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Of course you can install Zoom on Ubuntu 20.04, here is how

Sometimes people who have never used Ubuntu or Linux say the strangest things. This weekend for example during a casual discussion about computers one “expert” who clearly hates Linux had some pretty bizarre points to justify his stance. Things like it don’t have a GUI desktop and therefore it’s difficult to use. He also claimed […]

Windows 11 is launching in October without Android App support

Windows insiders have been testing Windows 11 for months and we have heard nothing but good things. It finally looks like Microsoft is on course to break the good-release-followed-by-bad-release jinx. One feature that has everyone excited including myself is the ability to run Android apps natively on Windows. Unfortunately, it seems the feature is not […]

Linux is not invulnerable, here are some top Linux malware in 2021

So yesterday I wrote about the latest iteration of Ubuntu 20.04 LTS coming out in my usual glowing terms. I feel like there was nothing amiss in that article after all Ubuntu, especially the version in question, is a stellar operating system that is rock solid and has served me well. A few people however […]

Ubuntu 21.04 is out, here is why you shouldn’t upgrade yet

Likers of things, gather here

This Easy Engine gives you WordPress on steroids

First of all I have to swear that this has got nothing to do with the current noise about This article was planned ages ago based on my own experiences. Schadenfreude is not really my thing. One of the things I learnt this year after deciding to avoid shared hosting and opting to go […]

Everything you need to know about the Ubuntu Phone

Canonical, the people behind, the Ubuntu Operating system have gone into the smartphone and tablet market with their own devices. Their phones seem brilliant in terms of specs, but without WhatsApp compatibilty can a phone sell in Zimbabwe?

A weekend spent cheating on Ubuntu with Fedora 22

Ubuntu is an awesome version of the Linux OS, but is it better than Fedora 22? This is a look at how well Fedora performs and if this Linux variant is worth as much fuss and praise as Ubuntu

Here’s how to make your Ubuntu Desktop beautiful

if you are bored by your Ubuntu desktop there is a way to change it. This is a step by step guide on how to customise that Linux desktop.

The big lesson from Ubuntu, Windows and Coca Cola

On Tuesday, 23 April 1985 the Coca-Cola company made a shocking announcement. They were going to introduce “New Coke” on the company’s centenary anniversary. The new drink would not only taste better being sweeter than the century old formula, it was healthier, pandered to the whims of vegetarians, was kosher and halal. This was everything […]

Hands-on learning with “Linux From Scratch”

Almost ten years ago, I used a computer for the first time. I mean I had heard a lot and seen computers in action in movies but I had never touched, let alone, used one before then. I will never forget that late summer morning when I switched on a computer for the first time. […]

Ubuntu 14.10 Utopic Unicorn review: deceptively simple

Just over a week ago Canonical the people behind Ubuntu released its latest iteration of its flag ship operating system nick named Utopic Unicorn. The release also coincided with Ubuntu’s 10th birthday. For an operating system named after a magical creature, the release might strike some of you as somewhat overwhelmingly similar to the previous […]

Wetting your feet with Ubuntu Touch

A while ago a reader asked for a podcast review of the the current crop of Ubuntu Touch Apps. I have been meaning to but my tight schedule and agoraphobia has thus far prevented me. That and the fact that I do not currently own a Nexus device on which to install and test the […]

Solving the Ubuntu USB internet dongle perenial problem

Ubuntu has come a long way from those early days when your hardware worked out of the box or you were in for a hair rising experience of compiling kernel modules and drivers that was enough to make most flee Linux-land for ages and sometimes forever. Nowadays there is a 99% chance that Ubuntu will […]

Admins please patch your servers!

  If you are an admin and have been living under a rock here is a newsflash for you: A security flaw was recently discovered in OpenSSL, specifically version 1.01, which is the version that has been shipping since March 2012. Codenamed Heartbleed, the vulnerability was discovered by researchers at Google and Codenomicon. The hole allows an […]

Ubuntu in your browser

I remember, when the good folks at Canonical introduced the Ubuntu tour feature on their website, I wished for there to be a way to access my Ubuntu desktop via a browser for real. Although it is possible to use VNC clients to remotely access your Ubuntu desktop from anywhere including your Android phone, it […]

Zombie XP: The OS that just won’t die

A lifetime ago when I was a young and innocent schoolboy I was introduced to my first computer and like all romances this was love at first sight. I must admit I do not remember the specifications- I only recall two things: that the machines had no floppy disk drives because some security sage said […]

