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How To Install Android APKs On Ubuntu

It’s not a secret that Android is Linux. It doesn’t ship with most of the GNU libraries or utilities like the much revered and reviled systemd. Yet at its heart, it is still Linux. Common sense would dictate that it should be very trivial to get Android packages to run on Ubuntu. In this case, […]

How To Wirelessly Connect Your Android Phone To Ubuntu

My esteemed colleague has already written a guide on how you can connect your phone to Windows. Being an Ubuntu user it is now left to me to write a guide on how write on how you can wirelessly connect your phone to an Ubuntu computer without messing with USB cables. FYI Android is Linux, […]

Tuning your Intel Graphics Card in Ubuntu 18.04

Over a year ago I wrote a guide on how you could tweak and tune your Intel graphics card in Ubuntu and hopefully a lot of people were able to get a better experience out of it. The article has a surprising popular hit and to this day¬† scores of people still visit the page […]