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Uganda govt orders total internet shutdown

The government of Uganda has reportedly ordered the total shut down of the internet heading into tommorow’s Presidential Election.

Alphabet’s Internet Balloon Service Signs Airspace Deal With Uganda

Alphabet the parent company of Google has an interesting unit called Loon. Loon has been working on providing mobile internet to remote areas for a while now – with trials in Kenya taking place earlier this year. Loon’s high-altitude solar-powered balloons might make their way to Uganda which has necessitated a key access airspace agreement […]

Ugandan Government Orders Telecoms Companies To List On Stock Exchange

The Ugandan government has issued an order mandating telcos operating within Uganda to list a minimum of 20% of their shares on the Ugandan Securities Exchange. The order also instructs them to have done so in the next two years Uganda Communications Commission also announced that they will be issuing out new licenses: In 60 […]

Huawei Technicians Accused Of Assisting African Governments To Spy On Opponents

A lot of claims have been made regarding Huawei and their security, or lack thereof but the most recent claims by Washington Post will be damaging to the company. The publication claims that technicians from the company have assisted African governments spy on opponents on two different occasions. Allegedly the technicians helped with interception of […]

No Robert Mugabe Did Not Say These Things: How To Spot A Fake Robert Mugabe Quote

You all remember Robert Mugabe right?  I mean come on we literary did not go to work on his birthday like a few weeks ago. Guy used to be president you would see him country and globetrotting in his famous Armani and other rich label suits as he sprinted up plane steps-quite energetic for a […]

Millions Of Ugandans Quit Using The Internet Since Social Media Tax Was Introduced

In the latest episode of “African Leaders Shooting Their Nations In The Foot”, millions of Ugandans have stopped using the internet as a result of the social media tax introduced by the Ugandan government last year. Is this really about the economy The social media tax was introduced back in June last year has chased […]

Western Countries Ask DRC To Switch On Internet As The Country Enters Day 4 With No Internet

The people of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) are now eagerly waiting for the Presidential election results after last Sunday’s polls. However, the government has blocked access to the internet and SMS services in the country for the past 3 days. According to the DRC President’s advisor, the reason why the country decided to […]

France To Introduce A Digital Tax On New Year Targeting Companies Like Google, Facebook

France is going for the jugular against tech companies as it contemplates introducing a digital tax from the first of January, 2019. The digital tax, which is being introduced to ensure that a fair share of taxes is paid by all companies, will target foreign tech giants that earn global revenues exceeding $853 million. Finance Minister Bruno […]

Zimbabwe Electoral Commission Says Social Media Was Used To Distort Reality During Elections

The heavy use of social media to spread information among citizens, promote political messages and issuing notices during the 2018 election period in Zimbabwe is well known. WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter etc were some of the social media platforms that were used to achieve some ends. This has disproportionately increased the onslaught against the social media […]

Uganda Tightens Grip On Internet Usage, Telecom Operators Asked To Block Pornographic Sites Or Else Be Penalized For Not Complying

Censorship of internet content can take many forms and ranges from governments blocking the dissemination of political opinion to blacklisting pornographic and pirate websites. Uganda recently made waves after the government imposed a social media tax on the usage of services like WhatsApp and Facebook in a bid to prevent the spread of fake news. The Ugandan government is now […]

Egypt Worryingly Follows In Footsteps of Other African Countries Tightening Grip On Social Media

It seems a number of African countries are determined to make sure their poor governance extends to social media platforms. One week ago, Egypt joined Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya among governments who believe social media needs to be regulated. The law passed seven days ago in Egypt dictates that any social media accounts and blogs […]

‘Begging’ Leads Uganda To Install Technology That Tracks Daily Revenues Of Telcos: Does Zimbabwe Need It Too?

