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Cassava Smartech Introduces VayaAmbulance – A Service You Can Use To Order An Ambulance When You Are In Emergency

If you were wondering why Cassava Smartech acquired Mars now you can get to know the reason. It’s now possible to order an ambulance using the VayaAfrica App courtesy of a new service called VayaAmbulence. With just some few clicks on the Vaya app, you are able to order an ambulance in an emergency situation. […]

Vaya Was Just The Beginning, Cassava Preparing To Launch Logistics Business Soon

If you were thinking that Vaya Lift was the only transportation service Cassava SmarTech has on its sleeves, you are so wrong. Rather, Cassava SmarTech is preparing to get into all things logistics related (that’s both moving people and goods from A to B) at full throttle. According to Cassava SmarTech’s CEO Eddie Chibi, Vaya Lift, […]

Why Econet Should NOT Be Allowed To Create A Vaya Bundle Or Zero Rate Vaya

Some folks have been calling for a Vaya bundle or for Vaya to be zero rated. The drivers mostly were calling for this. This is water that has to be treaded carefully. Lets’s start by clarifying a misconception: Nothing wrong with monopoly or dominance There is a misconception that exists out there. A lot of […]

Vaya Is Not The Death Of Hwindi, G Taxi And Others, It May Just Be Their Life

There is a near consensus out there that with the launch by Econet of Vaya their ride hailing and on demand delivery service a death certificate has been signed for startups that have been operating in this space. This is not necessarily true (nor untrue). How the startups will respond is what will determine whether […]

Vaya Lift No Longer The Cheapest Ride Hailing Service

Last night Cassava SmartTech shifted the pricing structure for their Vaya Lift application. When they came on to the scene many of us were pleasantly surprised by the fact that they were the most affordable option in the market. It’s not usually the case that Econet’s products are known for being cheaper than the competition. […]

Don’t Keep Vaya Drivers Waiting Once They’ve Arrived Or Else You’ll Pay For It

Earlier this morning I ordered a Vaya on my way to the launch of Ecosure’s Enda Education Cover and on my way there I had a quite informative chat with the driver who had come to rescue me from the jaws of combi’s and town traffic. Time is money The most insightful tip he gave […]

Google’s Mapping Issues Disrupting The Flow Of Services Like Vaya Africa And Dial-a-Delivery

Google Maps -though very very useful- is not perfect. The web mapping service has some accuracy issues and these issues may end up affecting applications that heavily depend on maps. Some of these apps include Dial A Delivery, Munch, Hwindi, Vaya Lift and any other service that you can think of that applies mapping may […]

How To Become A Vaya Lift Driver

Vaya Lift is the latest ride-hailing service that is making so much noise and many people, both ride-hailers and car owners, are curious to know how it works. For ride hailers, you can take a look at this article (follow this link) but for car owners, I will just list for you down how you […]

How To Use Vaya Lift, Econet’s Own ‘Uber Like’ Ride Hailing Service

Vaya Lift, courtesy of Cassava Smartech (also courtesy of Econet the parent company of these two), is the newest kid on the block as far as ride-sharing services apps are concerned, in Zimbabwe. A numerous number of ride-hailing services startups have popped up in Zimbabwe in recent years, with startups like Hwindi Taxi, G-Taxi etc […]