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From an offline to an online experience: the shift in Zimbabwean e-commerce

In recent months, we have been seeing the shift in companies from cash sales to the trendy electronic and online platforms. Some of the most unlikely “traditional” corporate are showing an interest in these “new age systems”. Are we finally seeing the start of a huge shift into online payments and mobile payments in Zimbabwe? In this interview, we discuss this dynamic with Vusi Ndebele from local payments aggregator, Paynow.

Local payments gateway, Paynow, experiences 30% monthly growth

Local payments gateway, Paynow, is experiencing healthy growth, recording a 30% month-on-month increase in transaction value and volumes. Paynow’s Topup has also managed to process up to 3,000 transactions per month from its launch to date.

Nettcash has something new lined up, what else should the money service fix?

Nettcash, the mobile money service, is set to launch a new product that will enhance its list of services and improve its current platform. We are not sure what the new product is, but there are some aspects of its current offering that it should consider improving on. lets you pay for your internet, airtime & bills via the internet

Buying your internet bundles and airtime on the internet h as been possible for a while now. In theory. You could buy a uMax subscription here and some Africom airtime there, and ZOLspot WiFi there. But everything is on its own website and half the sites are broken half the time. So is a welcome relief. Everything you […]