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Zimswitch partners with VISA to accelerate digital payments in Zimbabwe

There is just one niggle though…

BancABC’s New DialAVisa Service Delivers A Visa Card Right At Your Door

BancABC virtual branch – Branch X has announced the launch of a new service they are calling DialAVisa. The announcement was made via Twitter and the details we have regarding the service as follows. Interested parties will be able to initiate the process by calling BancABC Branch X on 08677008758, sign up for the card […]

NMB to discontinue international payments using Visa Debit Card

I have good and bad news, but since I’ve been bearing bad news since yesterday, let me start with the good news. The good news is that NMB enabled international payments have not been totally discontinued… and the rest that follows is the bad news. So, currently the NMB Visa Debit Card allows you to […]

BREAKING NEWS: Stanbic Bank Reduces Visa Limits Again In Less Than 2 Weeks

In less than 2 weeks Stanbic Bank has announced that they will be further reducing their Visa card payments to $100 until the end of the month. This is effective immediately and the bank also announces that come 1 November one will have to make prior arrangements with the bank. Just 13 days ago, the […]

Which Bank Cards Are Working To Make Online Payments In Zimbabwe?

This post has been coming for the past year, as the goal posts have been continually changing. One minute your card can make online payments for $5,500, the next it’s reduced to $1,100 and before you can say “bond notes” it’s reduced further to $500. While it will go on to change a bit eventually being […]

Standard Chartered Visa Card Cancellation Just For Travelling As Online Payments Go Through

After the article we posted this morning in regards to Standard Chartered bank cancelling Visa card payments outside of Zimbabwe, it has now come to our attention that this is just for the physical card, when one travels and not online payments, for now. Confirmation has been made by both a client who banks with Standard […]

MTN launches Visa card, Zimbos to send money home cheaply

Exciting news out of South Africa advise that MTN SA have launched a Visa card for their Mobile Money uses, following in suite of mobile payments pioneer M-PESA who did something similar way back in 2011! Orange also has a similar service. MTN has brought convenience to its users allowing them to make purchases at Visa […]