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Gwinyai Nyatsoka: CTO for a US tech firm who wants to teach local devs how to do the same remotely

Gwinyai Nyatsoka is a Zimbabwean developer who made it big teaching on Udemy a few years back. When he shared his earnings, the total came to around US$20K, since that time he has become the Chief Technical Officer at Cobbles, a US-based software development firm. I recently had a conversation with Gwinyai Nyastoka about his […]

Looking back at e-learning in Zimbabwe in 2020 & what lies ahead in 2021

E-learning in Zimbabwe was a rollercoaster in 2020, nothing changed for some and a lot changed for others. Here’s a look at what happened this year.

This Zimbabwean Made Nearly US$20K In 12 Months Teaching Online

Have you noticed that when Zimbabweans, get in a queue – they tend to start conversing and coming up with brilliant business ideas about how to make money and attain “financial freedom”. Whilst I’ve left a few queues with brilliant ideas I’ve never acted upon after that day, my quest to attain financial freedom goes […]

DStv Partners With Udemy To Offer Online Courses At No Cost In The DStv App

Multichoice has announced that SA subscribers will be getting a special bonus as part of their subscription from May until the end of July. The broadcasting company announced that they are partnering with Massive Open Online Course platform Udemy to offer premium subscribers access to 600 courses within the DStv app. As South Africans continue […]

How To Boost Your Skill Set And Earn A Course Certificate Online – For Free

At Techzim we believe that you can never know too much, and you can definitely never know it all. That’s the whole point of training and education, right? It’s important to always keep learning. However, we all know that, in general, education and training ain’t cheap. Luckily, there are always companies, institutions, and app developers […]

Course Created By A Zimbabwean Attains Best Seller Status On Udemy

I am always gushing about Udemy and how awesome it is. Mostly I am talking about the consumer side of things i.e. me enrolling into a course on Udemy and paying them for the privilege. Well there is another side of Udemy where you create a course and get paid instead. Gwinyai Nyatsoka, a Zimbabwean […]

Start The New Year By Empowering Yourself Using Skillshare: The First Two Months Are Free

New Year comes with an unfailing tradition: New Year Resolutions. This is where you feel guilty about your failings in the past year you create a list of goals you presumably want to achieve in the current new year. It is however universally accepted truth that most people go on to never achieve their resolutions. […]

It’s Not Too Late To Get Your Preferred Udemy Course For $9.99

Thanks to a number of local business a lot of Zimbabweans are now aware of the existence of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This is in direct contrast to all our Golden years (2009-2015) when sellers jacked up prices prior to the holiday season despite the fact that we were using the US dollar. What’s […]

Deep Dive: Are Online Courses Really Cheaper Than A Computer Science Degree?

So, Universities have opened at this point I can bet you people are celebrating the fact they can start living the life they saw in movies (should I tell them the truth?). However, others are probably sitting in the side-lines scoffing at the poor students making a terrible decision in their eyes. Why waste time […]

Master Programming For Only $12 With Udemy

Okay there are five things certain in life: death, you paying your taxes, the cash crisis, Trump tweeting controversial things every week and me writing another cheerleader Udemy article. I love personally love and use Udemy and that has nothing to do with the fact that they give us kickbacks every time we make a […]

Broaden Your Skills With These Udemy Courses: Very Limited Ecocash/ZIPIT Offer Available

They say you only stop learning when you die; that is assuming there is no life after death of course. One of the most popular habit of successful people from Strive Masiiya to the now reviled Mark Zuckerberg is that they never really stop learning and assimilating new skills. Udemy offers such a learning opportunity […]

Coders And Aspiring Coders, Here Are 12 Development Courses To Get You Started On Skillshare

Skillshare is an e-learning website like Udemy that allows you to enrol in short courses for a single monthly payment of just $10 a month. Unlike Udemy this is a subscription based payment, once you pay the $10/month you can go crazy and feast on the buffet of available courses. Even greater news, the first […]

Learn With Skillshare: The First Two Months Are Free

People are always asking me for a Udemy alternative, well Skillshare is one such alternative. The site allows you to enrol in short courses on a number of topics and categories crafted by gurus in their categories just like with Udemy. The good news is that the first two months are free to our Techzim […]

You Can Still Get Udemy Courses For $11 Or Using Ecocash

A lot of people apparently took advantage of the $9.99 Udemy offer from last week but if you were for some reason unable there is no need to despair: You can still enrol into a Udemy course of your choosing for $10.99 or Ecocash $15 (see below for details). What the heck is Udemy? A […]

