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No more unlimited access on OneFusion as NetOne puts data caps on its flagship package

It turns out that data caps have also been introduced on its OneFusion package. A look at the OneFusion menu indicates these changes though the OneFusion website and Facebook page are yet to carry any announcement to that effect.

Powertel launches new internet packages – offers $1 a day for unlimited data

Powertel has introduced unlimited WiFi packages for school, home and business users offering broadband access for as little as $1 a day.

uMAX launches skyMAX, a $150/150GB internet package

skyMAX comes with 150 GB of data for $150 with maximum speeds of 5 Mbps. There is also an option to recharge an exhausted skyMAX subscription with top ups of 1 GB priced at $1 each. skyMAX also comes with uMAX’s unlimited free night browsing offer which was introduced over a year ago.