Taking Saucy Salamander for a spin

On Thursday 17 October last week the latest release of Ubuntu 13.10- christened Saucy Salamander was released. The distribution- especially this current release- has been rocked by several controversies and has since dropped to number 3 on distrowatch. It however remains a veritable force to reckon with in the Linuxsphere where it has spawned a […]

Why translation of open source software into local languages has failed

Sometime in 2009, after quenching my thirst with (Ubuntu) Linux for two years I decided it was time to give back to the community. I am not a very talented code writer, I know that much, nor did i see any reason to wast whatever few talents I had on the oversubscribed international Ubuntu Community so I jumped to join the Local Ubuntu team.

Microsoft Office Coming to Ubuntu?

Since everyone is too afraid or partisan to say it I just have to be brave and say it for myself and all mankind. LibreOffice ( if you want to play that game) is the single greatest let down of the Linux desktop.

Chance to contribute to the Ubuntu 13.04 Wallpaper

Now that it has been established that developers need to write code those of us who are not that well initiated in the art of software development can feel a little left out when it comes to contributing to Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) projects.

Why not use Free and Open Source Software

I am inclined to think that VLC media player is the most popular software in Zimbabwe. Few people outside the tech circles know, however, that it is Free and Open Source Software (FOSS). Even fewer people know what FOSS is let alone its advantages especially to SMEs and Startups with their tight budgets. I am still to meet anyone who does not love the player; it is robust, has a simple interface, extensive functionality, a trivial learning curve and modest memory footprint – beauty in code.

Ubuntu comes to smartphones. OS optimized for entry level smartphones

Canonical, the company behind the Ubuntu operating system, has announced the introduction of a smartphone version of its Linux based operating system. According to reports, the new operating system has been built around existing Android kernel and drivers which means existing Android device manufacturers can take advantage of the new free mobile OS.

Your favorite Linux distribution is spyware (Ubuntu)

Richard Stallman the creator of the GNU Project & Free Software Foundation has said Ubuntu is a “spyware”. You may be wondering why? Because the operating system (Ubuntu) does what spyware does, it sends data to Canonical when a user searches the desktop.

Should Canonical can Ubuntu?

Hands up if you have used Linux in one of its various incarnations for the desktop. Well if you are reading this blog, chances are you have done that. Like many other geeks and aspiring geeks I have dabbled with using Linux specifically Ubuntu and I must say after the initial novelty of using something […]

Ubuntu how to: moving databases

I recently wanted to move a database from one computer to another. Fortunately I found a welcome guide at Moving the files is not really difficult, you can use FTP. Moving the database is a bit more challenging however.

How to: Using a CDMA modem to connect to the internet in Ubuntu

Two weeks ago, I posted an article on how to connect to the internet using mobile broadband (the dongles) in this Ubuntu How-to series of articles. The article solicited some great comments from readers with some comments providing alternative methods.

How to: Ubuntu and the Intex wireless adapter

A few months ago a friend lend me his laptop and I did what I always do; partitioned it and installed the latest Ubuntu operating system. It was a pretty old machine so the built in wireless card was no good. So I decided to do a little shopping and I was captivated by the Intex usb wireless adapter: it is cheap (about $14 in most shops) and portable (no larger than a flash disk). The downside, as I later discovered the hard way, is that this adapter requires a little tweaking to work with Ubuntu.

How to: Ubuntu and mobile broadband connectivity

I have said elsewhere in the series that the Ubuntu experience is not complete unless you have internet; good internet I mean. In addition, I provided a guide to choosing your ISP. In this article I will provide you with a guide to connecting to the internet using mobile broadband (the dongles) but before doing so I must expressly say three things:

Ubuntu: Downloading YouTube videos

One of the good things about the good old Firefox 3 was that when in Ubuntu flash videos were downloaded to the /tmp directory. All you had to do was wait for the buffering to complete, minimize the Firefox window, got to the /tmp directory and copy and paste the video into the folder of your choosing. Playing the video is easy enough; vlc plays pretty much any format from .mp4 to .flv.

Ubuntu and choosing your Zim ISP

In my previous article I mentioned the fact that Ubuntu is not much fun without the Internet. It has been my experience that not all Internet Service Providers (ISP) are the same and that there are some caveats for a Zimbabwean Ubuntu user/administrator when it comes to either choosing an ISP or administering his system especially in the matter of upgrades and downloads and indeed sometimes this is critical if your system will get connected to the internet at all.