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InternZim Connects Students Looking For Attachments With Potential Employers

Finding attachments must be quite daunting, especially when you consider that for most students, these are their first steps into the ‘real world’. It would be very convenient if there was a way to make this process easier. This is exactly what InternZim is trying to do. InternZim is a website that aims to connect […]

Why I didn’t enjoy university

On the first day of university my fellow freshmen were excited and anxious. I wasn’t. Some were excited because being in university was an achievement. It wasn’t for me. Some were excited because they would be getting a university degree. I didn’t care. Some were excited because they could now breathe in freedom away from home. […]

5 Critical Reasons That Will Make You Go To University…

You probably read William Chui’s article on whether you should get a degree or diploma. If you didn’t, this is what he said in a nutshell, “Don’t. It’s not worth it. Instead, enroll in an online class on Udemy or something.” I don’t agree. Study hard. Get good grades. If you failed, repeat. And get […]

You’ll Probably Be Wasting Your Time (And Money) By Going To A Local University In 2017…

Preamble: I dropped out of school 3 times; in Grade 7, Form 2 and Lower 6. I’ve never been to university but have proceeded to National Diploma level at Polytechnic. I believe that school is a waste of time and money and if it was up to me, I’d rather have my kids learn how […]

Here is a laptop guide for you University Students out there.

As we enter a brand spanking new year we enter with a great many freshmen looking forward to starting their College/University studies. This means most probably you are looking to get yourself some good piece of hardware, specifically a laptop. But do you know what’s the best one for you? Allow me to help with […]

Tenga-Thengisa. The potential pain killer for every student’s headache.

So you finished your first year and that’s when campus accommodation ends. You are done with University and want to get a few bucks from your redundant text books. Better still you want that beauty product but you just can’t get the right one on campus. This startup feels they might just be the answer […]