Get These Udemy Courses For Only $9.99, Limited Ecocash Offer Available

I have written many gushing articles on how awesome I think Udemy is. Like all things Udemy is not perfect in the same way no school or product is but I have to say it is a pretty awesome way to acquire life skills. Anyway Udemy are having a promotion where you can buy their […]

Expand Your Repertoire With These Udemy Courses

In Shona there is a famous proverb: Kudzidza hakuperi. While it is often translated as “Learning never stops”, which is a statement, I often think of it as more of an imperative: Learning should never stop. This is Gospel to those in the ICT field The ICT field is an ever-changing kaleidoscope and if you want to […]

Get a Lifetime Of Programming Skills For Only $12

TLDR Udemy is running another of it’s endless promotions. For $12 (Ecocash $16, see below for details) you can get lifetime access to a course of your choice. The U.S and its many holidays The U.S is one of those places where people seem to have public holidays every other day. We all have Easter, […]

10 Finance Courses For Startups And Business Owners On Udemy

There is a claim out there that about 2 in 3 people secretly yearn to own and run their own business. The best way I know to start your own business is to start a business. The downside though is that the odds are always against you from the onset. You have heard it all […]

Top 10 Development Courses On Udemy, Limited Offer To Pay Via Ecocash Available

TLDR Udemy is running one of its many promotions again. For $11.99 you can enroll into a course of your choosing. Because making international payments is kinda of hard I have tabled a limited offer that will allow you to enroll using Ecocash. Please see last two paragraphs for details. Quick Assessment of Udemy If […]

Udemy Is Running A Month Long Promotion This February

I still remember the first time I tried to learn programming. I was a University accounting student with a passion for everything ICT and I had finally decided to learn Java. After consulting the classifieds I ended up in some rundown downtown college where they promised me I would be a Java ninja in 3 […]

Acquire and enhance your skills with Udemy for $11, A Limited Offer To Pay Using EcoCash Is Available

So a lot of people got in touch with me after they missed the Udemy new year promotion. It’s January and everyone is running around trying to look for money for rent/rates, school fees, bread, transport/fuel and about a million other things. A discount is always welcome news. Update Please note while the promotion is […]

Start the year on a high with these $10.99 Udemy courses

An offer you cannot resist Currently Udemy is running a new year promotion that will allow you to enroll into any course for $10.99. Before I start rambling please know that for a limited time I am offering a select number of people the opportunity to pay for a Udemy course using Ecocash. Please check […]

Udemy Courses reduced to $10 each again! Ends 26 May 2017…

If you missed the promotion that took place early January to get people started on online courses, then here is an opportunity to get in on the fun. Starting immediately if you visit Udemy, you’ll see that all you can enjoy any course for just $15. However, if you join through our referral link here, […]

Starting out as a developer? Here are 10 online courses to consider for $10 each…

If you are a beginner in the world of code and a little like me, and you like to code so much that you want to learn on your own, or maybe you want to make some money at some point, well the web is waiting for you.

Well Done To Our 5 Lucky Winners Who Will Be Studying Online…

We recently ran a contest to get more people studying online and being exposed to what it feels like. In this contest we offered 5 people a chance to get started in their online studying by simply filling in a questionnaire. We had some interesting feedback from the questions we asked (hopefully, I’ll do a […]

Win One Of 5 Entrepreneurship Courses Free With Techzim…

UPDATE: You can find the list of our winners of this giveaway here. Submissions are now closed for this contest. In the spirit of the New Year and a number of people having made ‘resolutions’ to get their lives back on track, we’d like to offer 5 people an opportunity to get started using these 5 online […]

5 Critical Reasons That Will Make You Go To University…

You probably read William Chui’s article on whether you should get a degree or diploma. If you didn’t, this is what he said in a nutshell, “Don’t. It’s not worth it. Instead, enroll in an online class on Udemy or something.” I don’t agree. Study hard. Get good grades. If you failed, repeat. And get […]

Photography is a journey for the senses. Let me take you through it.

I still remember the first time I held a camera in 2002 it was a proper negative film camera and I remember getting lost behind the lens. It was like pausing time and capturing a slice of the moment to enjoy at my leisure. Now as old as I am, photography has become part of […]

What Is The Best College To Study ICT In Zimbabwe In 2017?

We’ve had WhatsApp groups for just about 3 years now. Largely targeted at Zimbabwe, members who reside here and issues that affect us (technology-wise) are discussed. Every so often however, we get questions to do with education. Mostly along the lines of “what is the best IT course to do?”, or “what is the best Zimbabwean […]