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Unable to compete with Uber & other apps, SA Taxi Associations resort to violence

In yesterday’s article, I talked about how a lot of traditional businesses are struggling against new data and tech-driven startups. In the western world, such businesses have resort to lobbying and asking for protective laws that do not always make sense to be passed by politicians in their pockets. Some businesses, however, like the South […]

Uber Kenya Bans Night Pickups After President Announces National Curfew

Leaders across the world are being forced to take drastic measures in the face of the Novel Coronavirus, and for Kenya, these measures include a nationwide curfew. From 7 PM until 5 AM, Kenyans are not allowed to be outside until further notice. This has forced Uber Kenya which operates in two cities to suspend […]

SA Competition Commission Proposes Rules To Regulate Uber

South Africa’s Competition Commission has suggested that certain rules be removed from the country’s National Land Transport Act to allow healthier competition in the taxi industry. These changes are intended to facilitate better competition between metred taxis and ride-hailing services such as Uber and Taxify. So what changes does the competition watchdog believe will improve […]

Uber To Leave Colombia Following Regulatory Ruling

From February 1, Uber will no longer operate in Colombia after losing a case brought against it by taxi drivers who were alleging the company has unfair business practices. This will come as a big blow to the tech company which had around two million active users and 88 000 drivers in the country. Uber […]

Uber’s African Presence Grows With Ivory Coast Expansion

Uber has been looking to expand into African markets with low levels of car ownership and limited mass transport and this has resulted in the launch of the transportation service in Ivory Coast’s capital Abidjan. This makes Abidjan just the 3rd territory Uber has a presence in within West Africa with Nigeria and Ghana being […]

Here’s Why Uber Isn’t Getting Its Licence Renewed In London

Transport for London has said that Uber will not be granted a new licence due to “repeated safety failures”. The licence debacle began back in 2017 when the tech company initially lost its licence before being granted two extensions the latest of which expires on Monday. Uber appealed the ban and will be able to […]

Ex-President Robert Mugabe Used Uber In His Final Days, Says Former Minister

One Uber driver in Singapore had the honour (or dishonour) of having former, President Robert Mugabe in his/her car. According to Former Minister of Higher Education, Jonathan Moyo his late boss, Robert Mugabe used Uber as his daily mode of transport in Singapore before he died. In an ope-ed, the exiled former Minister wrote: Mugabe […]

Uber Considering Launching Boat-Hailing Service In Lagos To Solve Traffic Problems

Uber is a pretty interesting company. From their origins as a luxury transportation company, they’ve transitioned to “affordable” ride-hailing, food delivery, bike hailing and are working on self-driving cars. One of the more interesting projects that might come out of Uber is a boat-hailing service inspired by the infamous Lagos traffic. Considering that 3 of […]

Uber Has Been Losing Tons Of Money, Here’s Why Vaya & Hwindi Might Not Suffer The Same Fate

If you’ve followed the story of Uber since its launch back in 2011, you’ll know that over the years the company has lost a significant amount of money. In fact in its most recent quarter, Uber lost slightly above a $1 billion dollars. That’s a bucketload of money to be losing close to a decade […]

7 Months In, Vaya Has Over 10 000 Drivers

Vaya seems to be the most popular ride-hailing app if registration of drivers is anything to go by, In 7 months the ride-hailing application has managed to see over 10 000 partner applications. That’s a significant number and Cassava Smartech CEO expressed his joy at the progress they’ve made thus far: Following our commercial launch […]

Strive Masiyiwa: Vaya Now Has Over 20 000 Registered Vehicles

Back in October Cassava Smartech launched their ride-hailing application Vaya. Over the past seven months, they have managed to register 20 000 cars since the launch. The details were revealed by Strive Masiyiwa in a Facebook post a few hours ago. The CEO of Econet Global believes that if Cassava had acquired the cars themselves […]

Lytee Finally Launches But You Won’t Be Able To Order A Helper From Your Smartphone Just Yet…

Back in January, we talked about Lytee. This company was working on a service that would allow users to hire helpers the same way you order food or get a Hwindi/Vaya. As we said in that initial article you’ll be able to order both skilled and unskilled workers through this application. It’s an amazing concept […]

Is Taxify The Least Safe Ride-Hailing Service In South Africa?

Even though ride-hailing is more convenient than cabs, there’s a lot that could go wrong when it comes to safety. I recently came across a story about a girl who was stabbed by a Taxify driver after she said she would pay upon arrival as she didn’t have cash on her. The father who was […]

Vaya Launching In Gweru Later This Week

Harare and Bulawayo are usually the places where most things in tech happen. Or at least that’s what most of us have been socialised to think. Well the duopoly of these two major cities getting all the good stuff seems to be coming to a close, as Cassava SmartTech is launching their Vaya ride-hailing service […]

Don’t Keep Vaya Drivers Waiting Once They’ve Arrived Or Else You’ll Pay For It

Earlier this morning I ordered a Vaya on my way to the launch of Ecosure’s Enda Education Cover and on my way there I had a quite informative chat with the driver who had come to rescue me from the jaws of combi’s and town traffic. Time is money The most insightful tip he gave […]

Startup In Kenya Launches Women-only Taxi Service

When I came across this news, I wasn’t too sure how I felt about this. But instantly I remembered how women have been complaining about ride sharing services such as Uber and Lyft for a long time now. For women, going into a car with unfamiliar men is not as simple as it should be […]

Lyft, A Competitor To Uber Started Off As ZimRide Inspired By Zimbabwean Kombis, Should The Service Come Home?

