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Local bird identification app Twigle gets Android version that’s available on Amazon

Twigle for Android will, however, be available via Amazon rather than Google Play and it has been priced at $6.99 which is the same tag placed on its iOS version.

Local bird identification app, Twigle, introduces image recognition feature

Twigle, a Zimbabwean bird identification app which previously used bird sounds, has now incorporated image recognition and has been enabled for Windows desktop use.

Zim startup Avelgood Apps hits 10 million downloads in 2 years

Developers will tell you how app downloads always serve as massive validation for the work you do, so a resounding download total is always celebrated.The good thing is there are local development outfits that have reason to be jubilant because of such forms of validation. Bulawayo based startup Avelgood apps, which is the development outfit […]

Zim app on iOS and Windows seeks $160k

A while ago we wrote about Twigle, the bird identification app developed by local startup Avelgood and its launch on the Windows Phone Store. This time Twigle has been made available to Apple users following its release on iOS. With thousands of downloads on the Windows Phone Store thanks to a solid bird watching audience particularly […]

Bird identification app Twigle to be released today (Update)

The bird identification application, Twigle, that was designed by local development company  Avelgood is set for official release today at 2pm (12 PM GMT) on the Windows Phone Store. Twigle performs automatic bird song identification, and records the singing of a bird, then identifies the bird in seconds. The functionality of Twigle is similar to […]

Avelgood set to release Twigle, an app that identifies birds by their singing

The Twigle logo. Picture courtesy of For those with an interest in birds, a local tech company called Avelgood has come up with the best companion for you. The Bulawayo based company is set to launch a new application that can identify birds by their singing. The application, called Twigle, works in the same […]