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Here’s how to make a ZIPIT Smart transaction

ZimSwitch has just rolled out a pretty huge upgrade to the ZIPIT platform. Before the upgrade, ZIPIT had one use case really – Transferring funds. ZIPIT Smart changes this up and now allows consumers to make purchases using ZIPIT Smart (as it is now known). Whilst it wasn’t impossible for merchants to take ZIPIT payments […]

[Updated] EcoCash Users Now Able To Reverse Transactions Via USSD

EcoCash has introduced a new option for people who’ve mistakenly sent money to the wrong individual. By dialling *150# and selecting option 3 (Self Help/Reversal) EcoCash subscribers can either submit a reversal or approve the reversal of a transaction. Transaction reversal will require both parties to approve, so those of you who thought they would […]

Here Are Some Of The New Features On EcoCash

The infamous EcoCash upgrade which has been labelled by many as a downgrade due to the inconvenience caused by extended downtimes has been met with hostility because of its failure to work. We decided to scroll through the “new EcoCash” for ourselves and see if there are new features that have been added. The EcoCash […]

Here’s One Feature Econet Needs To Copy From NetOne’s USSD Menu

With NetOne giving subscribers the option to switch off out of bundle browsing (though it was 3 years overdue) it instantly hit me that even Econet stands to learn something from the USSD menu of their main rival – NetOne. Whilst the feature may not be as impactful since it won’t save you money, it […]

Econet’s USSD Would Be Perfect If It Copies Netone

Whilst I was compiling the new prices of data and SMSs bundles, I could not help but notice how frustrating it is to use Econet’s USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data). It’s USSD really needs some work. What’s up with Econet’s USSD Well, the only problem I have with Econet’s USSD is that one has to […]

Rapid Tickets Allows You To Buy Tickets For Movies, Sports, Transport & Other Events Using USSD

[Image source] Rapid Tickets / Twitter e-Ticketing is pretty convenient. Now that data has become so much more expensive, the next logical step would be the ability to get those tickets on your phone without using your data. Rapid Tickets is doing exactly that by offering their tickets through USSD. The ticketing platform allows you […]

You Can Now Buy Movie And Soccer Tickets Via Your Phone’s USSD (Without Internet)

Courtesy of RapidTickets, you can now buy tickets for many upcoming local events straight from your phone, via the USSD. Anyone familiar with the USSD knows that the platform doesn’t need internet connection to use it. That means even if you have a feature phone (popularly known as kambudzi) you will be able to buy […]

EcoCash Should Refund EcoCash Charges To Customers For ‘Failed Transactions’. Agreed?

Over the weekend, several people experienced some problems using their EcoCash, including two of my colleagues here at Techzim. The problems were characterized by failed transactions which entail someone’s Ecocash being debited (taken money) but the merchant’s account not confirming that it received a payment. I suppose this problem didn’t make much noise because it […]

Instant EcoCash Is A Useful App That Makes USSD Codes A Thing Of The Past

So the official EcoCash App is a great alternative to USSD. The only problem with the application is that though it’s supposed to be zero-rated it seems your mileage will vary. On my phone it works quite perfectly but it seems all my colleagues have a hard time actually getting it to work when they […]

Econet Sets Sights On Agriculture Industry As It Revamps EcoFarmer

EcoFarmer is not a new product. It’s been around for close to 5 years but today EcoCash introduced some new and interesting services that will no doubt push EcoFarmer into the mainstream of agricultural services. So what’s new? Well, EcoFarmer is introducing a membership scheme they are calling EcoFarmer Club and through this service farmers […]

How To Transfer Airtime On Any Network

I am pretty sure that we constantly need to transfer airtime to other people. So what do you do in the event that the airtime you want to send is not in your mobile money wallet (i.e EcoCash, TeleCash and OneMoney) but in fact in your balance? Well it’s a pretty simple process and after […]

Shares Anyone? 2100 Open Accounts On Online Trading Platform, C Trade In Just 2 Weeks

C-trade, the online trading platform which was introduced midway this month has already seen 2100 retail investors creating accounts on the platform. Through this platform, investors are able to deposit money via banks and mobile money wallets, then go to the capital market (Zimbabwe Stock Exchange) and buy shares, sell them and withdraw back that […]

Mobile & USSD-Based Transaction Charges Getting Significant Slash

Today, POTRAZ made some announcements at their Long-Term Average Incremental Cost (LRIC) and one of the most interesting was the 60% slash on out-of-bundle tariffs. Another major change to look forward to is the slashing of costs per USSD session for banking cost. The USSD Charges threshold shall be reduced from the current 12.5c a […]

Voters Roll Inspection Ends, 38% (900K) Use Mobile Phones To Check Their Details

Provisional voters roll inspection ended yesterday and as much as 2.4 million voters verified their details in the process. The primary reason we are interested in these figures is that Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) used a couple of technologies, ranging from mobile phone technology (USSD) to the internet so as to make this process easier for many people.  Not […]

