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Tag: Video Call

How To Use WhatsApp Messenger Rooms Video Call Feature

With the latest WhatsApp beta (early preview) update integrating Facebook Messenger’s Rooms conference calling feature – corporate organisations, schools and churches might be considering adopting the feature as part of their routine during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are the basic ways to create a conference call, join a call as a creator and join a […]

If Unlimited Video Calls With Up To 50 People Are Your Thing, Check Out Facebook’s Messenger Rooms

Facebook has launched a competitor to Zoom Meetings and Skype video conferencing products – Messenger Rooms. FB Messenger already had video calling functionality but that was limited in terms of the number of participants and required that participants have Facebook accounts. Messenger Rooms ramps up the limit to 50 people maximum per video call and […]

Taiwan Govt Bans Use Of Zoom For Video Calling Due To Privacy Concerns – Will Zoom Recover?

Since the Coronavirus crisis started, ZOOM has been one of the biggest beneficiaries in the tech space, with the company growing from 10 million users to 200 million users in less than 3 months. The exponential growth has come with challenges, the biggest of which has evolved into security. A number of concerns have been […]

Popular Video Calling App Zoom Sharing User Data With Facebook

With the Coronavirus continuing to spread globally, and an increase in the number of people working from home, the last thing companies turning to remote work want, is privacy concerns with one of the most popular remote working tools. That is exactly what they are getting with the Zoom Video Calling application. Zoom acquired 2.2 […]

Facebook Working On Encrypting Messenger’s Audio & Video Calls

Mark Zuckerberg had disclosed in March that Facebook would be encrypting all messaging services. It appears that the social network is finally working on making that a reality. According to popular tipster Jane Manchun Wong, Facebook is testing encrypting video and audio calls over Messenger in Secret mode. However, this does not mean all calls […]

Skype Lite Packs All The Features You Need Whilst Taking It Easy On Your Phone

One of the troubles that many of us in Zim face is that we tend to use a lot second-hand and entry-level smartphones. These devices are usually not best equipped to deal with the latest and greatest apps as their ageing hardware tends to struggle to cope with the demands of these apps. This has […]

Econet blocks WhatsApp and Facebook calls with new social media bundles

According to an update to its terms and conditions, Econet’s social media bundles will no longer allow subscribers to make voice and video calls on either WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. The extract from its revised Terms and Conditions reads: The social bundles will not be able to initiate OTT Video and Voice calls. This comes […]