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Here’s How You Can Install Google Chrome Extensions In The Opera Browser

I use two browsers; Chrome and the underrated Opera Browser. One of the more irritating aspects of using Opera is the fact that the Opera web store has an extremely weak selection of extensions. It borders on unacceptable but this doesn’t move me away from Opera entirely as they have other cool features that I’m […]

These two changes to your Gmail have mobile written all over them

Gmail, Google’s email service announced changes to its appearance. These tweaks include the launch of new themes that support the use of pictures, as well as the introduction of emojis for emailing. All this seems like an attempt at figuring out mobile communication.

South African government charged US $10 million for a WordPress theme job

It happens all the time but this is definitely extreme. South African tech blogs reported that a web development company actually charged the South African government at least R97 million for a website. The website is basically just WordPress (free) and a WordPress theme (about $40) that they clearly didn’t modify much. Here’s a screenshot of the theme.