Mobile Phones Help 720 000 People To Check Their Voter Details

Zimbabwe Electoral Commission(ZEC), has reported that as much as 719387 registrants checked their ‘voter details’ using the USSD platform on their respective mobile networks since the provisional voters’ roll inspection started on the 19th of May. Through the USSD platform, if a voter types *265# and inputs their national registration number and date of birth, […]

Netone Silently Launches An Android Mobile App

You know the long boring process of responding to many prompts so that you can buy internet or WhatsApp bundles on Netone. You respond to at least 4 prompts just to buy the bundles.   Thank God Netone has introduced an Android App that dodges this long procedure. Econet and Telecel already had similar apps. It […]

You can now play lotto via USSD on your phone

As we progress, our mobile phones increasingly become an important part of our lives. The use we now have for them is amazing. In fact, you should just try and take account of how dependent you are on your mobile phone or simple, just get it stolen ;0 Nonetheless, the idea is; based on how […]

U-Report Zimbabwe: Leveraging SMS for research

When we talk about technology these days, we are quick to think of internet related stuff; which is not a bad thing, except only that it somehow limits our imagination. Some of us (which often feels like all of us), have moved away from the SMSs, but you will be shocked to know that it’s […]

Here’s how to transfer money without paying heavy bank & EcoCash charges

Even after the recent downward review of the bank charges, the truth is that RTGSs (and people looking to access their cash have to make a lot of them) at $3 a transaction, are still quite expensive to do. And ofcourse EcoCash still charges the sender up to $7 for a $100 transfer to an unregistered number […]

Here’s how the Econet special bundles will affect the operator

The introduction of the dual account setup by Econet was a huge advantage on the part of the subscriber in terms of conserving data but it may yet turn out to be an inconvenience for Econet, VAS providers and some subscribers who are critical about their VAS services.

Here’s Econet new job search service… moving on, 50 cents poorer

Remember the USSD & SMS mobile jobs services that local mobile operators have suddenly realised they could offer too. Pressured by the revenue decline caused by the government (new taxes), the government (new regulation), the government (ill economy) and those evil Over The Top apps (WhatsApp), mobile operators have entered panic mode and are picking up […]

Dear ZIMRA: How about paying taxes through mobile money?

In Kenya it’s now possible to pay taxes via mobile money. According to a recent report in Mobile Money Africa, mobile operator Airtel has partnered with the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) to introduce the new service. This service will allow subscribers to inquire about KRA services, generate a KRA payment reference number which will be […]

EconetHealth launches EcoHealth Tips

Earlier today, EconetHealth, the health services subsidiary of Econet Wireless launched a new product called EcoHealth Tips at a ceremony attended by various stakeholders in the health sector including officials from the Ministry of Health and Child Welfare. The new offering provides health related information via USSD to subscribers who sign up for the new […]

Econet investigated for anti-competitive behaviour in mobile money business

A report in the Herald today says Econet Wireless Zimbabwe is being investigation by the Competition and and Tariffs Commission (CTC) for anti-competitive business practices around it’s relationship with local financial institutions on mobile money and mobile banking. The issue is really that of the banks wanting neutral access to the Econet’s network subscribers via regular USSD (and […]

Yahoo eyes emerging markets with content on USSD

The real money and growth in tech is in emerging markets as well as mobile services and everyone seems to be looking in that direction for growth and relevance. Yahoo’s growth strategy for mobile services will now include a smarter focus on emerging markets after it was announced in a press release from the Myriad […]

Econet re-enables EcoCash USSD long codes. Android apps likely to emerge

Remember the EcoCash Droid app that lived for one day? Well the thing that Econet did to make it go away – disabling long USSD codes – has just been reversed with a new campaign called Transact faster-faster. A Twitter user, one muushafarie, pointed us to an ad in a local daily this morning. EcoCash faster-faster looks […]

Exclusive: Econet finally opening up full USSD level mobile money to the banks

Sources in the industry have exclusively told us that Econet has finally given in to the pressure of the banks, regulatory authorities to open up full USSD functionality for the ZimSwitch mobile money transfer services. Specifically, this means in the coming weeks and months, banks, through the ZimSwitch Shared Services platform, will be able to […]

Some fun with USSD codes *123*4*5*6#

USSD – short for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data – commands have been there since the first cellphone. They are the codes we have been using to top up airtime, buy bundles, check your credit balance, or even mobile money transactions (if you use EcoCash or TeleCash that is) The main issue however with a lot […]

Telecel soft launches mobile money service, Telecash. USSD code is *888#

We can exclusively reveal that Telecel Zimbabwe, has just done a soft (and likely partner as well) launch of its mobile money service, Telecash. Those with access can now transact on the mobile money platform using the USSD access code *888#. We tried the code on our Telecel lines and got the screenshot below. So […]

Afrocoin to compete with Mukuru, Western Union, EcoCash in remittances

A new startup, Afrocoin Mobile Money, is set to launch in the coming months (or weeks,no idea right now) as a new player in the remittances and mobile money transfer market.