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NSSA Scandal And Tech Pt 2: Zim Workers’ Savings Used To Buy Telecel Or Were They?

Part 1 was about how the Zimbabwean army, an internet access company: Africom and the national social security authority: NSSA duped the Zimbabwean population out of millions of US Dollars. Part 1 was complex? Well this second installment is even more complex. Most of what’s below was obtained from a series of confidential letters and […]

Nyambirai: Telecel International And MTN Were Initially Partners During Econet’s Infancy

There was a surprising revelation to come out of Nyambirai’s response to the allegations that Strive Masiyiwa unlawfully took control of Econet. His statement revealed that Telecel International, the founder of Telecel Zimbabwe was actually a partner to Econet during their infancy. Them along with MTN. It’s hard to imagine such a scenario but it’s […]

Is James Makamba Finally Being Booted Out Of Telecel?

The answer to that question is a solid yes if sources close to Technomag are to be believed. At this point, I have a hard time mustering energy when it comes to the conclusion of the Telecel ownership saga, as too many times we’ve heard one thing followed by a different angle shortly after. Technomag […]

Hope for Telecel as its foreign investors set for meeting with Minister of ICT

In a little under 4 weeks, the month of May draws to a close. There’s nothing significant there, that’s how the calendar works. But for Telecel Zimbabwe and it’s 2.1 million subscribers, 1,000 employees and slew of other stakeholders those days could just be the mobile operator’s last ones. Or are they? At a Parliamentary […]

Here’s Telecel Zimbabwe’s statement on the cancellation of its licence

Earlier today we wrote about the notification issued by local telecoms regulator POTRAZ, to mobile network Telecel Zimbabwe advising it of the cancellation of its licence. Telecel has since issued a statement calling the action unfair and stating that it will take the necessary steps to ensure the maintenance of services. We haven’t received any […]

Vimpelcom out and MTN in? Another multinational operator eyes Zim market

Oh boy, here we go again. Here’s how the story is being told. MTN wants a slice Zimbabwean telecoms and it’s been sniffing around for potential investment opportunities that could lead to it acquiring an interest within our borders. Sound familiar? That’s because we’ve heard it before. A new report in the Financial Gazette has […]