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ZimboTube Is Zim’s Version Of YouTube – Is It Necessary?

Scrolling through ZimboTube left me with mixed feelings. The website is well designed and works well enough but I also can’t help but feel the same way I’ve felt about apps like Sasai, Magaya’s Let’s Chat and Ndeip. These are all decent applications but they don’t incentivise users to flee from the giants they’ve become […]

Watch: Trailer Of Zimbabwe’s Latest Movie, The Letter

In January we wrote about a local movie, The Letter, that made the giant and unprecedented step of being exclusively distributed online. Well, I’m sure you would want to pay to watch it if you are somewhat certain if it’s worth your hard-earned money. So that’s why you should check out its trailer. The Letter […]

Watch Zimbabwe’s First Movie To Be Distributed Online: This May Be The Right Way To Go For Zim Film Industry

It’s not your everyday thing to see a Zimbabwean movie being sold on a platform like Vimeo, when we are used to just go into town and buy a pirated movie (on a disc) or just download it for free on the internet. But a local movie could change the status quo on how the […]

[PRESS RELEASE] Panguro: New Video On Demand Service In Zimbabwe

Panguro Media is proud to announce the official launch of its On-Demand channel on Vimeo.  Check out their press release below: We have been working hard to create the first aggregator and legal sales platform for Zimbabwean film and TV content. This has happened in close collaboration with the filmmakers themselves, and Panguro Media is […]

Here’s why the church needs tech

  The church and technology have always been projected as strange bedfellows yet in actual fact they go well together like Dembare and Chris “Romario” Musekiwa. I understand the source of this misconception. For many years, the church was disparaged as an anti-intellectual institution. However, this is a lie as there have been many great […]