Uganda’s tales are always gripping, from social media tax to now, tracking revenues of telecoms operators. The Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) said it now has new equipment to monitor the daily revenues of the telecom companies. The system dubbed as “intelligent network monitoring system”  (INMS) tracks telecoms’ revenues as they enter their coffers daily. Whats […]

Uganda’s Telecomms Operator Will Block Virtual Private Networks (VPN) To Stop Social Media Tax Evasion

Ugandans are turning to use Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) to bypass a new social media tax that came into force on Sunday. This has attracted the attention of Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) (telecommunications watchdog) which said that telecommunication companies will block VPN applications that are aiding Ugandans to evade social media tax. UCC said; We have technology that […]

No Shutting Down Of Internet During Election Period, Minister Of ICT Assures Zimbabweans

With the trend of repressing internet and social media usage by some African countries, some Zimbabweans are probably holding their breath waiting to see if our government is going to introduce such a law since elections are just around the corner.  Governments in Africa have lately resorted to shutting down the internet and social media […]

[Breaking] Golix To Launch In Two More Countries, Going Ahead With ICO

Zimbabwe’s most popular cryptocurrency exchange had an eventful month in May. From planning their ICO to having to contend with the RBZs ban of Crypto and then dealing with customers after their fall from favour, it’s safe to say the last month was chaos-ridden for the exchange. Now it seems they are trying their best […]

Uganda Finally Introduces Social Media Tax, 5 cents Per Day

Uganda has finally done it. Two months ago, we reported that Uganda was pondering on whether to introduce a social media tax for its citizens. Well now, the East African country has imposed a 200 shilling ($0.0531) per day levy on people using social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, and Twitter. The new law […]

Q&A: Zero Transaction Fees. We Talk To The People Who Want To Make It Happen

So we recently spent time with Trish Martinez and Sama Saab from the Dala foundation and Wala foundation and they got to introduce us to their crypotcurrency i.e Dala and the companion which is Wala -described as a “zero-fee money app” -and one of the major focuses of Wala is financial inclusion. I’m still trying […]

Pornography detection machine bought by Ugandan government

Uganda’s pornography detection machine was commissioned by the government following efforts by the country’s ethics and integrity minister. The machine was bought from a South Korean company for around US$88,000 and more could be bought too as the budget for pornography detection software is around $770,000. The minister in question, Simon Lokodo, a former catholic […]

Can ‘Not In My Country’ help fight corruption at Zim universities & colleges?

First learnt about notinmycountry.org last year and immediately knew it’d be an absolute need for Zim colleges & universities. I remember even back 12 years ago when I was in college corruption had settled in already. People would pay lecturers to get the paper in advance. They’d pay for invigilators to look the other way or leave the room

Kenya to Switch Off Counterfeit Phones

Kenyan mobile operators will start switching off “fake” cell phones from their networks in accordance with a government directive. They are scheduled to begin the exercise at midnight, 30 September. The switch-off process will involve blocking a handset that bears a fake International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number from accessing a mobile operator’s network. The […]

MTN Uganda loses billions to mobile money fraud involving employees

Ugandan news sources reported this week that African mobile giant, MTN, reportedly lost billions of shillings from its mobile money service in a fraud case involving the operator’s employees. Though information about the fraud and the investigations around it is only surfacing this week, the fraud itself is reported have occurred in 2011.

Nollywood on YouTube: Nigerians and Ugandans get ‘local’ YouTube

Over the past two weeks, Google has launched it’s video service, YouTube, in Nigerian and Uganda. According to the announcements on the Google Africa blog, the local versions of the world’s most popular video service will provide by default more relevant content to the two countries. YouTube in the two countries will show visitors the most viewed and most subscribed-to channels in in the country.

Google launches Gmail SMS in more African countries

Google has announced through its Google Africa blog that it has launched Gmail SMS in Uganda, Tanzania and Malawi. In Uganda Google is working with MTN, Uganda Telecom and Orange, in Tanzania with Vodacom and in Malawi with Airtel and TNM. Gmail SMS has been around for some time in Africa. The service is currently supported in Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal and Zambia.

Basically, Gmail SMS enables Gmail users to chat with mobile subscribers on any mobile phone capable of SMS, which is about every mobile phone out there.

Google Announces Student, Developer & Entrepreneur Events for Uganda and Kenya

Google this week announced the G-Uganda and G-Kenya events. The Uganda event will be held in Kampala starting on September 1 and ending the following day. G-Kenya will start 4 days later at Strathmore University in Nairobi and will last 3 days.

Google Uganda Launches Trader On The Web

Google Uganda anounced today that Google Trader, which has been avalable as a mobile SMS-based marketplace will now be availabe on the web. The mobile version of the service was launched in June this year and allows users to buy and sell goods and services using SMS. Sellers register for free and post their items […]