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Ubuntu releases another version of 18.04 & extends support for two previous versions

The first time Ubuntu 18.04, Bionic Beaver, was released was back in 2018 as the numbers in the name suggest. Recently, however, Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu were forced to release another version of the operating system specifically version 18.04.6 This is just not any other update it’s actually a “new version” that was necessitated […]

LibreOffice kind of sucks, but here we are: Spell checking with LibreOffice!

OK before I say anything else I feel like I have to say this: I love Ubuntu (of course I don’t like Mint and their insidious plans to take over the world – first it was MintMenu, and now its Cinnamon! What’s next?) I have been using Ubuntu since Feisty Fawn and have lived through it all; […]

Elementary OS: A good looking cheap Apple lookalike

So after spending the not-so-bad-after all-valentine watching “romantic” movies I decided to go on a cleanse and get back in my geek groove. What better way to do this than testing a Linux Distro Beta? So I remembered how one reader once requested a review of Apple lookalike Linux distros and decided to take the […]

You can now watch Netflix videos on your Ubuntu desktop

As most of you know I have been an unashamed ambassador and proponent of Ubuntu from the beginning. Sure I have used Fedora and think it’s cool but my love for Ubuntu has been unrelenting and with it, the desire to make it indispensable to others as well by sharing with them useful tips. One […]

Wetting your feet with Ubuntu Touch

A while ago a reader asked for a podcast review of the the current crop of Ubuntu Touch Apps. I have been meaning to but my tight schedule and agoraphobia has thus far prevented me. That and the fact that I do not currently own a Nexus device on which to install and test the […]

An OS at the height of its powers: Ubuntu 14.04 review

  So on Thursday 17 April when the patriotic amongst were preparing for independence day and the religious for the Good Friday mass-or Judgement night 2- the geek in me waited for official unveiling of the latest offering from Canonical. It came rather late in the night but it was worth the wait. After spending […]

You could do with Ubuntu and Wine

On the eve of Independence Day, folks who believe in the right to control their own software and computers will be celebrating a different kind of independance; the release of the latest LTS offering from Ubuntu. On Thursday this week Canonical (the guys behind Ubuntu) will be releasing the latest version of their version of the […]