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Utande on the reasons broadband is expensive in Zimbabwe

Local Internet access provider (IAP), Utande, published a column titled “Techno Talk” in a local weekly last week. First, we’d like to commend them for this and we hope the column is going to be a regular one. It’s not every day that an internet provider comes out to say their view of connectivity issues, so it’s quite a welcome development.

Downloads: Presentations from the cloud computing breakfast briefing

A number of people asked if they could get the presentations from the EMC cloud computing breakfast briefing we held last week. With the permission of the presenters, EMC, Utande and Realtime Bytes, we’ve uploaded them toSlideShare and made them downloadable (in pdf format).

Utande joins the 4G race. Alepo & Dimension Data working on the platform

Alepo, A US based company providing enabling infrastructure for telecommunications service providers, announced today that it has entered into a partnership with Dimension Data to roll out 4G services across Zimbabwe for Utande, a local ISP.

The EMC Cloud Computing breakfast briefing (Pictures)

Today, we spent the morning at the Cloud Computing breakfast briefing , which we organized together with EMC and Utande. The few hours of cloud talk was quite interesting for us and for a lot of attendees we talked to, helped demystify the technical issues to do with using cloud based services locally.

A snap summary of EMC Corporation

Next Tuesday, we will be hosting EMC at a cloud computing breakfast briefing in conjunction with Utande. In preparation for the event, we’ve put together the visual below such to provide a better understanding of the company.

Cloud Computing event slated for 1 November

On the 1st of November; Techzim events will be hosting a Breakfast Briefing on Cloud Computing. The event is being held in conjunction with EMC SADC and Utande. It will allow the two partners to inform attendees about their cloud based solutions and also empower IT managers, directors and executives with industry trends and localisation strategies. Along with an increase in mobile connectivity, Cloud computing has become one of the most significant technologies to happen in the last decade and presents significant cost and efficiency advantages.

The difficulties of registering a local domain in Zimbabwe

The need to have local Zimbabwean content on the internet has been widely discussed. The main idea being that the internet will become more relevant to locals if it has content people have traditionally consumed on platforms like TV, radio, newspapers, books and so forth.

Brian Herlihy: SEACOM to provide IP services to Business Service Providers in Zim, Malawi

Techzim this week reached out to SEACOM chief executive, Brian Herlihy, on the recent announcement of the agreement with TDM for a direct link into landlocked countries, Zimbabwe and Malawi. In our communication with the SEACOM front man, he explained how SEACOM plans to provide more than just a basic international fibre network in these countries.

Dandemutande speaks

After last week’s announcement of Utande’s connection to the SEACOM undersea cable along Zimbabwe’s border with Mozambique, we visited the company for more information. Prior to this, efforts to get even the slightest of a whisper from Utande were mostly unsuccessful, apparently due to acquisition negotiations with now majority shareholder, Masawara plc. We were thus glad to meet Colin Franco, the company’s chief technical officer, and Russell Clinton the Utande CEO, for a discussion and tour of the Utande data centre.

Masawara Telerix aquisition. Which ISP is Telerix?

Many of you saw the Masawara press release on Tuesday, and like us, most of you went into looking for who Telerix is. This is because Telerix is not on the list of official POTRAZ licensed Internet Access Providers. We thought it’d be a typical walk in the park verifying this information with the concerned parties. We were wrong.