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7th Edition of Africa Early Stage Investor Summit Announced – Here’s how you can follow

Venture Capital 4 Africa (VC4A) and ABAN are eager to announce the 7th and virtual edition of the Africa Early Stage Investor Summit (#AESIS2020). The Summit will take place on 3 & 4 November online. With a number of record-level deals making the headlines over the last year, Africa’s startup industry is ripe for investment. VC4A and […]

Local startups looking to finance using equity might finally have a lifeline

We last wrote about the Growth Enterprise Market (GEM) back in March. At the time, FINSEC was formulating a draft framework for the online platform designed for SMEs looking to raise capital. GEM then underwent a pilot phase in January which resulted in fine tuning of the GEM Portal platform based on feedback from targeted […]

Applications For Govt $500m National Venture Capital Fund Will Be Made Online

Last week’s Parliamentary Portfolio Committee of Youth, Sports and Recreation culminated in some updates regarding government’s National Venture Fund. What’s new? The NVF was supposed to start funding businesses back in February but the platform to do is being developed by FINSEC and is yet to go live. It was also revealed that the government […]

The Zim Govt Hopes To Incentivise Venture Capitalist Funding By Doing This

Back in November when the National Budget for 2020 was announced, we mentioned that the government declared ZW$500 million through the National Venture Fund which is supposed to start funding startups and SMEs this month. In that same document, I missed a pretty big part of how the government intends to incentivise a venture capital […]

US$1.3 Billion In Venture Capital Funding Found Its Way To Africa In 2019

Venture Capital is growing and nothing proves this more than WeeTracker’s Decoding Venture Investments In Africa 2019 report. VC investment grew from US$725.6m in 2018 to US$1.34b – the first time it has crossed a billion on the continent. This is even more mind-blowing when you put into perspective the fact that just 5 years […]

Take A Look At VC4A’s Venture Capital Map For African Continent

Venture Capital 4 Africa recently shared a Venture Capital Map of Africa as part of their highlights for 2019 and whilst the map shows how venture capital presence is spreading across the continent it also shows how much of a gap there is at the present moment. Interestingly, VC4A likened Africa’s Venture Capital scene to […]

$500 Million National Venture Fund To Open In February

Yesterday, Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube shared more details regarding the $500 million National Venture Capital fund announced as part of the 2020 National Budget. During the budget presentation, not much was given in detail regarding the fund but Mthuli expanded on the little we knew so far: The venture fund will be availed starting in […]

Seedstars Launching $100m African-Targeted Venture Capital Fund

Seedstars is partnering with First Growth Ventures to launch Seedstars Africa Ventures, a sub-Saharan Africa fund targeting $100mn to make early-stage minority investments from USD 250,000 to USD 5 million in the most promising and innovative ventures across sectors and countries. The fund is expected to make its first investments by the end of this […]

Zing Zimbabwe raises $15 million in funding

ZiNG ZW, the local company that is unrolling over 1,000 electronic vending booths around Zimbabwe over a year and aiming to create around 10,000 jobs in the process, is breaking new ground in other ways. ZiNG has managed to line up foreign direct investment (FDI) into its venture to the tune of $15 million, managing director Bill […]

Can tech startups raise money from Zimbabwe’s new SME Stock Exchange?

Last week the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE) released a draft set of listing requirements for a new (yet to be launched) alternative market for Small and Medium scale enterprises (SMEs). This new Zimbabwe Emerging Enterprise Market (ZEEM) is meant to offer smaller enterprises the chance to list on the local bourse, something that is taken as […]

Where are Zimbabwe’s angel investors?

The age old challenge of raising funds to scale a startup idea has always dogged anyone who goes beyond the school or college project/prototype stage of creating a tech based solution. ZImbabwe‘s startups are no different and a number, if not the majority of them, will share testimonies of how this worldwide challenge is a […]

Kenya’s Savannah Fund takes on 3 new startups for acceleration

You probably know Savannah Fund as one of the few venture capital firms on the continent and some of you may remember them for being part of biNu’s 2012 series A funding, which we wrote about back then. So yes, it’s been a while since we covered them, and there’s quite a bit to say […]

Beware of Loan Sharks and Chimbadzo!

Warning: Maths ahead. Everyone of us at some point in their life has a million dollars idea. The difference is that some follow through with their idea and see it through while for most it merely remains an idea. One hurdle you will face if you decide to follow through is finance. Unlike in Silicon […]

Local internet startup turns to crowdfunding platform Indiegogo for money

Raising money for internet startups locally can be a pain. Not least because startups don’t even know where to start, but also that when they do approach those that have the capacity to, only a few people seem to understand the potential in internet & mobile based startups.

Thou shalt not form a startup

I still remember the ZOL startup of 2010 like it was yesterday. A room filled to the with young and ambitious talent that wanted to make a difference and bring back their country from out of the cold limbo of the just past decade long crisis. Fast forward to today and many of those startups are gone, long forgotten and the few that have made it can only have their successes chalked up as modest.

Google’s umbono and 88mph join forces

We recently received an email from Google’s Umbono program indicating that they have entered into a partnership with 88mph. Neither Umbono or 88mph have provided us with details as to the nature and structure of the partnership. But judging from our previous communication with 88mph, they planned adding Cape Town as a site for their […]

Raising money for your Startup, some options

Whenever we have a conversation with entrepreneurs and techies the number one question is “How can I get funding?”. We’ve touched on this issue before but due to the frequency of the questions we felt it useful to provide an update about what options are available in the market right now. There is no easy […]

Jumpstart tackles funding for startups

At Jumpstart’s last meeting held on 13 June 2012,  entrepreneurs had a chance to explore various funding models available to them. The keynote speaker at the event was Munya Chiura, Head of Africa Operations for Grow VC a venture capital platform specialising in matching investors and start-ups using the crowdfunding model. The core of Chiura’s message […]

Why mobile operators should consider startup funding in Africa

Paul Graham, Founder of the Y Combinator incubation hub once spoke of the ingredients required to create Silicon Valley. He summed it up as a combination of:

Rich people (angel or VC investors) + Nerds (talent)

Matamba Anonaka, Zimbabwe’s tech focused venture capital firm

We’ve been pointed to the existence of a tech focused venture capital firm in Zimbabwe. We’re delighted. This is the kind of development Zim’s tech startups need; the possibility of their ideas and skills getting some financial support. I know a lot of people that have been praying for this.