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UK Gives Into Pressure & Limits Huawei’s Role In 5G Network

In January, the UK announced that they would allow Huawei to build out parts of their 5G network. Before this announcement was made, the USA had warned that UK adopting Huawei’s technology as part of their roll-out would compromise the US-UK relationship since the US regards Huawei as a security threat. At the time it […]

Apple & Other Global Companies Request US Government Not To Impose Tariffs On Their Products

A number of tech companies in the US have written to the Trump Administration this week asking the government NOT to hit the products they produce with additional tariffs as the US-China trade war seems to be on the verge of escalating. When Trump’s administration put Huawei under a trade ban a few weeks ago, […]

Huawei’s Ban Is More Far-Reaching Than You Think

One of the most interesting sentiments I heard when people were discussing their views regarding Huawei’s recent ban, was that “they can simply move to Android’s Open Source Project”. When it became clear that, that wasn’t that simple the next thing was “they can build their own OS, they don’t need Android”. This might be […]