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Local startup Zimstocks launches a Facebook bot, adapts to Zimbabwean internet reality

Zimstocks, the startup that brought us Android and iOS apps which provide investor information on Zimbabwean Stock Exchange (ZSE) counters recently launched a chatbot or conversation interface on Facebook.

Collaboration,experience & expertise – How Chengetedzai Depository Company was started

According to Musiwa, most people seem to underestimate the work that was involved in becoming the sole handler of digital securuities. It was hardly a task achieved by a single individual, and the founders of Chengetedzai Depository had to identify experts in the field of securities and finance to bring on board, something that the regulator had made mandatory.

As The ZSE Introduces Electronic Trading What Does This Mean For Ordinary Zimbabweans?

The ZSE will be migrating to an electronic trading platform next month. What does that mean for the ordinary Zimbabwean who might not have that much of an understanding on how the stock market works?