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Utande Increases Wimax Prices: Still Offering The Cheapest Unlimited Internet

These days if you want cheap ( below $100) unlimited internet your option are pretty much limited these days. Powertel, Aquiva and Dandemutande are the only providers that I know right now who have unlimited packages south of the sacred $100 mark. It would seem however that Utande has followed in the footsteps of ZOL […]

TelOne increases the speeds on its internet packages

TelOne has increased the speeds of its ADSL packages, offerings downloads of up to 4 Mbps on part of its lineup. This looks like another adjustment to shore in more subscribers in a tough environment and will likely trigger more changes from other operators.

Econet Mobile WiMax reappears with new pricing. Declares war on competition

Recently, Econet announced via print press adverts a slash of the 4G Mobile WiMax service prices and a return of the Mobile WiMax dongle that hasn’t been on the shelve since a while ago. The slash is quite significant and outright makes redundant the need for a 3G dongle. For US$45 dollars you can purchase a […]