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Vaya Hosting Valentines Special; Here’s What You Need To Do To Win

Vaya Express – the delivery side of Vaya’s ride-haling service- recently announced a promotion they’ll be hosting this Valentines. The Valentines Surprise Photo Competition will allow 150 users an opportunity to send flower bouquets to their significant others at no cost. What do you need to do to win? There are 3 simple steps you need […]

Hwindi, Vaya & G-Taxi Lead Ride Hailing Apps In Increasing Prices In Response To Fuel Crisis

A few days ago the President addressed the nation and in his address, he made the dreaded announcement that fuel would be going up by almost triple the price. Announcements such as these tend to have domino effects with prices of goods skyrocketing shortly after. The President said they had engaged businesses to make sure […]

Vaya Was Just The Beginning, Cassava Preparing To Launch Logistics Business Soon

If you were thinking that Vaya Lift was the only transportation service Cassava SmarTech has on its sleeves, you are so wrong. Rather, Cassava SmarTech is preparing to get into all things logistics related (that’s both moving people and goods from A to B) at full throttle. According to Cassava SmarTech’s CEO Eddie Chibi, Vaya Lift, […]

Vaya Launching In Gweru Later This Week

Harare and Bulawayo are usually the places where most things in tech happen. Or at least that’s what most of us have been socialised to think. Well the duopoly of these two major cities getting all the good stuff seems to be coming to a close, as Cassava SmartTech is launching their Vaya ride-hailing service […]

Vaya Lift No Longer The Cheapest Ride Hailing Service

Last night Cassava SmartTech shifted the pricing structure for their Vaya Lift application. When they came on to the scene many of us were pleasantly surprised by the fact that they were the most affordable option in the market. It’s not usually the case that Econet’s products are known for being cheaper than the competition. […]

Fuel Shortages Taking A Toll On Vaya’s Drivers

Ever since I tried it, I have found Vaya to be quiet useful on a number of occasions. I will freely admit I have never really tried the alternatives- I just haven’t seen the need yet. It would appear however that there is trouble in paradise as Vaya drivers have not been spared by the […]

Don’t Keep Vaya Drivers Waiting Once They’ve Arrived Or Else You’ll Pay For It

Earlier this morning I ordered a Vaya on my way to the launch of Ecosure’s Enda Education Cover and on my way there I had a quite informative chat with the driver who had come to rescue me from the jaws of combi’s and town traffic. Time is money The most insightful tip he gave […]

My First Vaya Ride Was Awesome But Then It Got Weird

If you have been one of those people waiting to try Econet’s ride sharing Vaya App for some reason you should go ahead and try it because the service actually works and the first ride is indeed free. Last week I took my first ride and for the most part the service worked as expected. […]