWS service is now available for US 88c per week. The new pricing option is advertised in today’s (18 July 2012) copy of the newspaper. Earlier we reported that The Herald’s Mobile News service had managed to sign up 5,000 subscribers after it’s first month of operation. This was based upon statements released […]

Zimpapers introduces Mobile News, an SMS & USSD based news service

Zimpapers, the government owned and largest media house in Zimbabwe by circulation, revealed through adverts in newspapers today the introduction of its SMS and USSD news services that will be launched on the 1st of May.

Either Brodacom has poured another US $25 million into the company or…

You may also have noticed an article in today’s Herald newspaper that’s saying that Brodacom has invested some US $25 million on network infrastructure. The figure reminded us of news we posted almost a year ago that basically said the same thing; that Brodacom (then just Spiritage) had invested $25 million into the network.

The Herald website hacked, used to propagate pornography

We received several tips this morning from readers alerting us that the Herald website, www.herald.co.zw, had been compromised. We checked. It was. The hack was silent with links to pornography sites inconspicuously placed on every page on the site. Both the Herald and the company that developed & host the website, Webdev, were alerted and the issue has since been resolved.

Hey Google, Rhodesia doesn’t exist anymore. The country is called Zimbabwe

Today, we woke up to an opinion piece in a local daily newspaper that made us stop. It’s titled “Google is bidding return of Rhodesia”. And no, it’s not just link bait, read the article and visit Google news right now to see that Google seems to think Harare is in Rhodesia and obviously that Rhodesia as a country still exists.