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The U.S. Govt sues Google & why you should care

A history lesson In 1998, The United States Government took Microsoft to court. It was the Govt’s case that Microsoft was using its dominant position in the tech industry to force Internet Explorer down our throats, while also stifling competition from Netscape Navigator. The verdict came back in favour of Netscape, although it was too […]

This US Politician Wants To Ban People Under 21 From Owning Or Using Cellphones

A politician in Vermont – A northeastern US State- has introduced a bill that prohibits ownership or use of smartphones for people under the age of 21. Why has Democratic Sen. John Rodgers proposed the bill? For a number of reasons which are not as silly as you might have thought when you saw this […]

UK Changes Stance On Safety Of Huawei’s 5G Equipment

In February Huawei got some good press after the UK announced they wouldn’t be banning use of 5G equipment from the Chinese company as they felt they could limit the risks of using Huawei’s equipment. It seems the UK is now shifting the goal posts slightly as a report by the Huawei Cyber Security Evaluation […]

Is Energy Deregulation Actually Beneficial?

Energy deregulation has become a favourite topic over the past several years. Although the program is only implemented in some states, there are many other states considering switching to the deregulated system. Deregulation was developed to give consumers a choice when selecting an energy provider. There are plenty of arguments made for and against deregulation; […]

African Startups Have An Opportunity To Win $150 000 And A Trip To Silicon Valley

African startups have been invited to apply for the DEMO Africa 2018 award and stand a chance to win $150 000 along with a trip to the Silicon Valley in order The DEMO Africa initiative is actually run by Lions@frica and is meant to help connect African startups with the global ecosystem. Full scholarship will […]

United States Giant General Electric And The US Government Scout Zimbabwe For Possible Investment/Partnership

According to The Sunday Mail, the US government and a major American firm are responding to Zimbabwe’s new economic and political outlook. The major firm indicating interest in investing in Zimbabwe is General Electric(GE). General Electric is a technology and services company on a global scale. They develop and manufacture products for generation, transmission, distribution, control […]

IMF To Send Mission; US, Britain And China Ready To Work With Zimbabwe

It’s all happening. The international community is ready to engage Zimbabwe again. Powerful nations and organisations in both the west and the east express optimism in the future of our nation. IMF In order for the country to rise again funding is needed and this is where organisations like the International Monetary Fund (IMF) come […]

Is big brother reading your Gmail?

Those of you who watch TV Shows and spy movies have seen it, government spooks and law enforcement agents hacking into private email accounts and computers with disturbing ease.

Zim gaming not much fun

The other day, my sister’s little son was late getting home from school. You see he’s one of those kids that have to take two “kombis” on each leg of the school trip. So he first goes into the CBD connects to his school and vice versa when going home. After school he’s usually back […]

US House of Representative passes CISPA. Here’s why we should be alarmed

On April 26 the U.S. House of Representatives passed the controversial Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) by a vote of 248 against 168 despite a presidential veto threat and global opposition. Unlike its predecessor SOPA/PIPA which was opposed and didn’t last, CISPA has the support of large establishments such as Facebook, AT&T, Verizon, Oracle, Intel, Boeing, Nokia and many more.

The legal risks of having a .com domain

If you have a .com, .net or .org domain you are subject to US domestic laws and jurisdiction. This allows the US government to seize your website or even seek your extradition to USA to stand trial, based on allegations of breaking their laws. You’re also at risk from any mistakes and collateral damage according to an article on New Zealand website The National Business Review. There have been many stories of seizure by the US where foreign websites which violate US legislations were taken down.