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You can now book a ZUPCO intercity bus through VAYA

The Zimbabwe United Passenger Company (ZUPCO) and Cassava Smartech’s VAYA have announced a partnership that would see customers being able to book intercity buses through the Vaya app and web portal, which is aptly named “VAYA neZUPCO” “In this partnership, our customers and the public can now undertake long-distance travel by simply booking a ride […]

Vaya Announces Addition Of Electric Cars To Ride-Hailing Fleet, Again…

Back in November, Vaya announced the launch of their electric car ride-hailing network with their first fleet of electric Nissan EVs. At the time the company shared that their target was to have 100 vehicles on the road at some point. It seems more of those electric-vehicles have finally arrived, with Vaya press material announcing […]

Vaya Tracking System Let Us Down – Murder Victim’s Family

The son of Claudius Nyanga, a Vaya Taxi driver who was recently murdered in Avonlea, has come out and said they felt let down by Econet’s tracking systems which were not working when they were looking for his father. I’m really hurt nemafiro ababa [by the way father died], ndiri kubatikana ne Econet. We paid […]

The Electric Cars That Were Promised By Vaya Are Here Now

[Image Source: Vaya Africa] A few months ago, Econet Global CEO Strive Masiyiwa announced that Vaya would start using Electric Vehicles (EVs) and it seems those electric vehicles are finally here. Vaya tweeted out an announcement earlier yesterday: We are excited to introduce #VAYA E-Vehicles as part of our agenda for the adoption of #ecofriendly […]

If You Use Vaya To Collect Trash, Econet Is Promising $2

Econet subscribers have been receiving the following message regarding Clean City this morning: Get $2 FREE airtime when you request your FREE Clean City trash collection using the Vaya App!! Limited time only!! Econet message Clean City allows you to hail trash collectors the same way you would book a taxi ride on the Vaya […]

Cassava Smartech Introduces VayaAmbulance – A Service You Can Use To Order An Ambulance When You Are In Emergency

If you were wondering why Cassava Smartech acquired Mars now you can get to know the reason. It’s now possible to order an ambulance using the VayaAfrica App courtesy of a new service called VayaAmbulence. With just some few clicks on the Vaya app, you are able to order an ambulance in an emergency situation. […]

Vaya Will Soon Give Farmers The Option To Lease Out Tractors

You may be one of the subscribers that received a message from Vaya that read: Do you own a Tractor? Want to make money leasing out your excess capacity? Do not be left behind. Call 144 to register & be part of the agricultural revolution. Though that message is being sent from EcoFarmer, it seems […]

Toda Rider Joins Hwindi & Vaya In The Ride Hailing Space

We thought 2018 was the year of ride-hailing services but it seems that trend is not dead yet as we have another new player in that space. Toda Rider is another offering that started marketing their services late last year. Initially, we couldn’t access the website but once we did and then subsequently downloaded the […]

For 30c/Km You Will Be Able To Deliver Packages Using Vaya Express

Econet’s E-Commerce platform Ownai never really took off on the scale we’ve come to expect with Econet products and became a household name. But fortunately, because Ownai is an Econet service (Oh wait, it’s now actually a Cassava SmartTech service) they can afford to sideline the platform and bring it back once they have revised […]

Fuel Shortages Taking A Toll On Vaya’s Drivers

Ever since I tried it, I have found Vaya to be quiet useful on a number of occasions. I will freely admit I have never really tried the alternatives- I just haven’t seen the need yet. It would appear however that there is trouble in paradise as Vaya drivers have not been spared by the […]

Don’t Keep Vaya Drivers Waiting Once They’ve Arrived Or Else You’ll Pay For It

Earlier this morning I ordered a Vaya on my way to the launch of Ecosure’s Enda Education Cover and on my way there I had a quite informative chat with the driver who had come to rescue me from the jaws of combi’s and town traffic. Time is money The most insightful tip he gave […]

ZimTaxi Is Yet Another Startup Taking On The Ride-Hailing And Delivery Challenge

Over the past year, we’ve been seeing ride-hailing apps get launched left, right and centre. We’ve seen Vaya, Emergency Taxi, ImotaCars and SmartGo all came into this field. We have another entrant coming in as well, in the form of ZimTaxi and we took a quick look at their application to see what’s on offer. […]

Here Are Some Safety Tips For Passengers When Using Ride-hailing Services Like Vaya

Ride-hailing is now gaining popularity in Zimbabwe, owing to the grand entrance of Vaya Africa. Since raid-haling is something new to many Zimbabweans, its important for these novices to know some safety tips they can practice when using ride-hailing services Confirm the name of the driver and make of the vehicle Before getting in the […]

How Safe Is It To Use Vaya Africa?

The idea of getting into a stranger’s vehicle was unheard of in Zimbabwe a few years ago. Today, ride-sharing services are gradually getting popular and one day they may become an indispensable part of our transportation system. However, is our convenience of booking cars enough to put our lives on the line? On the global […]

My First Vaya Ride Was Awesome But Then It Got Weird

If you have been one of those people waiting to try Econet’s ride sharing Vaya App for some reason you should go ahead and try it because the service actually works and the first ride is indeed free. Last week I took my first ride and for the most part the service worked as expected. […]

Was Vaya Africa Really Stolen From Hwindi By Econet?

So there has been a narrative that comes up time and time again; Econet is a brutal company and they steal ideas from budding entrepreneurs and startups! Cumii (an Econet subsidiary) recently launched their Vaya Africa ride-hailing app and Hwindi has surfaced kinda suggesting that they were copied. So what’s the issue here? A bit […]

Econet Vaya Drivers Earning As Much As $3000 A Month. Is That Really Possible?

So yesterday, Econet subsidiary Cumii finally launched their uber-like; Vaya Africa. As fate would have it, there were some drivers on hand to give testimonies. The one driver who started this whole conversation we are having now, went on record saying he earned as much as $3000 during that testing phase. Another guy was also […]

Here’s A Look At Econet’s Uber

Update: Vaya Africa is not yet available to the public and is being tested by Cumii employees It seems the ride-sharing market in Zimbabwe is experiencing a boom. New players are popping up left, right and centre. We’ve seen G-Taxi, Hwindi, Emergency Taxi, ZimTaxi and now Cumii is entering this space with the Vaya Africa […]