I knew about ZimRide, the Silicon Valley startup that launched in 2008 to solve public transportation problems in the United States. I knew that this startup was inspired by Zimbabwe after one of the founders, Logan Green visited Zimbabwe in 2005 and witnessed the Kombi transportation system we have had around for decades. We even […]

Check Out Zimbabwe’s Uber For Parcels

Delivery services are not the sexiest lines of business but they can be very convenient. Merchant Couriers is a local startup that’s trying to make a mark on the delivery industry and after seeing what’s on offer I must say I was quite intrigued. Merchant Couriers describe themselves as follows: Merchant Couriers is a on […]

Econet To Roll Out Uber-Like Service Through Cumii

It seems Econet subsidiary Cumii will be introducing their very own ride-hailing service in the coming months. If you are not familiar with what we are referring to when we talk about ride-hailing, then think of services such as Uber or Lyft. Locally, we have G-Taxi, SmartGo, and ImotaCars (I hope I haven’t skipped anyone […]

Four Ways The Cloud Is Creating, Not Eliminating, Jobs

By Amr Kamel, General Manager for Microsoft in West, East and Central Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands (WECA) Five million jobs are expected to be lost to automation by 2020. That may sound like a scary figure, but as these roles disappear, new jobs are set to spring up in their place. In fact, […]

Uber For Weed: Mbanje Legalization Sparks New Technology In Zimbabwe

Imagine our surprise when we received an email with the subject, Uber for Weed Enters Zimbawe. We opened the email thinking this was an elaborate prank but after digging around on Jugnoo we realised it is a legitimate company. It appears the legalization of mbanje, aka weed, aka mary jane, aka marijuana, aka cannabis, aka […]

What you don’t know actually might kill you!

These days everyone is obsessed with disruptive innovation, maybe not everyone really but it sure is a significant number. Just in case you’re not part of the obsessed ones, it’s probably because you haven’t heard what this disruption is all about; well, I’ll describe it with a quote by Clayton Christensen that goes “when mainstream […]

Uber CEO finally resigns, after months of sexual harassment scandals, PR blunders & chaos

The CEO of Uber, one of the world’s most disruptive internet companies, has resigned. He has finally let go the leadership of a company he co-founded in 2009, which is now valued at US $70 billion, more than any other privately held tech startup in the world. The resignation of Travis Kalanick, according to a report on […]

Rwandan cab hailing app launches Zimbabwean version, 263 Taxi – is it a transport solution or an angle for investment?

One such Uber-inspired taxi service, Rwanda’s 250 Taxis which was launched in early 2016 recently announced its entry into the Zimbabwean market with the launch of cab hailing service called 263 Taxi.

Uber expands African presence, launches in Uganda’s capital Kampala

Uber the ride-hailing mobile service application has launched in Kampala, the capital city of Uganda.

GTaxi is not Uber, but here’s why you need to pay attention to this local startup

GTaxi Zimbabwe is a classy, brand new app offering on-demand cab service in Zimbabwe. The startup aims to bring both “convenience and predictability” to the local taxi industry where traditional operators are not delivering both quality service and affordability to travelers. GTaxi launched three weeks ago in Harare, and founders say the company is already planning to make a […]

We don’t need Uber in Zimbabwe

Most of us who follow technology and crazy business valuations are already familiar with Uber, the on-demand service that allows anyone to get cab transportation at the tap of a button. The disruptive app started in the United States and but spread virally to the rest of the developed world. 60 countries and a $68 billion […]

Local startup SmartGo Zimbabwe develops Lyft-like ride sharing service

A local startup called SmartGo Zimbabwe developed it’s own ride sharing service that uses an Android application with the same name. The service works in the same way as conventional ride sharing services, offering travelers a tool for facilitating and coordinating rides or lifts from transport headed in the same direction as their intended destination.

The uberification of Econet and its new startup Technites

One of the first services you’ll notice as soon as you get to the Expo is called Technites. This is another startup idea from the Econet team and though the service hasn’t entered the market it is set for launch in the short term.

Furor over WhatsApp outage shows product-market fit

Most WhatsApp users worldwide still remember with indignation the day the roof fell on their favourite social chat platform after its server had crashed. The result was a tortuous social media outage that disrupted communication for 210 minutes. A huge outcry that was amplified on social media followed this event as users flocked to Twitter […]